How to keep your In-laws away from my baby

How to keep your In-laws away from your baby

Family relationships can sometimes be complicated. As a new mom, you may struggle with maintaining a cordial relationship with your in-laws, especially when it concerns your newborn’s welfare. Even though in-laws are an excellent source of love and support for you as a new mom, you may sometimes feel that they are interfering with your parenting decisions or overstepping their boundaries, leaving you to wonder, “How to keep my in-laws away from your baby.” This blog post will highlight tips on “how to keep my in-laws away from my baby.” We will discuss ways to maintain a positive relationship with them while setting necessary boundaries.

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15 tips to deal with in-laws after giving birth to a baby

  1. Set clear boundaries: It is proper for you to set clear boundaries concerning your newborn and communicate them to everyone, including your in-laws.
  1. Communicate with your partner: You should also discuss your expectations for your partner’s family with him.
  1. Ask for help: You should freely ask your in-laws for help if needed. If your in-law is the closest person to you when you need assistance, you should not hesitate to contact them.
  1. Have a plan: If you have your in-laws around for the holiday or any special event, you should plan how long you would like them to stay and what they should help you with while around.
  1. Respect their family traditions: It is common for some families to have a custom or cultural practice regarding postpartum care. It would help you to understand and respect these traditions.
  1. Prioritize your needs: You should learn how to prioritize your needs after having your baby. Even with your in-laws around, you should put your needs and that of your baby before anyone else.
  1. Set a schedule: It will not be appropriate for your in-laws to barge in on you and your baby at any time they please. You should set a schedule for them to visit. It will also help if you determine beforehand how long they can stay.
  1. Be honest: You should not try to please everybody. Instead, be frank with your in-laws if you need time alone or feel overwhelmed.
  1. Be appreciative: It is appropriate to show your in-laws some appreciation for their help and support.
  1. Take breaks: Never feel compelled to spend all your time with your in-laws. Take breaks when necessary.
  1. Take care of yourself: Ensure to care for yourself. Do this even if it means taking a break from your in-laws.
  1. Communicate your wishes: Always be open with your in-laws. Tell them what you want and don’t want for your postpartum care.
  1. Plan outings: It will be nice to occasionally plan outings with your in-laws as that will help you spend quality time together.
  1. Be flexible: Sometimes, it may be necessary to be flexible and willing to compromise to make everyone comfortable.
  1. Know when to say goodbye: Do not hesitate to ask your in-laws to leave if their stay becomes too stressful or overwhelming.

How to set boundaries with mother-in-law after having a baby

It is not an easy task to set boundaries with your mother-in-law after having your baby. The issue is quite sensitive, even though necessary. The bottom line to setting boundaries is to create a healthy and positive environment for your baby and family. It would be best to never be rude or disrespectful while at it. Some helpful tips to help you set boundaries include:

  • Discuss the boundaries you intend to set with your partner first and ensure you agree on the issues raised.
  • Avoid being vague about them and instead be clear and direct.
  • Set realistic expectations and avoid anything that can lead to frustration in the future.


You must maintain healthy and respectful communication with your in-laws, especially regarding your newborn’s well-being. You don’t have to worry about “how to keep my in-laws away from my baby.” If you have concerns about your in-laws’ interactions with your baby, you should discuss them openly and respectfully with your spouse. Together, you can establish healthy boundaries that prioritize your newborn’s well-being while maintaining a positive relationship with your in-laws.

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