how to warm baby wipes without a warmer

How to warm Baby Wipes without a warmer

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Looking for how to warm baby wipes without a warmer? Baby wipes are usually soft, clean, nontoxic, and wet towels or clothes that are kept by mothers for babies’ use. Mothers are always advised to keep their babies’ environment warm; this is because these little gifts are most sensitive to cold. One of the ways to ensure cold is far away from your baby is to use warm water, clothes, or towels on them. Have you ever wondered if you can use warm wipes on your baby? The answer is yes!

Now, if we can, the next question is, ‘how do we warm our baby wipes?’ Many moms warm their baby wipes using wipe warmers. However, there are those who cannot afford warmers; or those who may need to go for a natural way, because the warmer is faulty or is too hot. Such mothers use natural methods like using their hands or clothes to warm up their babies’ wipes. But before we go through these, there’s a question to answer.

Does My Baby Really Need a Wipe Warmer?

Yes and no. Your baby needs a wipe warmer if s/he is such a one who is so sensitive that s/he catches a cold at the slightest exposure to anything cold. But if your baby doesn’t really catch a cold when you use cold baby wipes, then you don’t really have to use a wipe warmer. This is why you need to pay adequate attention to your baby; each of them is a unique individual.

In a nutshell, we use wipe warmers in order to give extra comfort to our little angels while we change their diapers and clean them up. However, this is not compulsory. If you notice your baby doesn’t need a warm wipe based on the explanation above, you don’t have to use it. However, this is a very rare occasion. Most little children need warmth.

Are wipe warmers safe?

Wipe warmers can dry out a wipe even before using it. This makes the purpose of using wipes defeated. Secondly, they can breed bacteria as seen above. A wipe warmer can be a perfect breeding place for bacteria. This is because it warms the wipes at the same temperature in which bacteria can grow easily. Third, when you warm wipes too much, it can burn the baby’s skin. All you need is to follow the process below to warm your wipes if you must.

How Do I Warm My Baby’s Wipes?

To warm your baby’s wipes, you can either use natural or technical ways. You can either use a warmer or you do it without a warmer. Wipe warmers are technology designed for those who would like to get the wipes warmed easily. Wipe warmers saves you much time; it warms your baby’s wipes while you concentrate on changing their diapers. They keep your baby warm and prevent them from catching a cold.

How Can I Warm My Baby Wipes Without a Warmer?

Do you know you can warm wipes at home? Yes, you can. If you don’t want to use a baby wipe warmer, there are natural ways by which you can warm your baby wipes.

  • Your hands

You can use your clean hands to rub your baby wipes until they’re warm. This method is useful if you don’t want the wipes to be too warm for your baby.

  • Bags and clothes

If you want the wipes to be a bit warmer than using hands. All you need do is to cover the cold wipes with a clean cloth or paper, then put them under a bag or a bundle of clothes. This will make them warm before you use them on your baby.

  • Hair dryer

You can put your hairdryer in hot mode, then put the wipes in front of the hairdryer in “hot” mode for a few seconds; this should be so brief that it doesn’t make the wipes too warm.

  • Cloth wipes

Warming cloth wipes in the sun rays is easy and more comfortable for your baby. Cloth wipes are usually heavier and denser than the other ones; therefore they are warmer than the usual wipes. Babies also find cloth baby wipes very comfortable and they are very easy to use for mothers.

Can I Microwave My Baby Wipes?

Yes. You can put your baby wipes in a microwave, but with caution. Put at least 3 wipes at a time in a zipper bag and ensure that you seal the zipper well before putting the bag in the microwave directly. The more the number of wipes you warm at a time, the better. Remember to check the temperature. The too high temperature will hurt your baby because the wipes will be too hot. Besides, too high a temperature can melt the wipes.

You’re advised to use a zipper bag in order to avoid your wipes from being too hot. When you use sealed zipper bags, you will prevent your baby wipes from having contact with extreme heat. Hence, your wipes will be comfortably kept warm for your baby even in the microwave.

Why Should I Warm Baby Wipes?

Warm baby wipes serve a great purpose. You should warm your baby wipes because of the following reasons:

  • Your baby’s comfort

Your baby’s comfort is the number one reason why you should consider using warm wipes. The warmer the wipes, the more the warmth your baby is likely to get. Talking about your baby’s safety and comfort, using warm wipes is your best option.

  • Your baby’s health

Doctors have recommended that babies should be kept in a warm environment because they are very sensitive and prone to cold which can make them sick. So when you use warm baby wipes for your baby, you’re protecting him/her from sickness as babies can easily catch coughs and colds when you use wet and cold baby wipes. When it comes to your baby’s health, you wouldn’t want to compromise; would you?

Do wipe warmers breed bacteria?

Yes, it does. I actually read about it on a forum. A baby got infected by the bacteria from the wipe warmer. To prevent infection, always disinfect the warmer before every refill. This is because bacteria love warm and damp places. To disinfect the warmer, unplug it and dry up the condensation with a paper toward and wipe it out with Clorox wipes and then dry it.

Can I use wipe warmer without pad?

The antibacterial pad is very essential as it helps to prevent the wipe from drying out. However, you can still use a wipe warmer without a pad. To do that, add a little quantity of water to the bottom of the warmer before you add the wipes. This prevents it from drying out.

Where to put wipe warmer on changing table?

You can put the wipe warmer on a changing table shelf with a dishcloth under it if it has one.


The points above show you how to warm baby wipes without a warmer. Every parent gives love to their children, especially the little ones. Keeping them warm is a special way of showing them, love. Using warm baby wipes whenever you need to clean your baby is a good way of keeping your baby warm, comfortable, and healthy. This is one aspect of parenting you should handle properly because it is related to your baby’s hygiene. You have learned in this article why you need to warm your baby wipes. You have also learned how to warm your baby wipes. Therefore, you must have known the various ways you can warm your baby wipes if you want to go natural or if wipe warmers are not available.

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