Nicknames for Benjamin

76 Unique Nicknames For Benjamin

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Benjamin is a legendary given name for babies and comes with amazing nicknames such as Benji, Benny, Ben, and many more. Benjamin was the youngest brother of the Israel family and the immediate younger brother of Joseph. Talk of a name that is timeless and exceptional, then we give you Benjamin! 

The nice thing about this name, we must say, is that it is flexible to use. Let’s say Benjamin feels too rigid or formal to you, you can always subscribe to nicknames like Benny or Ben. Fantastic, yeah? Great! 

Being a biblical name, Benjamin derives from a Hebrew origin, and what it means is Son Of The Right Hand. In the Samaritan Pentateuch, though, it is translated as Binyaamem, and means Son Of My Days

Hey! Benjamin is a prominently popular name. It earns an enviable 6th position in the list of boys names that are most popular, according to a 2018 social security administration report. Benjamin’s popularity is not a recent one, as many data demonstrates that it has been consistently popular ever since. It’s been in the top 10 most popular names since 2015, and in the top 25 since 2000. 

Cute Nicknames For Benjamin

  1. Ben 
  2. Benny 
  3. Biniam 
  4. Benjy 
  5. Benji 
  6. Benjie 
  7. Bengie 
  8. Benson
  9. Benvolio 
  10. Benno 
  11. Benjo
  12. Benjee 
  13. Benn 
  14. Benja 
  15. Benito 
  16. Benny boi 
  17. Benyamin
  18. BJ
  19. Benster 
  20. Benjo 
  21. Benny boo bop
  22. Benjamincrak 
  23. Benjajin 
  24. Benjamamon 
  25. Ex-Ben 
  26. Benny Boo
  27. Benoxi 
  28. BEN-X 
  29. Minnie 
  30. Enny 
  31. Bendzy 
  32. Benjamim 
  33. Memin 
  34. Meme 
  35. Ben Dover
  36. Big Ben 
  37. Benjosaurus 
  38. Benedicte 
  39. Bend over 
  40. Bennis the mennis
  41. Benz 
  42. Ben Ten 
  43. Benjamin Franklin
  44. Ben Ben 
  45. Benana 
  46. Benjiroo 
  47. Benjamin Bunny
  48. Benodryl
  49. Blen 
  50. Benothy 
  51. Benedetta 
  52. Benin 
  53. Ben Amir 
  54. BenJen 
  55. Benjey 
  56. Benj
  57. Jamine 
  58. J-man 
  59. Beanie 
  60. Jamie 
  61. Beng 
  62. Ben Jizzy 
  63. Behn 
  64. Jam-Jam
  65. Benji-Man 
  66. Benghazi 
  67. Benito
  68. Right hand Man 
  69. Gifted hands 
  70. Beniamino
  71. Favourite one
  72. Benjo-Banjo 
  73. Franklin
  74. Batman
  75. Benjermin 
  76. Ben Bruce 

Why you need nicknames for Benjamin

Nicknames are given to a person in place of their original name. Most times, nicknames are picked from abbreviating the name or picking sounds that are found in the name in addition to other rhyming sounds. Nicknames are a form of endearment and can be used to express affection and intimacy. Nicknames are trendy and you have to pick an appealing nickname for your baby.

A study revealed that people who have shorter names i.e. nicknames tend to earn more money. LinkedIn also analyzed the top CEO names around the world and discovered that the most popular ones are Peter, Jack and Fred which were either short names or shortened versions of first names. Nicknames sound less formal and more approachable. This is especially useful if you are in the acting or media industry.

Famous People Bearing Benjamin

Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr. : A politician, author, retired neurosurgeon, and the current United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Benjamin Franklin: Was a polymath, leading writer, political philosopher, scientist, inventor, activist, statesman, diplomat, and a founding father of the United States.

Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt : An American philanthropist, actor, film director, screenwriter, and producer.

Benjamin Edward Meara Stiller : A comedian, film director, writer, and film producer.

Benjamin Schwartz : A producer, director, actor, comedian, and writer.

Names That Go With Benjamin

  1. Joseph
  2. Johnson
  3. Solomon
  4. Patrick
  5. Daniel
  6. Michael
  7. Alec 
  8. Charles 
  9. James 
  10. Frederick

Names Similar To Benjamin

  1. Samuel
  2. James 
  3. William
  4. Nathaniel
  5. Thomas 
  6. Andrew
  7. Alexander
  8. Daniel 
  9. Jack 
  10. Luke

Middle Names For Benjamin

Below are adorable middle names for Benjamin. Need more? Check out the 100 middle name for Benjamin.

  1. Benjamin Andrew
  2. Benjamin Cole
  3. Benjamin Paul
  4. Benjamin James
  5. Benjamin Allen 
  6. Benjamin Charles
  7. Benjamin Dean 
  8. Benjamin Charles
  9. Benjamin Frederick
  10. Benjamin Nathan 
  11. Benjamin Gregory
  12. Benjamin Graham 
  13. Benjamin Lewis
  14. Benjamin Philip
  15. Benjamin Vincent 

Benjamin Name Variations

  1. Benjamin
  2. Benjamim 
  3. Beniamino
  4. Benyamin
  5. Benjámin
  6. Biniyam 
  7. Běnjiémíng
  8. Veniamin 
  9. Binyameem 
  10. Benjaminas 


So, there you have it! This article covers in detail all that you need to know about the name, Benjamin. We have highlighted the meaning, popularity status, famous bearers, cute nicknames for Benjamin, similar names to Benjamin, middle names for Benjamin, and the variations of the Benjamin. We hope you find this content educative, and helpful.

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