How to keep baby cool in a car with no AC

How to keep baby cool in a car with no AC

Looking for how to keep baby cool in a car with no AC? During summer, the weather gets so hot and as much as a little sun can be enjoyed, lots of parents get worried about their baby having heat exhaustion in a car. The AC of your car becomes so useful in this condition to help keep your baby uncomfortable, but what happens when your car’s AC becomes faulty or runs out of gas? Older kids can communicate when it’s too hot and uncomfortable in the car, but babies can’t. So it’s important to know the signs that your baby is uncomfortable in the car with no AC.

Signs that your baby is uncomfortable in a car with no AC

Your baby’s skin is fragile and when the weather gets too hot, he/she is likely to get uncomfortable and this could even lead to your little one making a fuss. Below are a few signs that would help you recognize when your baby gets uncomfortable in a car with no AC.

  • The baby’s skin becomes red
  • The baby seems slightly dizzy and confused
  • The baby gets a fever but isn’t sweating
  • The baby has a rapid heartbeat
  • The baby begins to vomit while in motion

What is the ideal temperature for your baby?

The normal temperature of a baby ranges from 97.9◦F to 99◦F which is 36.6◦C to 37.2◦C. When your baby is left for a long time in the car with no AC, their temperature can be around 100◦F which is 38◦C or more. Your baby’s temperature must be maintained at the ideal temperature to avoid putting your baby in danger of a health risk. Below are tips on how to keep your baby cool in a car with no AC.

Tips on how to keep your baby cool in a car with no AC

1. Use a noggle:

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Using a noggle to keep your baby cool in a car with no AC is one of the best options you need during summer or when the AC of your car is not responsive. A noggle is an attachment that goes from your car AC vent directly to the car seat. So, you can be sure your little one would not be uncomfortable and sweaty. It also extends cool air to your kids or loved ones in the back seat for you to have a comfortable drive.

2. Use dash fans or rechargeable fans such as an electric car fan

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An electric car fan blows out hot air and cools down your car interior in seconds. With the 12V DC electric car fan which has an adjustable airflow direction, you can be sure your baby would not be uncomfortable even in the summer. It is suitable for different brands and models of cars, so you don’t need to worry about its compatibility with your car. The electric fan is also easy to set up, and it is designed with a strong adhesive that will keep it firm on your dashboard.

3. Open the car windows

Leaving your windows open when driving constantly removes the heat and keeps your car well ventilated. Although, you should ensure that your baby doesn’t stick his/her hand outside the window while in motion. Also, heat could get trapped in the car when you are parked directly under the sunlight and this can get your baby uncomfortable when you get in motion again. You can slightly leave your windows open so your car would not be too hot when you get back to it.

4. Travel early in the morning or after the sun goes down

Traveling when the sun is up and scorching can be quite unbearable and uncomfortable for your baby. It is advisable to travel early in the morning before the sun gets too hot or in the evening after the sun goes down. Those periods are usually the best time to travel with your little one if your AC is not responsive since the weather would be cool.

5. Use a windshield guard when the car is parked

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Your car can get hot and uncomfortable when it has been parked under the sun for too long. Using a windshield guard protects your car interior from the sun when it is parked. This ensures that your baby feels cool and comfortable even without the AC while on motion. The windshield guard can be quickly installed and also has a compact storage pouch, which makes it easy to carry around in your car dashboard when not in use.

6. Dress baby in light clothes

The easiest way to keep your baby cool in a car with no AC is to dress them in light clothes that are breathable so they can be comfortable. Layering clothes might be fashionable but during this period it can make them extremely fussy. It looks awesome when you swaddle your newborn baby, but it is important to avoid swaddling a newborn baby while in a car with no AC to avoid heat exhaustion.

7. Use a cooling towel

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A cooling towel reduces excess heat and cools down the body temperature. To use the cooling towel, run the towel underwater until it is saturated and wring out the excess water to ensure a drip-free cooling. You can also rewet the cooling towel to increase the cooling duration. It can last up to 4 hours on a single soak, hence, you are sure your baby’s temperature is regulated. Ensure that the cooling towel is placed over your baby’s harness straps and not underneath.

How to keep baby cool in a car with no AC

Hot weather can be harmful, not only to adults but to babies. This could cause their body to overheat, have sunburn, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and dehydration. As a parent, your topmost priority is to ensure your little one is protected and comfortable and this includes keeping your baby cool in a car with no AC. Your AC might not be responsive for different reasons and that’s why the highlighted tips above would help you keep your baby cool in a car with no AC. Therefore, you can have your grocery shopping, family outings, and trips without having a fussy baby.

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