How to manage housework with a toddler

How to manage housework with a toddler

Have you ever been overwhelmed with housework and taking care of your toddler? Is your baby making the house messy? It is never an easy task being a mother and a housewife simultaneously. If you are wondering how to manage housework with a toddler, don’t worry, as there is a solution.

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With little effort and adjustment on how you handle your domestic chores, you can take care of this problem. If you are having difficulty managing your time to care for your home and baby simultaneously, this article will provide helpful tips that can help you improve your home management.

7 Ways to manage housework with a Toddler 

Home-keeping and taking care of your toddler can be challenging. Below are some tips on how to manage housework with a toddler.

  • Creating a schedule: Allocating time to every household chore to be done and having time to attend to your toddler’s needs is very important. Cleaning up the house, and making it an ideal place to live in, should not be compromised. Creating a place for everything at home by having storage places for them will be an excellent idea. A cleaning schedule will assist in knowing when to carry out duties. Taking a little time every day to do some cleaning will be a wise idea rather than waiting a long time to do general house cleaning. Try to combine tasks such as loading laundry while your baby plays nearby. You can also prepare dinner while your toddler sits at the kitchen table and color. 
  • When your baby naps: You can utilize your baby’s napping time to attend to chores that you left pending to have time for your little one when they are awake. Mopping the floor, keeping the living room tidy, cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry, clean up dirty dishes can be done while your baby naps. 
  • Prioritizing your house chores: Apart from scheduling your duties, prioritizing them is paramount. That will enable you to attend to the essential chores first before the least important ones. This way, the most critical tasks are completed on time when you are full of energy. Before drawing up a to-do list, the first thing is to figure out what you need to do immediately and what you can put away until later. The day’s business can sometimes be overwhelming, so the earlier you start, the better. Allocate time to each item to be done and get to work.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself: Set goals for yourself that are realistic and achievable. Each expectation should be time-bound. Managing your home and caring for your toddler can be tasking for working moms as they must shuffle between work and home daily. Nevertheless, taking care of your home should be a priority.
  • Make out time for your toddler: In your busy daily schedule, endeavor to make out time at intervals to attend to your toddler. Spending quality time with them is essential to enhance the bonding between you and your baby. Using their toys in playing with them helps in building a good relationship and strengthening the bond. Ensure to attend to your baby’s feelings and needs constantly.
  • Patience: Patience is vital when looking for how to manage housework with a toddler. Make your schedules as flexible as possible to enable you to attend to them when needed. In the face of your baby’s awkward behavior, you must remain calm, showing empathy and remembering that you were once like them. Patience is a virtue that every mother has to cultivate. It will help you in attending to your baby. It will help you to stay energized in the exhausting task of managing your home and handling your toddler. It can also help you change your perception of your baby’s behavior.  
  • Involve your toddler: Though little, toddlers can help out around the house too. Involving them in minor or simple domestic chores such as sorting laundry and wiping the table is good. These will keep them occupied in rendering the little help they can. You can easily watch them as they do their simple chores near you. It also helps to build a sense of being mindful of domestic chores in them. 


Having a clean home is something everybody admires. Keeping your toddler from making the house messy every time may be difficult. However, planning out your chores on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule can go a long way to reducing stress. It will also help to prevent doing things haphazardly. Having a to-do list will guide you by prioritizing, scheduling, allocating time to every chore, and making time for your toddler.

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