How to protect car seat from pee

How to protect car seat from pee?

It’s fun when you travel with your kids in your car. However, getting the car seat soaked in pee is not fun. No matter how much you dislike having the kids soil the car seat, you still have to travel with them. So what can you do to avoid that happening? You don’t have to worry anymore, as we’ve got you covered. This blog post will discuss seven tips on “how to protect the car seats from pee.” Keep reading to learn how to keep the car seat dry and fresh when traveling with your kids.

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7 Ways to protect your car seat from pee  

1. Use good diapers

If you are traveling with a toddler, they will still use diapers. To protect the car seat from getting soaked in pee, you should wear them good diapers that will not leak easily. Several diapers are out there in the market, and some are prone to leakages. You should spend more money to purchase high-quality diapers to protect your car seat from getting wet such as overnight diapers that can absorb more and are leak-proof. Check out this post for the list of diapers you can use. Remember to go with some extra as well.

2. Be quick with diaper changes

It’s not just enough to wear your child a good-quality diaper. It would help if you endeavor to change them often, especially when taking your child in the car. Do not allow your baby’s diapers to be so heavy with pee before changing them. They may leak if you allow this often. To be safer, change your baby’s diapers just before going out with your kids in the car. That way, they will be dry and can take you some distance before they start to fill up.

3. Limit water consumption before going out

Moderate the quantity of water your baby takes before going out in the car. That way, they won’t have to pee too often. You must, however, ensure that you do not give your baby too little water to avoid dehydration.

4. Wear your child the proper clothing

Children love to dress up for every outing. For children who are no longer using diapers, you should wear them clothes that are not so complicated when going out in the car. Their clothes should allow for easy passage of urine if they must, while on the go. Travel times are not the best for wearing clothes with so many buttons. Your child will likely pass some urine on the car seat before opening up all the buttons to take a pee.

5. Use a travel potty

Are you looking for how to protect your car seat from pee? Get a travel potty such as the portable foldable potty. You can protect your car seat from pee with a travel potty. If you must go out with your kids in the car, they can easily pee in the travel potty while on the go. There are good brands in the market that are very functional for your travels. 

6. Have disposable bags handy

It would help to keep a pack of disposable bags in the car when traveling with your kids. A good one is the Ubbi disposable bags. You can place them in your travel potty for extra protection for your car seat. It will also reduce any messiness when your child takes a pee on the go. If you don’t like disposable bags, you can get a piddle pad on your car seat or travel potty to prevent pee from leaking.

7. Take pee breaks

While traveling with your child, it would help if you make them take a pee at any available stop. That is especially so for kids who no more wear diapers. Don’t be concerned only about getting food and drinks at such stops. Please encourage your child to use the bathroom to relieve their bladder. That will eliminate incidences of pee spilling on the car seat. You should also stop over at intervals during your journey just for your child to pee, even if you don’t plan on getting food or drinks.

Are piddle pads safe in car seats? 

Yes, piddle pads are safe in car seats. It is one of the practical ways to solve the problem of “how to protect car seat from pee.” They are designed to protect your car seat from getting wet with your child’s pee. It also saves you a lot of time you would have spent cleaning soiled car seats. Piddle pads comprise water-proof materials safe for your car seat and your baby’s delicate skin. They are easy to maintain, and you can also use them for a long time. Piddle pads are available for you to purchase online, and there are various quality brands you can choose from.


If you have been longing to know how to protect your car seat from pee, now you know. You can keep the car seat dry with the tips discussed so far. You can also keep your car smelling fresh as the tips help you clean up easily without making a mess. Now you can go anywhere with your kids no matter their ages, as you won’t be experiencing soiled and smelling car seats anymore.

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