Hygeia breast pump vs medela pump in style

Hygeia breast pump vs Medela: Which is the best breast pump for Moms?

Do you need a breast pump and don’t know which one to go for? Indeed, for every working mother and mothers who stay away from home for hours, it has become a necessity to have a breast pump at home. This is why I am sharing some information as regards Hygeia breast pump vs Medela.

You should be aware of the comparison war nursing mothers are talking about which has to do with Hygeia breast pump vs Medela. This is because, without vital information, you could be missing out on qualities that you may need in buying the best breast pump.

However, whether this happens to be your first pregnancy or you’ve been there before and done that many times before, it doesn’t mean that you should think lightly in choosing between Hygeia breast pump vs Medela Pump In Style.

Let’s Discuss About Both Pumps A Little

Indeed, both breast pumps offer systems that are very portable and simple enough for you to move with anywhere you want. Meaning you can pump when you’re away from home, which is very useful while at work.

Note that your breast milk production is not predictable, which means you should have your pump nearby, and both of these make it pretty convenient.

However, it is normal for each of the pumps to be different. So the Medela Pump In Style now comes with a cooler bag and an ice pack inserted to allow up to four bottles to fit comfortably after pumping. While the small insulated bag that comes with the Hygeia breast pump is very much smaller. What this means is that you may have to find another method to properly store your pumped milk before you can take it home.

Note that the Hygeia breast pump allows you to charge for four hours on its built-in rechargeable battery, while the Medela Pump In Style requires you to input your own eight AA batteries. However, before making any quick decisions, just observe what the Hygeia breast pump vs. Medela will offer to make your breast pumping experience go well for you.

The Hygeia breast pump

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Due to its long lifespan, ease of usage, and not to talk of its functionality, the Hygeia breast pump is a hospital-grade breast pump that is meant to help you get the job done even before you begin.

This product comes with a carrying bag and containers with lids that you can store your pumped breast milk in and two valves. Also, it has suction cups that can be used at the same time. Additionally, you can make use of the individual controls to change the speed and power of the suction just to mimic your baby’s sucking. And you can do this just to get the most out of each pumping session.

The Features:

  1. The Control Buttons: This pump has two dials that control both the speed and strength of the suction.
  2. The Battery Life: it has a rechargeable battery that lasts four hours before it can be charged again.
  3. The Bag & Accessories: the product comes with a storage carrying bag, a small cooler bag which is meant to fit one of the bottles of pumped milk, two tubing, and two 27 mm flanges.
  4. The Price tag: the Amazon price, the Hygeia breast pump is $200. 

The Pros

  1. No need to replace the batteries, meaning you will save some money in the long run.
  2. Ability to personalize the pump by turning the dials to determine which speed and suction strength works best for you.
  3. This product comes with two storage bottles which each hold up to four ounces of milk.
  4. It comes with some Medela parts, as well as some Avent bottles, will attach reasonably well to the pump allowing you to use those accessories if you already have them and prefer them.

The Cons

  1. Indeed, the sound of the pump is not loud, but noisier than some other breast pumps and might be very annoying to some people.
  2. Its flanges might not be too good for everyone, though depending on their size.
  3. Sometimes milk may get stuck or lost in the tubes, however, this can be frustrating, mainly if you aren’t producing breast milk very much.

Medela Pump In Style

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This Medela product has many different pumps to choose from, and this includes the Medela Pump in Style which is very portable if you choose to use batteries instead of the AC adapter.

This product makes it possible to take the pump with you away from home due to its portable bag that the pump sits inside. It also has a small cooler bag that can fit four bottles of breast milk along with the contoured ice pack.

The Features:

  1. The Control Buttons: it has one control button on the front of the pump, this controls the speed of pumping.
  2. The Battery Lifespan: Medela Pump In Style allows you to either plug or use the eight AA batteries.
  3. The Bag & Accessories: This pump comes with a storage carrying bag, a cooler bag with an ice pack, four different breast milk bottles with lids, a breast shield, a bottle nipple, and a power adapter.
  4. The Price: The Medela Pump In Style is $216 on Amazon

The Pros

  1. Pump cooler bag which holds the four bottles and the ice pack, adds a huge amount of convenience to the whole set.
  2. There is the ability to control the speed with which the pump works to help draw out your breast milk.
  3. Reduced sound just like a purring cat, meaning it won’t be making a loud annoying sound in the middle of the night.

The Cons

  1. Note that since this product doesn’t have a rechargeable battery, you may be tired of wasting money on batteries, since the Medela Pump In Style requires eight AA batteries.
  2. Sometimes, one side of the suctions gets stronger than the other.
  3. Finally, the nipples that come with the set are fast flow, meaning it’s very unlikely to work with your newborn or young infant.

Hygeia breast pump vs Medela, which is the best breast pump for Moms?

Like I said before, both breast pumps do a lot regarding making pumping on the go easy and accessible. However, the stronger option that won the battle is Medela Pump in style. This is because it is undoubtedly one of the most popular and effective breast pumps for moms.

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