How to keep your Cat out of the Bassinet

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Searching for how to keep your cat out of the bassinet? Cats are the cutest, cuddliest pets in the world-you ask around! From the moment you adopt them, cats immediately seek out the soft spots to recline and sleep. And when they’re not found snoozing, they can simply follow you around the house, feeding on cat food, care, and love.

However, when a baby arrives, the balance shifts somewhat! Like an older child, your cat might get curious about the latest family member and would love some time together in the bassinet, or probably get jealous because it gets less attention. So it’s up to you to keep your furry friend satisfied and out of the bassinet.

Reasons why you need to keep your cat out of the bassinet

 While some people think it’s not a bad idea to have cats cuddle up to their newborn baby because the sight is just cute-it is indeed (a bad idea)! Here are a few reasons why you should keep cats out of the bassinet:

1.           Cat fur

Cats shed fur here and there regularly. It is nature’s way of getting rid of old fur and making space for new ones to grow in their place. In essence, if you allow cats into the bassinet, those tiny furs will be shed in it, irritating the fragile skin, eyes, and nostrils of your newborn baby.

2.           Health risk

Even for well-nurtured and vaccinated pets, risking a baby’s health is not something anyone wants to take, even if the risk is very slight. This is because the baby’s immune system is not strong enough to fight against pathogens and infection which the felines can get into contact with. Hence, to eliminate that risk, the cat has to stay out of the bassinet. Sorry, furry buddy!

3.           Suffocation

In the first few months, the baby only knows how to laugh, cry for food, eat and sleep. Nothing else! It doesn’t know how to turn its head or move much. For this reason, a cat should not be allowed to lounge in the bassinet because of the risk of falling asleep on the baby thereby causing suffocation. This is a risk no parent wants to take.

4.           Do not disturb

I think this sign should be written in cat language and placed over every bassinet in the world. Because frankly, no been-awake-all-night-tending-to-baby parents want the infant’s sleep disturbed. This is another reason.

Five ways to keep your cat out of the bassinet

1)   Get a pet pen

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The first thing you can do to keep cats out of the bassinet is to get a pet pen such as the Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen + Free Carrying Case + Free Travel Bowl. Sometimes, it becomes a vital and great idea to get a pet pen for your cat. Generally, cats love soft, cozy places to curl up and sleep. Your baby’s crib is one such place. To delist the crib as a desired go-to location for your feline friend, you should consider getting it a cozy pet pen of its own.

Honestly, many cats would not get the message at once, for even though the pet pen is a comfortable spot, the baby’s crib still holds more attraction. In that case, you would have to teach it how to use its crib. You can do this by planning and executing fun activities with your cat and involving the crib. In that way, the cat learns to use it and eventually finds it more fun than the cradle.

Alternatively, you can give it treats every time it uses the crib and swat it gently with a newspaper anytime it tries to get too close to the bassinet. Tough, but it would soon get the idea and comply.

2)   Use a baby monitor

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Using a baby monitor such as the VAVA 720P 5″ HD Display Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio. Cats are naturally curious pets. As a result, the initial stages of introducing the family’s newest member to the cats can be daunting. It might seem that the more you want them far from the bassinet has the exact opposite effect once your back is turned. You can use baby monitors to put an end to this.

Baby monitors are not only excellent at monitoring babies, but they are also impressive at keeping cats and, indeed, any other pets from getting to close your baby’s bassinet. The baby monitors are electronic devices that monitor the baby’s sleeping, waking, and other essential behavior to alert the parents of changes.

Most are equipped with motion sensors, so in addition to sensing small motions of the infant, they can also be made to sense motion around the crib. Some are so good; they come with programmable voice capability that plays the owners’ voice when the pets get too close. This deters the pets.

3.   Use ultrasonic cat deterrent next to the bassinet

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No doubt, technology plays a big role in keeping our pets in check. The same can be said of using the ultrasonic cat deterrent to help keep the curious felines away from the baby.

These devices are equipped with a motion sensor that emits mild ultrasonic waves when a cat reaches an area it should not be in (like the bassinet). The ultrasonic wave deters the cats from getting to the predetermined restricted area or encourages them to leave the area if they enter it.

4)        Get a light mesh material that looks like a mosquito net to cover the baby

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Sometimes, simple is genius. Using a light material to cover the baby’s bassinet works too. Whether the baby is in it or not, it sends a clear message to the cat that the cribs’ occupant’s space is a no-go area. With time, they will get the message and steer clear of the bassinet; they always do!

5)        Close the bassinet from above

It is wise to invest in bassinets that come with a canopy attached. The canopy allows you to shut the bassinet above the baby with a light mesh material. This keeps the pets at bay in addition to keeping bug and excess light out, thereby making it easier for your baby to sleep.

In conclusion, a newborn in the family means new relationship dynamics between you, your feline friends, and the baby. By defining boundaries from the onset and giving rewards to your cats for adherence to the boundaries, you have yourself a win-win-win situation. Baby is safe, you’re happy; the cat is happy-cute!

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