Is it safe for babies to sleep in vibrating chair

Is It Safe For Babies To Sleep In Vibrating Chair?

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Calming babies down might seem frustrating for almost all parents- that’s because babies are small, and getting to know what they want is difficult. However, various equipment pieces are perfect for calming babies and putting them to sleep; an example of these pieces of equipment is the Vibrating chairs.

Vibrating chairs are designed to rock babies, put them to sleep, and calm down colicky babies. Hence, chairs’ vibrating motion is in charge of calming babies, but some parents are afraid of the motion. They sometimes wonder and ask “is it safe for babies to sleep in a vibrating chair? Any standard vibrating chair is perfect for babies to sleep in; the vibrating motion won’t pose a risk as long as the chair is placed on a flat surface.

You should know that placing babies in vibrating chairs is similar to when babies are in the womb. Although the vibration at that time is from the mother’s actions like talking, walking, blood circulation, etc., which makes babies more comfortable in vibrating chairs because they’re used to the motion.

Thus, see some vibrating chairs which will suit your baby and calm him or her down.

Best Vibrating chairs for babies

1) Summer 2-in-1 Bouncer & Rocker Duo-Baby Bouncer & Baby Rocker with Soothing Vibrations

Summer 2-in-1 Bouncer & Rocker Duo - Baby Bouncer & Baby Rocker with Soothing Vibrations, Removable Toys & Compact Fold for Storage or Travel - Easy to Clean

In case you get into the dilemma of choosing between a rocker and a bouncer, this chair is ideal for you. Summer 2-in-1 Bouncer & Rocker Duo-Baby Bouncer & Baby Rocker with Soothing Vibrations is an ideal chair with two modes; rocking and bouncing mode. It has features like soothing vibrations and a removable toy bar. However, the vibrating chair is easy-to-fold and carry.

Furthermore, the rocker plus bouncer baby seat has a padded insert for extra comfort and support for babies, though the insert is machine washable. The vibrating seat allows you to easily flip to either the rocking mode or the bouncing mode according to your baby’s mood. Hence, you can also fold it easily in case of traveling and storage.

2)   Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer Geo Meadow

Fisher-Price Geo Meadow Bouncer

Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer Geo Meadow is a unique vibrating chair that gently rocks babies to sleep. Its soft and cozy seat helps babies feel relaxed and comfortable while trying to calm down; its vibration is calming enough to lull babies to Dreamland. The chair features an overhead toy bar with about three bat-at-animals figures that can entertain babies when they’re in the mood to play.

Besides, the chair features some bright colors and patterns that catch babies’ attention and keep them entertained for a while. The bright colors also stimulate babies’ senses, like their sight and touch, for rapid development.

Similarly, Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer Geo Meadow has a removable toy bar with some animal figures that’ll keep babies occupied and entertained while you go about your activities. It also has an adjustable 3- point harness that keeps babies protected and secured, so you have no reason to fear. Lastly, you’ll find the vibrating chair with a padded seat pad that’s removable and machine washable for easy cleaning.

3) Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler rocker-Pacific Pebble

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker - Pacific Pebble, Portable Baby Seat, Multi

Here is an amazing and comforting vibrating chair that can function as an infant rocker or seat with vibrating motion. Its features about two bat-at- overhead toys that strengthen babies’ motor skills. As babies grow, the vibrating chair can work as toddlers’ seats when the overhead toy bar is removed, and there’ll be no need to buy any seats.

Similarly, Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler rocker-Pacific Pebble features a reclining seatback and a seat pad that’s machine washable. Although the chair is lightweight, you won’t have any issue folding it up for easy movement and storage.

4) Baby Delight Go with Me Alpine Deluxe Portable

Baby Delight Go With Me Alpine Deluxe Portable Bouncer, Charcoal Tweed

Do you want a vibrating chair with multiple positions? Then, Baby Delight Go with Me Alpine Deluxe Portable is an ideal chair for you. It offers about three positions to provide comfort and support. The chair features a mesh inset within the cover that allows inflow of air to reduce the risk of babies suffocating. However, the entire cover of the chair is machine washable.

For optimum support and protection, you’ll find a 3-point harness on the vibrating chair that helps to keep babies in place and tightly secured. Also, the chair has a removable toy bar that entertains babies and keeps them occupied. Baby Delight Go with Me Alpine Deluxe Portable is easy to fold up in storage and movement.

5) Ingenuity Smartbounce  Automatic Bouncer

Ingenuity SmartBounce Automatic Bouncer - Braden

 Ingenuity Smartbounce  Automatic Bouncer is a fantastic vibrating chair that provides 30 minutes of non-stop bouncing motion that’s natural and similar to the mom’s motion. The bounce settings are different in range. Thus, you’ll get the chance to set the soothing motion according to your baby’s preference. The vibrating chair features a removable cushion and plush fabrics for optimum comfortability.

This amazing chair also features some melodies, white noise, and nature sounds that can calm babies and lull them to sleep. The sounds are effective for keeping babies entertained and occupied while parents go about their activities. Besides, there’s a 3-point harness that keeps babies secured and protected while in the vibrating chair. There’s a seat pad on the chair that’s removable and machine washable for easy cleaning.

Another fascinating thing about this vibrating chair is that its battery life is about twice as long as other regular chairs, meaning that babies will get the chance to listen to the sounds for a long time without interruption. Thus, the seater is a perfect neutral bouncer for both sex, and it has several toys to keep babies entertained.

FAQS on Vibrating Chair for Babies

Why do babies like vibrating chairs?

Babies like vibrating chairs because it produces the same effects they felt while in the womb. Whenever there is a flow of blood in the mother’s body, the mother walks or talks, and other activities that can produce vibrations, the baby experiences vibrations. So when they come out of the womb and you put them in vibrating chairs, it soothes and comforts them, making it easy for them to sleep.

Is vibration bad for babies?

Yes, vibration is safe for babies. It is very minimal. It is like dancing with your baby when they cry. It calms and soothes them.

Does vibration help baby with gas?

Yes, vibration helps babies to get rid of gas. This is because of the up and down movements. Most moms swear by it that it works for their babies.

Does vibration help baby sleep?

Yes, vibration helps babies to sleep because of the movements. It calms their nerves.

How long can a baby sit in a vibrating chair?

Babies love vibrating chairs to the extent that they fall asleep while in them. So how long can a baby sit in a vibrating chair? Once the baby is asleep, you can turn it off. But if turning it off will make the baby disgruntled or even wake him up from sleep, you can leave it on till they wake up.

Is It Safe For Babies To Sleep In Vibrating Chair?

It’s perfectly normal for parents to get paranoid over some newly bought equipment. This is why they ask – Is It Safe For Babies To Sleep In Vibrating Chairs? Vibrating chairs are the ideal equipment for crying and colicky babies- they help to soothe and calm them down without stress.

Some parents view Vibrating chairs as a Godsend because of their effectiveness in calming babies down. Thus, using a perfect and standard vibrating chair won’t cause any harm to babies as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, to see some of the perfect vibrating chairs for your babies, read the above article.

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