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30 Cute Nicknames For Felicity

Searching for nicknames for Felicity? Names are an important part of a child’s life. After birth, the next thing you think of as a parent is the best name to give your child. Picking a good name can be a bit of a big deal because that is what your child will bear throughout their life, if you will involve other members of the family in choosing a name, you have to ensure everyone is on the same page. You might have a long list of names to give your baby but you would have to pick the right one. You might want to give your baby a name based on your culture, family linage, religion, or other categories. You would also want to pick a name that would sound appealing and have a cute nickname attached to it.

Meaning of the name Felicity

Felicity is a female name of a Latin origin which means good fortune or happy. The name felicity is considered by parents looking at names for a baby girl. The name became popular in the 16th century after being just a word in connection with the saints. Felicity comes from the old French word felicite which means happiness. It is also a form of the Latin name Felicitas, which is gotten from the name of the Ancient Roman goddess Fortuna which means good fortune or good luck.

The name felicity is also a variant of the masculine name Felix. Felicity is regarded as one of the virtue names adopted by the puritans in the 17th century that has also become a popular modern name with a soft appeal. The name felicity was brought back after a while with its appearance as a television series titled Felicity and the name of the red-haired Colonial doll in the American Girl series. Felicity ranked high in the United States and has always been in the top 500 names in the past years. Popular people with the name Felicity include English actresses Felicity Jones and Felicity Huffman, Australian comedian Felicity Ward and Australian swimmer Felicity Galvez.

Nicknames of Felicity

Nicknames are given to a person in place of their original name. Most times, nicknames are picked from abbreviating the name or picking sounds that are found in the name in addition to other rhyming sounds. Nicknames are a form of endearment and can be used to express affection and intimacy. Nicknames are trendy and you have to pick an appealing nickname for your baby. Below are few nicknames that can be given to a baby named felicity.

30 Nicknames for Felicity

  1. Ellie
  2. Effy
  3. Fissy
  4. Fliss
  5. Flick
  6. Litty
  7. Tee
  8. Fee
  9. Felicie
  10. Lis
  11. Fifi
  12. Lissa
  13. Flicka
  14. Elle
  15. Fia
  16. Citi
  17. Cici
  18. Flossie
  19. Lissie
  20. Licity
  21. El
  22. Lici
  23. Lacey
  24. Issie
  25. Cece
  26. City
  27. Elsie
  28. Philley
  29. Flissie
  30. Floy

Siblings name for Felicity

If you are thinking of picking a cute name for your baby’s sibling, there are different name inspiration that goes with the name Felicity. It might be quite tasking to pick a name for your child. But another task is picking a name that fit for your baby’s sibling. You can use a particular theme or any category of your choice to pick a name for your baby’s sibling.

Baby brother’s name for Felicity

There are so many names that can be used for a brother’s name for felicity. Below are a few names you can pick from

  1. Felicity and Oliver
  2. Felicity and Tristan
  3. Felicity and Isaac
  4. Felicity and Vincent
  5. Felicity and Gideon
  6. Felicity and Thomas
  7. Felicity and Louis
  8. Felicity and Jonas
  9. Felicity and Samuel
  10. Felicity and Seth
  11. Felicity and Leo
  12. Felicity and Victor
  13. Felicity and Edwin
  14. Felicity and Warren
  15. Felicity and Clark
  16. Felicity and Simon
  17. Felicity and Calvin
  18. Felicity and Emil
  19. Felicity and Ruben
  20. Felicity and Trevor
  21. Felicity and Collins
  22. Felicity and Ralph
  23. Felicity and Gabriel
  24. Felicity and Desmond
  25. Felicity and Winston
  26. Felicity and Tobias
  27. Felicity and Arthur
  28. Felicity and Henry
  29. Felicity and Walter
  30. Felicity and Alfred
  31. Felicity and Justus
  32. Felicity and Ronan
  33. Felicity and Walker
  34. Felicity and Fiodor
  35. Felicity and Fabian
  36. Felicity and Porter
  37. Felicity and Felix
  38. Felicity and John
  39. Felicity and Quentin
  40. Felicity and Fletcher
  41. Felicity and Aden
  42. Felicity and Freddy
  43. Felicity and Fergus
  44. Felicity and Mathias
  45. Felicity and Damian
  46. Felicity and Ari
  47. Felicity and Foster
  48. Felicity and Elijah
  49. Felicity and Jasper
  50. Felicity and Rufus

Baby Sister’s name for Felicity

There are so many names that can be used for a sister’s name for Felicity. Below are a few names you can pick from.

  1. Felicity and Rebecca
  2. Felicity and Eloise
  3. Felicity and Clara
  4. Felicity and Eva
  5. Felicity and Luna
  6. Felicity and Amelia
  7. Felicity and Mollie
  8. Felicity and Annabel
  9. Felicity and Ruby
  10. Felicity and Stella
  11. Felicity and Elena
  12. Felicity and Amana
  13. Felicity and Natalie
  14. Felicity and Thea
  15. Felicity and Daphne
  16. Felicity and Anneliese
  17. Felicity and Scarlett
  18. Felicity and Helena
  19. Felicity and Claire
  20. Felicity and Penelope
  21. Felicity and Veronica
  22. Felicity and Rosaline
  23. Felicity and Miranda
  24. Felicity and Iris
  25. Felicity and Audrey
  26. Felicity and Adelaide
  27. Felicity and Celeste
  28. Felicity and Sybil
  29. Felicity and Cecily
  30. Felicity and Vivienne
  31. Felicity and Lydia
  32. Felicity and Eliza
  33. Felicity and Corinna
  34. Felicity and Tabitha
  35. Felicity and Imogen
  36. Felicity and Elodie
  37. Felicity and Saskia
  38. Felicity and Millicent
  39. Felicity and Cordelia
  40. Felicity and Viola
  41. Felicity and Thala
  42. Felicity and Linnea
  43. Felicity and Dianna
  44. Felicity and Beatrix
  45. Felicity and Isadora
  46. Felicity and Alethea
  47. Felicity and Araminat
  48. Felicity and Sabrina
  49. Felicity and Mirabel
  50. Felicity and Rose

Middle names for Felicity

A middle name is a given name that is used between a person’s first name and surname. A baby can have as many middle names as possible. When picking a middle name for your little one, it is essential to look at different options and pick a suitable middle name that fits the first name and surname. Middle names improves the baby’s chances of getting good job prospects in the future. Weird but true. Research published in the European Journal of Social Psychology revealed that people having middle names are perceived to have a high status and intelligence.

Below are a few choices of middle names you can use for the name Felicity.

  1. Felicity Mae
  2. Felicity Louise
  3. Felicity Hope
  4. Felicity Grace
  5. Felicity Giselle
  6. Felicity Charlotte
  7. Felicity Kate
  8. Felicity Genevieve
  9. Felicity Aurora
  10. Felicity Jane
  11. Felicity Bryn
  12. Felicity Monroe
  13. Felicity Lark
  14. Felicity Hazel
  15. Felicity May
  16. Felicity Mabel
  17. Felicity Seraphina
  18. Felicity Alyssa
  19. Felicity Gwendolyn
  20. Felicity Paloma
  21. Felicity Primrose
  22. Felicity Olive
  23. Felicity Ada
  24. Felicity Zelda
  25. Felicity Zora
  26. Felicity Lara
  27. Felicity Elizabeth
  28. Felicity Virginia
  29. Felicity Catherine
  30. Felicity Amber
  31. Felicity Katie
  32. Felicity Arabella
  33. Felicity Chloe
  34. Felicity Lola
  35. Felicity Cecelia
  36. Felicity Brooke
  37. Felicity Bea
  38. Felicity Raine
  39. Felicity Etta
  40. Felicity Susanne
  41. Felicity Lyra
  42. Felicity Georgina
  43. Felicity Agatha
  44. Felicity Maren
  45. Felicity Viola
  46. Felicity Ida
  47. Felicity Heather
  48. Felicity Chiara
  49. Felicity Velma
  50. Felicity Serena
  51. Felicity Martha
  52. Felicity Ruth
  53. Felicity Mary
  54. Felicity Wren
  55. Felicity Laurel
  56. Felicity June
  57. Felicity Paige
  58. Felicity Vivienne
  59. Felicity Beatrix
  60. Felicity Roxy
  61. Felicity Maeve
  62. Felicity Tatum
  63. Felicity Resse
  64. Felicity Nova
  65. Felicity Cora
  66. Felicity Juliet
  67. Felicity Rosaline
  68. Felicity Prudence
  69. Felicity Camille
  70. Felicity Lilian
  71. Felicity Magda
  72. Felicity Love
  73. Felicity Talia
  74. Felicity Porsha
  75. Felicity Eve
  76. Felicity Cecile
  77. Felicity Danae
  78. Felicity Rye
  79. Felicity Calista
  80. Felicity Noelle
  81. Felicity Helen
  82. Felicity Mercy
  83. Felicity Annora
  84. Felicity Anya
  85. Felicity Willow
  86. Felicity Peace
  87. Felicity Morgan
  88. Felicity Skye
  89. Felicity Tessa
  90. Felicity Elaine
  91. Arabella
  92. Felicity Summer
  93. Felicity Cleo
  94. Felicity Frances
  95. Felicity Nora
  96. Felicity Sonya
  97. Felicity Starla
  98. Felicity Zoe
  99. Felicity Ivy
  100. Felicity Lynn
  101. Felicity Annika
  102. Felicity Gina
  103. Felicity Gianna
  104. Felicity Pearl
  105. Felicity Sara
  106. Felicity Leah
  107. Felicity Xandra
  108. Felicity Piper
  109. Felicity Dove
  110. Felicity Sage
  111. Felicity Cassandra
  112. Felicity Jade
  113. Felicity Jasmine
  114. Felicity Katherine
  115. Felicity Aster
  116. Felicity Matilda
  117. Felicity Jemima
  118. Felicity Lucienne
  119. Felicity Orla
  120. Felicity Aria
  121. Felicity Micha
  122. Felicity Lorna
  123. Felicity Erica
  124. Felicity Ember
  125. Felicity Zara
  126. Felicity Ella
  127. Felicity Petra
  128. Felicity Juno
  129. Felicity Junita
  130. Felicity Larkin
  131. Felicity Patricia
  132. Felicity Coral
  133. Felicity Arden
  134. Felicity Gwen
  135. Felicity Dawn
  136. Felicity Eloven
  137. Felicity Meryl
  138. Felicity Eden
  139. Felicity Eliza
  140. Felicity Octavia
  141. Felicity Mognolia
  142. Felicity Maud
  143. Felicity Lilou
  144. Felicity Veda
  145. Felicity Alma
  146. Felicity Freda
  147. Felicity Paula

Choosing a name for your baby is important because that is the name attached to your baby for life. Nicknames cannot be picked without giving your baby a name first. Nicknames are used as a form of endearment and most times, used by people very familiar with you. Felicity, which means good fortune is a popular name for girls and has so many cute nicknames. The nicknames, sibling names, and middle names provided above can ease you the task of searching for nicknames for Felicity, sibling names, and middle names for a baby named Felicity.

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