Mixing Nutramigen Formula: Candid answers to your questions

The phase of feeding your baby formulas might be rocky, and you’ll need to exercise patience. It’s no news that there are specially-produced formulas – and they help with various issues in babies. Enfamil Nutramigen is one of those formulas, and it helps with health issues like cow’s milk allergy, insomnia, excessive crying, diarrhea, etc., in babies.

Research and experience have shown that Nutramigen’s taste is weird, and babies tend to reject it at first introduction. Although the formula is effective and hypoallergenic, its smell is a drawback. But since the formula is most times recommended, mothers have no choice but to get it despite the not-good smell. 

Common questions about Mixing Nutramigen

Listed below are some questions that bug first time moms. We have taken the time to answer them all.

  • Can you mix Nutramigen with breast milk?
  • Can you mix Nutramigen with whole milk?
  • Can you mix Nutramigen with Cow’s milk?
  • Can you mix Nutramigen and Alimentum?
  • Can you mix Nutramigen and Enfamil A.R?
  • Can you mix Nutramigen and Similac Sensitive?
  • Can you mix Nutramigen with soy formula?

All you need to know about mixing Enfamil Nutramigen

Mixing Nutramigen is one way to make babies take to the formula easily. Many mothers use some things to complement Nutramigen so that their babies will eat it, and it’ll eliminate the common health issues. However, you must be careful with the stuff you mix with Nutramigen- so that it’ll be effective.

Can you mix Nutramigen with breast milk?

Breast milk is known to contain several nutrients that will aid your baby’s growth and development. But on the introduction of Enfamil Nutramigen, you might wonder if you can mix the formula with breast milk. Well, it’s not a bad idea to mix breast milk with Nutramigen; in fact, it’s one of the best ways to allow your baby to take the formula easily.

 You can mix the formula and the milk in equal proportions and reduce the breast milk’s amount as time pass. Gradually, your baby will adapt to Nutramigen’s taste and take it without the milk.

Can you mix Nutramigen with whole milk?

Whole milk is usually introduced to babies that are a year and above. That’s because babies need to develop well before they can digest the whole milk’s ingredient. However, is it permissible to mix Nutramigen with whole milk? Yes, you can. Many mothers do it, either to mask the formula’s weird taste or to wean your baby off the formula.

Moreover, whole milk contains fats that can aid rapid growth and development in babies. You can mix whole milk with the formula if your baby is almost 12 months old and you feel like fully introducing whole milk to her diet. However, it would help if you tried not to mix Nutramigen’s powdered form with the milk in place of water.

Can you mix Nutramigen with Cow’s milk?

Cow’s milk? That’s debatable. One of the issues Enfamil Nutramigen eliminates is cow’s milk allergy. Babies with cow’s milk allergy are advised to take Nutramigen because it doesn’t contain the milk. Hence, mixing cow’s milk with Nutramigen might not be a good idea for babies with cow’s milk allergy.

So, you should know the reason why Nutramigen is recommended for your baby. Besides, you can mix the formula with cow’s milk in equal amounts if your baby isn’t allergic to the milk.

Can you mix Nutramigen and Alimentum?

Similac Alimentum is like the equivalent of Nutramigen, though Enfamil produced the latter. Both of the formulas are made from similar ingredients because they perform similar functions. Nutramigen and Alimentum help eliminate colic, diarrhea, cow’s milk allergy, insomnia etc., within 24/48 hours of introduction.

Furthermore, both of them are hypoallergenic and contain essential nutrients for rapid growth. However, mixing Alimentum and Enfamil might not be the most excellent idea because of their effects on babies. Hence, if, by chance, you want to combine both, run the idea through your pediatrician for advice.

Can you mix Nutramigen and Enfamil A.R?

Studies have shown that you can mix Enfamil Nutramigen and A.R if your baby isn’t used to the former’s taste. Although it’s vital, you combine both formulas with the correct amount of water, no more, no less. You can also take nighttime feeding into consideration and premix a couple of bottles. However, you should note that it’s the powdered form you’ll premix. Premixing the formula will prevent you from spilling the formula while half-asleep.

Can you mix Nutramigen and Similac Sensitive?

Similac Sensitive is a milk-based formula given chiefly to babies without cow’s milk allergy, while Nutramigen is administered because of milk allergy, colic, insomnia etc. However, it’s understandable when you’ve got the leftover formula, and you want to mix it with Nutramigen, but it’s not the best idea.

Mixing Similac Sensitive with Nutramigen can hinder the latter from eliminating your baby’s symptoms. Imagine your baby being fed Nutramigen because he’s allergic to cow’s milk; mixing the Formula with Sensitive can increase your baby’s allergy, and Nutramigen might not work. 

Can you mix Nutramigen with soy formula?

Soy formulas are formulas specially-produced for babies with lactose intolerance. The formula contains soy in place of cow’s milk in regular formulas. However, can you mix soy formula with Nutramigen? It’s relatively possible to mix both. That’s because Nutramigen is also recommended for babies with lactose intolerance.

 After all, it doesn’t contain lactose. Thus, you can combine both. Although Nutramigen doesn’t contain soy and the introduction of soy formula to your baby’s food might bring about some allergies.

Hence, if you wish to mix Nutramigen with soy formula, make sure your baby isn’t allergic to soy, and it’s advisable to check with your pediatrician to prevent unnecessary breakouts.

In essence, you can mix Nutramigen with another formula as long as you take precautions and ask your pediatrician the way to go.


Enfamil Nutramigen is a unique formula produced mainly to eliminate health issues like acid reflux, colic, insomnia, excessive diarrhea etc., in babies. Quite a lot of pediatricians recommend it, and many parents use it too. However, introducing Nutramigen into your baby’s diet might be difficult, especially if your baby takes longer to adapt.

So, it’s necessary to ease your baby into the formula gradually, and you can do that by mixing the formula with other food like breast milk, whole milk, and so on. The above article already highlighted what you should know about mixing Enfamil Nutramigen. You should adhere to and implement the tips.

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