How To Sterilize Baby Bottles in Hotels

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Looking for how to sterilize baby bottles in Hotels? You are in the right place. Maintaining good baby hygiene is the utmost for every nursing mum. There are no shortcuts or alternatives to good baby hygiene. Newborn babies are susceptible to infections like you already know, this is why extra care is needed to provide quality, care, and attention when it comes to your baby’s hygiene.

When it comes to hygiene, one crucial concern where keen attention and care is needed is in the area of baby’s feeding and a critically important thing to know is how to sterilize baby bottles in hotels, important for nursing mums while traveling.

Knowing how to sterilize baby bottles in hotels is important as on many occasions you may find yourself wondering what method to use. If you’re a first-time nursing mum or this is your first time being in a hotel with your little one, you may not have thought about how to sterilize your baby bottles in a hotel until the need arises. If you are unsure then this article is for you. Make sure to read the “how-to” of method #4 on our list of how to sterilize baby bottles in hotels:

  • Pre-Sterilized disposable Baby Bottles
  • Microwavable Sterilizing Bags
  • Sterilization Tablets
  • Bottle Brush, dish soap, dish pan and Hot Water

1. Pre-Sterilized Disposable Baby Bottles

Steribottle Ready to Use Disposable Baby Bottles, 10-Count by Steri-Bottle

One handy resource for every nursing mother on the go, that may occasionally need to feed babies in a hotel is a pre-sterilized baby bottle. Pre-sterilized baby bottles avail nursing mum effective, hygienic, and easy means to feed babies. Before embarking on that trip, or if you find yourself in a hotel where you need to feed your baby and don’t know how to go about sterilizing your baby feeding bottles, consider pre-sterilized baby bottles. These bottles are easy to use and can be easily packed into a traveling bag. Consider this your effective way to sterilize your baby feeding bottles as you can choose from a wide range of brands that exist on the market.

2. Microwave Sterilizer Bags

Dr. Brown's Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bags, 5 ct

Microwave Sterilizing Bags avail safe, convenient, and fast means to clean up baby’s feeding bottles when on the go. So, if you desire to know how to sterilize your baby bottles in hotels, this is an effective way to keep your baby feeding bottles safe from germs and bacteria. A Microwave Sterilizer makes it easy to clean baby bottles and feeding accessories with hot water. They offer chemical-free means to disinfect your baby feeding bottles in quick time allowing your baby access to warm meals round the clock.

Microwave Sterilizing kits use natural steam to kill as much as 99.9% of bacteria without the use of chemicals. They do this in less than three minutes. They are light in weight and can conveniently fit into traveling kits. Many sterilizing kits can hold up to four bottles at once making it easy for fast use and ready for your baby’s feeding round the clock.

3. Sterilization Tablets

Milton Sterilising Tablets - - by Milton

Sterilization Tablets such as the Milton Sterilizing tablets are another effective way to sterilize baby feeding bottles on the go. In just 15 minutes, you can rid your baby feeding bottles of germs with cold water sterilization tablets. Sterilization Tablets are developed to sterilize baby feeding bottles and accessories using cold water in quick time. This sterilization technique has been in use for over fifty years and is used even by hospitals. Sterilization tablets are formulated to rid baby feeding bottles of up to 99.9% germs very quickly, making them effective for travel and home use. Sterilization Tablets are easy to use and with them, you don’t necessarily need to rinse baby feeding items before feeding.

How to Use Sterilization Tablets

To use sterilizing tablets is easy, just rinse all baby’s feeding kits with warm water using some soap. Next, rinse then apply your sterilizing solution. For some sterilizing tablets, just one tablet is needed for every five liters of clean cold water. Allow it to dissolve to form the sterilizing solutions, then introduce your baby items into the solution and make sure they are completely submerged for at least 15 minutes. Doing this will keep your baby feeding items sterilized for the next 24 hours.

It is important to keep the sterilizing liquid and tablet out of the reach of kids. Make sure you keep this is in mind if this is your choice for sterilizing your baby feeding kits when you’re in a hotel. Also, make sure you use it in a well-ventilated area

4. Bottle Brush, dish soap, dish pan and Hot Water

Bottle Brush, dish soap, dish pan and hot/warm water has always been the way to go about sterilizing baby feeding equipment. Whether at home or on the go, with warm water and soap, baby feeding bottles can be cleaned up in less than 30 minutes. Every hotel has a kitchen, and with just a request you can get a bowl of warm water to use for sterilizing your baby’s feeding equipment. This option comes in handy for urgent purposes where access to other conventional methods may be unavailable. So, if you find yourself checked into a hotel and need fast access to sterilizing your baby feeding bottles, just make a request for hot/warm water, dish soap and dish pan and you can get your desired results in no time.

This article was painstakingly prepared with nursing mothers in mind who desire to know how to sterilize baby bottles in hotels. The insights shared in this guide will prove to be informative, insightful, and useful at the same time, so, if you find yourself in need to embark on a trip and will stay some days in a hotel, use any of the suggested methods in this review and you will have safe, convenient, easy means to having your baby feeding bottles sterilized.

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