How to Protect Baby From Rain In Carrier

How to protect baby from the rain in a Carrier

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It is not pleasant having to carry your baby around in the rain. That is a situation that all moms would do all they can to avoid because the baby can catch a cold, and no mom wishes that for their precious baby. But as hard as they may try, they sometimes get caught up in the rain with their babies. It’s good enough to put your baby in a carrier when walking in the rain, but that alone will not provide adequate protection for them not to get wet. In this blog post, we will discuss how to protect a baby from rain in a carrier. 

How to protect baby from the rain in a carrier

1. Use an umbrella

Using an umbrella is one solution for how to protect a baby from rain in a carrier. It is easy and effective. Best of all, it doesn’t cost much to buy an umbrella. All you have to do is open it up, and you can protect yourself and your baby from getting wet. When out with your baby on a rainy day, the regular umbrella will best protect your baby if it’s a light shower or when the weather is not so cold. However, more oversized golf-like umbrellas can provide better coverage for your baby and you. With an umbrella, you will have to hold it the whole time you and the baby are in the rain. There may also be times when your baby will not be well covered because you are hurrying to your destination. You should be mindful the whole time to better prevent your baby from getting wet.

2. Use a carrier cover

A baby carrier cover comes to mind when looking for how to protect a baby from rain in a carrier. A carrier cover comprises a waterproof fabric that can prevent your baby from getting wet in the rain. It does this by shielding the carrier’s side that touches the baby. The carrier cover extends across the carrier’s front side and has a hood for the baby’s use. For some carriers that are not waterproof, you may still need to cover up with a jacket after using the carrier cover.  The Miamily carrier cover is waterproof and windproof.

3. Buy a baby-wearing jacket

Another option for how to protect a baby from the rain in a carrier is to use a baby-wearing jacket. They protect your baby and the carrier when under the rain. There are even brands that are extra-large or have additional panel zippers to allow for tandem wearing. To use a baby-wearing jacket, all you have to do is place your baby in the carrier and wear the coat over them, and you are good to go. Most moms love this jacket because it allows them to use their hands freely, unlike the umbrella they have to hold on to the whole time. So it will be easier for them to carry their bags and other items while walking, assured that the baby is safe from being wet in the rain. Baby-wearing jackets are more expensive and may only be available in some stores. Your baby may also outgrow it after a while, so you must get another one. In all, be sure to buy one that is large enough for your baby and you to get the best protection from it.

How do you transport a baby in the rain?

For safety and comfort, the best way to transport your baby in the rain is to put them in a carrier or a sling. They should be carried in your front so you can better monitor them to ensure they are not getting wet. When you take your baby in a carrier or sling in front of you, you must ensure they can breathe. Ensure no clothing is blocking their nostrils. Also, ensure a proper flow of air around their heads. You should check them occasionally to ensure that all is well with them.

What should baby wear in rain?

If you must go in the rain with your baby, please cover them in warm clothes, so they don’t get cold. Ensure their heads, hands, and feet are well protected. Wear a cap on their heads, socks, and shoes on their legs. However, you must be careful not to wrap them in too many layers of clothes to avoid overheating. 


We have discussed how to protect a baby from rain in a carrier. You can use an umbrella, a carrier cover, or a baby-wearing jacket. Ensure you are transporting your baby in a carrier or a sling. Remember to wear warm clothes, so you don’t expose them to the cold. We hope you will subsequently practice these valuable tips to keep your baby safe and healthy during unfavorable climates.

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