Nicknames for George

100 Best Nicknames for George

If you are searching for a cute name to give to your little one, our hopes are high that you may want to consider the name, George. George has cute nicknames such as Big G, Georgie, and Gordy. It is a predominantly male name, and often considered by parents who want a name for their little boys. The original Greek word from which the name was derived, is georgios, and is predicated on the Greek word, georgos. Georgos itself happens to be a combination of the word ge, which means earth or soil, and ergon, which means work. 

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George is a name of both Greek and English origins, and what it does mean in the two contexts is, A tiller of the soil, or farmer. As you might be aware, George is in no way a low key name. It is one of those names that makes it to the hearts of parents, every now and then. It is one of the top ten most popular boys’ names of all time, in countries like the United States, and even beyond it. 

The popularity of the name George isn’t a thing of yesterday, it is continually established by centuries of widespread acceptance. A name that has been around since 1880, and is still very much being used today, is visibly quite out there.

Nicknames For George

  1. Gordy 
  2. Georgie 
  3. Georgous 
  4. Gorg 
  5. Big G 
  6. Jorg 
  7. Jork 
  8. Gorgey 
  9. Jorge 
  10. Johnson 
  11. Georgie 
  12. Georgio 
  13. Giorgi 
  14. Baby boy 
  15. Gerg 
  16. Gog 
  17. Cabbage 
  18. Geordie 
  19. Georgy 
  20. JoJo 
  21. JoJi 
  22. Georgie Porgie
  23. Gee 
  24. Geo 
  25. Gordy 
  26. Prince George 
  27. Jug 
  28. Lil Georgie 
  29. Gigi 
  30. Goe goe
  31. Big Greek George 
  32. Gorggi 
  33. Curious George 
  34. Georgie Boy 
  35. George of the jungle 
  36. Jay 
  37. Georgina 
  38. Gegi 
  39. Midget 
  40. Super Jordy 
  41. Gorgeous Gorjie 
  42. Dodd
  43. Gogy 
  44. Geezy 
  45. Weasley
  46. G30 
  47. J2 George
  48. Yorche 
  49. Panther 
  50. Gheo 
  51. Stefan 
  52. George Hashmi 
  53. Cuevas 
  54. Def-Geo 
  55. Gogy 
  56. Josue 
  57. Jack 
  58. Papi George 
  59. George Bush 
  60. Boy George
  61. George Washington
  62. Clooney 
  63. Jeorjito 
  64. George Michael 
  65. Jori
  66. Gigi 
  67. Joe 
  68. Geezy 
  69. G-Man 
  70. Georgie Boo 
  71. Curious George
  72. Orgy
  73. Purge 
  74. Jug 
  75. Judge Judy
  76. Lil G 
  77. Georg

Why you need Nicknames for George

Nicknames are given to a person in place of their original name. Most times, nicknames are picked from abbreviating the name or picking sounds that are found in the name in addition to other rhyming sounds. Nicknames are a form of endearment and can be used to express affection and intimacy. Nicknames are trendy and you have to pick an appealing nickname for your baby.

A study revealed that people who have shorter names i.e. nicknames tend to earn more money. LinkedIn also analyzed the top CEO names around the world and discovered that the most popular ones are Peter, Jack and Fred which were either short names or shortened versions of first names. Nicknames sound less formal and more approachable. This is especially useful if you are in the acting or media industry.

Other Names For George 

Need other names for George? Find cute names below.

  1. Jurgis 
  2. Ayub 
  3. Giorgio
  4. Joris 
  5. Jorgen
  6. Yegor 
  7. Orjan 
  8. Eyup 
  9. Jyrki 
  10. Job 

Is Greg A Nickname For George? 

If you are one of the people who wants to know if Greg is a nickname for George, then you are in the right place.

The fact is that, although, Greg looks like a fitting nickname for George, there is a disparity between the two. Greg is simply one of the nicknames of Gregory, while George has an entirely different list of nicknames. 

So, no, Greg is a nickname of Gregory, and not of George.

Variations Of The Name George

There are variations of the name George. Find them listed below.

  1. Deorsa 
  2. Egor 
  3. Geordi 
  4. Geordie 
  5. Georg 
  6. Jordi 
  7. Jory 
  8. Joris
  9. Gyorgy 
  10. Georgius

Names Similar To George 

Looking for names that are similar to George? Find some cute names listed below.

  1. Charles
  2. Edward
  3. Harry 
  4. William
  5. Walter 
  6. Thomas
  7. Peter 
  8. Jack
  9. Louis
  10. Theodore 

Is Chuck a Nickname For George? 

It is quite acceptable that Chuck is a nickname for George. And the reason? Not far-fetched. Just here. 

George Washington O’Connor, a nineteenth century New York gangster was the first famous person to go by the name Chuck. And given the fact that his given name was George, and he went by Chuck, it is highly correct to conclude in the affirmative.

Girls Names That Go With George

Below are adorable girl names that go with George.

  1. Olivia George
  2. Isabella George
  3. Abigail George
  4. Elizabeth George
  5. Madison George 
  6. Sofia George 
  7. Amelia George
  8. Victoria George
  9. Leah George
  10. Tasha George

Female Versions Of George 

Below are female versions of George.

  1. Gergana 
  2. Jirina 
  3. Georgina
  4. Georgeanna
  5. Georgia
  6. Gina 
  7. Georgine
  8. Georgette
  9. Gigi
  10. Georgie 

Middle Names For George

George have adorable middle names. Find them listed below.

  1. George Harry 
  2. George Henry 
  3. George Charlie
  4. George Jack 
  5. George Oliver 
  6. George James 
  7. George Mark
  8. George Thomas
  9. George William
  10. George Arthur
  11. George Max
  12. George Oscar
  13. George John 
  14. George Jacob
  15. George Joseph
  16. George Albert
  17. George Samuel
  18. George Alfie 
  19. George Edward 
  20. George Albert 

Famous People Bearing George 

Find the names of famous people bearing George below.

  • George W. Bush – 43rd President of the United States of America. 
  • George Washington – 1st President of the United States of America.
  • George Lucas – American filmmaker and entrepreneur.
  • George Harrison- English musician
  • George Clooney- American actor and filmmaker
  • George Takei – American actor, author, and activist.

There you have all you need to know about the name, George – nicknames for George, famous people bearing George, middle names for George, girl names that go with George, and female variations of the name George. We hope you find this article valuable.

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