Is A Car seat or Bassinet Better for Newborns?

Raising children is a never-ending task and getting them to the right places at the right time with all of the necessary equipment is very significant. When it comes to carrying your baby, deciding whether to use a car seat or a bassinet is a tricky decision. Before you make a decision, there are a variety of factors you must consider.

 Is a car seat or bassinet better for your newborns? If you want a quick answer to this question, my response is that it entirely depends on your current situation and your baby’s needs. When infants are in their car seats, they spend most of their time on their tummy.

A survey of 400 pediatric physical and occupational therapists was conducted in 2008 to determine the early detection of motor delays in children. The main reason for the increase in delays, according to the survey, was the babies’ lack of time on their tummy while awake. This is something that seems ridiculous.

Car seats, ironically, are dangerous to infants when left in them for long periods. Basically, you can’t fully open a car seat and lay the baby flat. Your baby will be forced to sleep with his/her back curved, which is not ideal.

The more time they spend in the car, the more pressure is applied to their backs. And we are all familiar with what that entails: a bald patch on the head. Aside from that, sleep-related deaths are the leading cause of infant death, not only in baby beds but also in car seats.

Another research published in the Journal of Pediatrics in 2015 discovered that car seats were involved in two-thirds of the deaths investigated. Car seats were involved in two-thirds of the cases, with strangulation from straps accounting for 52% of the deaths. Slings, swings, bouncers, and strollers were used in the remaining ends. Both newborns and toddlers were included in the study.

The study shows that your baby has a higher chance of having asphyxiation in a car seat. Your baby’s neck can flop around in a car seat, giving them a higher chance of suffocating. This is a kind of statistic that might keep you up at night.

As a result, be sure to adjust their position! Don’t take any risks. When you leave your newborn in the car seat for even a short nap, the risk of having SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) rises. For routine sleep, most pediatricians advise parents to avoid using sitting equipment such as car seats, strollers, swings, infant carriers, and infant swings.

It is a fact that infants under the age of four months are remarkably vulnerable because they may assume positions that put them at risk of suffocating or having an airway obstruction. But don’t get too worked up about it. Car seats are perfectly safe for travel, but there are some do’s and don’ts you need to know about the car seat.

A car seat is a safety seat specifically designed to keep infants and toddlers secure while you are driving. You can change the settings on car seats so that your baby can sit upright or lay down. However, bear in mind that they do not lay completely flat, and your baby’s spine will curve as a result.

What Should I Get, a Car Seat or Bassinet?

Well, is a car seat or bassinet better for newborns? Let’s find out.  Unlike a car seat, a bassinet may be used as a bed for your baby when driving. You can take your baby around in most bassinets, which have handles like a car seat. And the best part is that you can make your bassinet even cozier.

A bassinet is comfortable and has features that car seats do not, such as the ability to rock, as well as cool features like vibration, music, and a nightlight. If you want to travel with your little one, a car seat is a must-have, while a bassinet is an ideal bed for him/her.

But, you may wonder, can one of them take the place of the other? Is it possible for parents to save money by just purchasing a car seat or a bassinet? No, that is not the case. When traveling by car with your baby, a car seat is a must-have. A bassinet lacks the requisite safety features to prevent the worst from happening.

Another question might arise, since a bassinet is not a substitute for a car seat because it lacks specific safety harnesses and support, is a car seat safe and can be used as a baby’s permanent bed? The response is, once again, no. Car seats are useful for travel, comfort, and holding your baby for short periods, but they are not a replacement for a decent bassinet.

If you notice your baby is sleeping in a car seat, you should move him as quickly as possible to a firm surface. Basically, you are to use a car seat and a bassinet for their intended purpose. Use a car seat while driving and for just short timespans, and use a bassinet for more extended periods, whether your baby is sleeping or just lying down.

Final Words

The answer to the question – “Is a car seat or a bassinet better for newborns?” is a function of their uses. The car seat is the way to go if you want to drive your baby across town to visit your parents. If, on the other hand, you intend to use a car seat instead of a bassinet at home, you can have a rethink. While the car seat can protect your baby and has several safety features, it cannot provide the same safety level inside your home as a bassinet. So, in my opinion, you should stick with the bassinet because it is safer for your baby, but the car seat is something you should also have.

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