Nicknames for Catherine

62 Adorable Nicknames For Catherine

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Want a nice name for your beautiful baby? Allow us to introduce the name Catherine to you. Catherine is an honourable given name for little ones, and much of this honour is credited to the cute nicknames that accompany it, such as Cate, Kate, Kath, Katya, amidst a ton of others. 

The name Catherine is a name that is primarily employed by parents who want a name for their baby girl (s). Catherine, as a name, originally derives from Greek language, and the meaning it has in that context is Pure, or innocent. It also has a Hebrew origin, and means Incense, in this sense.

Catherine is a name of countless international variations, and has been in use for many centuries now. A lot of Saints and Royal figures in history went by this name, and hence, popularized it all over the place. Despite its ancient aura, the name Catherine, thanks to its romantic feel, is still endeared by many parents, across the globe. For the record, it is one to the top 100 girl names in the world, today.

Nicknames For Catherine

  1. Cate
  2. Kate
  3. Kathy
  4. Cathy
  5. Cath
  6. Catya 
  7. Cathie 
  8. Cay 
  9. Cayte 
  10. Erin 
  11. Cay 
  12. Caff 
  13. Wren 
  14. Rin 
  15. Kitty 
  16. Cathy 
  17. Kathleen
  18. Kathryn 
  19. Kat
  20. Kit
  21. Kit Kat
  22. The Ron 
  23. Cady
  24. Cathi 
  25. Cataleen 
  26. Catrina
  27. Catherina
  28. Catalina
  29. Cake
  30. Cee Cee
  31. Cathy Raine 
  32. Trine 
  33. Tift
  34. Caff 
  35. Rinn 
  36. Kay
  37. Katydid
  38. Rina
  39. Claire 
  40. Terry
  41. Trina 
  42. Trin
  43. Terina 
  44. Carrie
  45. Therry
  46. Kitty
  47. Cassie 
  48. Kaety
  49. C-cup
  50. Cupcake
  51. Kaka
  52. Katalie
  53. Katie Pearly
  54. Catka 
  55. Carine 
  56. Cilla-Cat 
  57. CatKin
  58. CandyK 
  59. Saint
  60. Rose
  61. The Duchess
  62. Lady Purity

Why you need nicknames for Catherine?

Nicknames are given to a person in place of their original name. Most times, nicknames are picked from abbreviating the name or picking sounds that are found in the name in addition to other rhyming sounds. Nicknames are a form of endearment and can be used to express affection and intimacy. Nicknames are trendy and you have to pick an appealing nickname for your baby.

A study revealed that people who have shorter names i.e. nicknames tend to earn more money. LinkedIn also analyzed the top CEO names around the world and discovered that the most popular ones are Peter, Jack and Fred which were either short names or shortened versions of first names. Nicknames sound less formal and more approachable. This is especially useful if you are in the acting or media industry.

Famous People Bearing Catherine

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge – A member of the British Royal Family

Catherine Bach – An American actress.

Catherine Fulop – A Venezuelan television personality, model, actress, and a contestant of beauty pageant.

Catherine Bell – An Iranian-American actress, model, and producer.

Catherine Zeta-Jones – A Welsh actress.

Catherine is a timeless name, that has sustained a consistent popularity over the centuries, and decades. Although, the popularity seems to vary with places, Catherine has merited a space in the top 10 most popular names, two times. And top 100 most popular names, over an hundred times.

Names Like Catherine

  1. Elizabeth
  2. Katherine
  3. Anne 
  4. Margaret
  5. Caroline
  6. Jane
  7. Mary
  8. Alexandra
  9. Victoria
  10. Helen

Irish Nicknames For Catherine

  1. Caitrín
  2. Caitriona 
  3. Cathleen
  4. Kathleen
  5. Katerina


This article includes all the things you need to know about the name, Catherine. We have highlighted the meaning of Catherine, the popularity of the name Catherine, famous people bearing Catherine, nicknames for Catherine, similar names to Catherine, and Irish variations of the name Catherine. We hope you find all of it helpful! 

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