keep in-laws away from your baby

How to Keep In-laws Away from your Baby

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Are you looking for ways to keep in-laws away from your baby? We live in a world where trust is such a costly thing, and we often don’t know who we should trust our babies with to secure them from any form of danger. Because of trust issues, we will rather keep them away from everybody including in-laws. Keeping children away from in-laws isn’t quite disturbing but how to do that could be an uphill task in today’s world. However, there are few ways to deal with annoying in-laws without necessarily offending them or making them feel like they are outcasts or not wanted in your home. A few of how to do that will be examined in this article.

When Should In-laws Visit After Birth?

Most people tend to have this question on their lips. They just want to know when it is right to have in-laws around after their baby has been born; however, it suffices to say that any time is right. Interestingly, you should note that you have giving birth to a bundle of joy and as it is traditional in most parts of the world. They want to share in your joy. Hence, you mustn’t  keep them away.

Nevertheless, you must have a firm grip around the baby as well as insist that nobody sees you until you are back from the hospital. This way, you wouldn’t create an unnecessary convoy when coming back from the hospital. This implies that if you have been asking when in-laws can visit after you give birth to your baby, our answer to that question is they should visit whenever they can if you don’t need assistance from them.

Should My In-laws Stay

This is another question most new mothers to ask. The decision lies solely in your hands. Whether they are staying or not is your decision to make. But there are a few conditions that should decide whether they are staying or not and they include;

  • If you require assistance; it is only natural that a woman who has just given birth loses a bit of strength and so may not be able to do many things unlike before. A woman in this category may insist that her in-laws stay behind to help with some chores in the house. But if you have got a husband who can lend a helping hand from time to time, then you may not require the help of an in-law.
  • If you need them to help babysit your child; new moms usually spend the whole of the night suckling their babies and this means that they will want to sleep later in the day but if they have got a hyperactive child, they may love to play during the day. In this scenario, you may request that an in-law stay behind to help babysit the baby when you are asleep and the baby is awake.

5 Ways to Keep In-laws Away From Your Baby

In-laws are wonderful people, but some of them could be irritating out of jealousy. They tend to think that they are competing with daughters-in-laws or sons-in-laws for their child and when they do, they could be very annoying and don’t find anything you do good enough. That’s one of the reasons many people don’t want in-laws around their child or their homes. Interestingly, we have figured out some ways that you can employ to keep annoying in-laws away from your baby, they include;

1.        Insist that they don’t barge in on you unannounced; plenty of people have an unhealthy relationship with their in-laws and if you are one of them, then, you are not the only one who is having some troubles dealing with irritating in-laws. One way to keep them from your baby is to insist that they don’t come to the house unannounced.

This way, you can get a grip with their hour of visitation. Often they feel they are family and so can pop in at any time; but, you should let them know that you love them and would want them to bond with their grandchild but you wouldn’t want them to disrupt the baby’s sleeping schedule.

2.        Be a firm diplomat; it will be difficult for both sets of in-laws to have equal access to their grandchild and this could lead to some sort of confusion because either of the in-laws could be thinking that you are giving preferential treatment to one set of in-laws.

This may be true or not and you may necessarily not want to deal with confrontational or bickering grandparents. Hence, you must deal with them diplomatically and avert the potential danger that their bickering could cause to your relationship with them.

3.        Stand by your parenting choice no matter what; there will always be criticism and advice from in-laws; but you must stand by your parenting choice because no one cares for your child more than you do. In-laws will want to decide what you do with your child at one point or the other but you must insist that you are making the right choice for your child.

4.        Understand when to accept the in-laws way; there is the tendency that your in-laws want to care for your baby in a way that you may not necessarily adopt and sometimes in-laws could overdo things in a way that doesn’t suit you. However, you should note that some things are not worth arguing and so you shouldn’t spend time on them as long as they don’t disrupt the baby’s activity in any way.

5.        Steer in-laws into the direction of comfort for you and your child. Understandably, in-laws want to help where and when they can, however, they may do the unnecessary sometimes and this could even make your life more cumbersome. But it can be tough to confront in-laws who are going out of their way to help you. But, you don’t need to be combative with the confrontation, just steer them in the right direction and you will find out that their activity isn’t longer posing a threat to you at all.


Parenting could be a tough task if you have got annoying in-laws to deal with but it is also noteworthy to state that in-laws want to help where and when they can and means well almost all the time for their grandchildren; however, their grandchild is your child and so you must have firm control of their activities around your child.

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