Nanobebe vs Comotomo

Nanobebe bottle vs Comotomo: Which is the best bottle for a baby?

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Going through the catalog of several feeding bottles for children, you may be wondering which one will be best for your child; in fact, previous experiences with babies may not work because your child is unique. Many of these feeding bottles’ materials are either plastic or silicone, and they come in different shapes and sizes.

When making the choice of feeding bottles for your child, there are things you must consider: the makeup and usefulness of the bottle; what makes the bottle stand out when compared with others, will the bottle make your child stop breastfeeding, and can you afford it? Because some of these bottles are made for beauty only, while some of the feeding bottles function appropriately.

In this article, you’ll get answers to all these questions and understand what makes Nanobebe and Comotomo baby bottles stand out among millions of feeding bottles in the market. Above all, you will be able to make the best choice.

Nanobebe feeding bottle

Nanobébé Flexy Silicone Baby Bottle, Anti-Colic, Natural Feel, Non-Collapsing Nipple, Non-Tip Stable Base, Easy to Clean, 3-Pack, Gray, 9oz

An amazing fact about this feeding bottle is that it is solely for breast milk’s nutrient preservation. Its shape and feel are just like that of the breast to your baby.  Two curious dads created this feeding bottle because they wanted to help nursing mothers get back to work early enough and continue giving breast milk to their babies at the same time.

How Nanobebe feeding bottle works

The fantastic technology behind it makes it evenly distribute the breast milk, making it cool almost immediately. Therefore, you need to keep it in the refrigerator in time to ensure its freshness. More so, the Nanobebe feeding bottle heats the milk evenly without hot spots. You can also use this fantastic feeding bottle with many breast pumps.

Pros of using Nanobebe Feeding Bottle

It gives your child the best feel of the breast: the technology behind the Nanobebe feeding bottle made it the best fit for children who refused to be bottle-fed. Nanobebe feeding bottle is shaped like a breast and also feels like a breast to the undiscerning baby.

It is made solely for breast milk preservation: the unique shape of this bottle ensures that breastmilk warm-up and cool down faster than in the majority of the bottle found in stores; thereby preserving the taste and quality of the breast milk.

Used with a breast pump: Nanobebe feeding bottle has a breast pump adaptor that makes it easier for you to pump breastmilk directly into it.

It is a complete breast milk feeding system: with this feeding bottle, you can pump your breast milk, store it, warm it up and feed your beautiful baby, without the need of many containers.

It has an anti-slip silicone base: with its great bottom, you do not have to bother about milk spills, and even the storage cap makes it easier for you to stack them in the refrigerator without consuming ample space.

It is an excellent anti-colic bottle for your baby: the technology behind the nipple of the bottle significantly reduces colic in children and the gassiness experienced by bottle-fed babies.

It is a complete set that is useful for a long time as your child grows: some children feed fast, while some are slow eaters; however, your child’s needs are catered for as he grows—by the set of teats that comes with the Nanobebe feeding bottle.

You can clean it easily.

It is used for formula-fed babies too.

Cons of Nanobebe feeding bottle

It is a little bit pricey.

It is large for most feeding bottle bags and containers.

What breast pump is compatible with Nanobebe?

One good thing with Nanobebe is that it has an adapter that makes it easy to use with the most popular and common breast pumps such as the Spectra and Ameda. Nanobebe is also compatible with the Medela breast pump.

Why does Nanobebe bottles leak and what to do about it?

Nanobebe bottles can leak when the bottle is not screwed on tightly at the bottom. You can overcome the leaking issue by pressing the bottle very tight onto the base and ensuring that it is tightly sealed. Warm the milk with the nipple on and not the storage cap.

Comotomo feeding bottle

Comotomo - Baby Bottles - Baby Feeding - Green - 4 Pack - Two 5 Ounce Bottles and Two 8 Ounce Bottles

Many mothers love Comotomo feeding bottles because of the ease of transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The exquisite feel of silicone, similar to the mother’s breast, makes it a great solution to the problem of bottle-feeding experienced by many mothers.

How Comotomo feeding bottle works

The medical-grade silicone used in its production makes it the best for your child. You can use it in the microwave, sterilizing unit, dishwasher, or even dip it inside hot water. Comotomo feeding bottles are built like a sippy cup, have nipples that can be squeezed like the breast by your baby, and a base that also feels like the breast. With this fantastic Comotomo feeding bottle, solving Colic’s problem experienced by many babies will be easy, and your child will not be fuzzy.

Pros of Comotomo feeding bottle

It feels like the breast:  the silicone in it makes your child have the sense of touching the breast while sucking; therefore, making it easier for you to move from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.

Very easy to clean: this is made possible by its wide neck.

It can be fixed easily: the parts of Comotomo feeding bottles can be assembled by almost anybody, with little or no technical experience.

It is the final solution to the colic problem: the issue of gassiness in your child solves because of the two anti-colic openings.

Best quality: all the parts and made with medical grade materials which the safety of your child while feeding with a bottle.

 It is also useful for formula-fed babies.

Cons of Comotomo feeding bottle

It is a bit expensive

It does not fit into the regular feeding bottle bags.

How to warm Comotomo bottles

Most moms ask this common question “is there a bottle warmer for Comotomo bottle”? Yes, there are several ways to warm Comotomo bottles. Find them highlighted below.

Nanobebe bottle vs Comotomo?

The pros and cons of Nanobebe and Comotomo feeding bottles discussed showed that the two have high similarities in their pros and cons as listed. The similarities between Nanobebe and Comotomo feeding bottles are:

  • They have silicone.
  • They help transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding.
  • They can be grasped easily by the child.
  • Both are great anti-colic feeding bottles
  • They can be attached to breast pumps.
  • They are washed easily.
  • They are a little bit pricey. 


It is no longer news that millions of feeding bottles on sale and those made from plastic are harmful to your child’s health. However, Nanobebe and Comotomo feeding bottles made of silicone have distinctive features that set them apart from the large numbers of feeding bottles available today.

As a mother, you would be able to pick the best for your child haven read through this piece. The Nanobebe and Comotomo feeding bottles make transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding easier for nursing mothers.

So far, you have read about their general features, functions, pros, cons, and similarities. Nanobebe and Comotomo feeding bottles are of great qualities that your child will not be able to resist. Make an order today; you will be glad you did because you will get the value for your money on both Nanobebe and Comotomo feeding bottles.

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