places to put a baby in the living room

9 places to put a baby in the living room

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As first-time parents that just give birth to an infant, you would be engulfed with too many questions: How can I put a stop to a crying baby? How many times should a baby be bathed in a day? And lots more. I have also discovered that numerous first-time parents have a tough time regarding one reoccurring issue – places to put a baby in the living room

There are too many available options of where to put a baby in the living room which left new parents wondering most of the time whether their deeds are extremely right and safe for the new baby. We have the swing or bouncer, the bassinet, baby box, pack and play, Moses Basket, and even in your arms. Let’s consider these options below.

When the baby is small…

Use a swing or bouncer

The first safe place to put the baby down in the living room is in the swing or bouncer. When it comes to newborns’ comfort, there is a gentle and natural movement in a baby swing or bouncer and it also has a comforting influence on an infant. While on the swing or bouncer, your baby will be very happy to rest contentedly and comfortably looking at your face. Parents admire the use of swing or bouncer such as the summer 2-in-1 bouncer & rocker duo because it provides a safe place for babies to relax and play.

Carry them in your arms

Another reasonable option to be considered while in the living room is to carry them in your arms. Cradling a newborn baby is pretty simple and normal. Put the baby’s head gently in the crook of your left arm and wrap the other hand to cuddle the baby or you rather use the right arm to hold the original one firm. This is the best position of talking to a baby and interacting with them

It is convenient for babies to sleep in that position. It’s a good position for beginners, especially for new babies or toddlers.

Use pack n play yards

New parents consider the usage of play yards such as Graco Pack n Play Playard, it is a safe sleep setting for small babies. The majority of the play yards have breathable net flanks and it comes with a thin, firm cushion that also meets the guidelines of prevention against SIDS. Have it in mind that babies rapidly enlarge the napper and some nappers have a sloppy end.

Use the Moses basket

Moses Basket such as the Tadpoles Line is one of the best places to put the baby down. It is majorly designed for newborn babies or infants to relax or sleep for their first few months. It offers convenience and also guarantees a curbed space for the baby. Nonetheless, it is not necessary for the baby to sleep in one. But it’s fine for the toddler or new baby to make use of a cot-bed right from the start.

An additional purpose why some of the parents acquire a Moses Basket or crib is mainly because they have the feeling that their baby looks small in a cradle.

Put the baby in a play nest

The play nest is one of the safest places to put a baby in the living room. It is an expandable ring that is covered with fabrics that provide supports for your baby during rest time and it also makes the baby’s playtime more exciting and fun-filled. The playnest farm has four attractive dolls that your baby will love playing with.

The ring has eight extra activities, with qualities and jingles designed to engage the child’s attention and arouse hand-eye bringing together and motor talents.

Best bassinet for living room

Searching for the best bassinet for your living room? The Dream Me Karley Bassinet is a great place to put baby down for a nap during the day. The material is sturdy and strong. It has a zip up net that prevents flies and bug from getting to the baby. It’s lightweight makes it easy to carry around the house.

Crib for living room

A great crib for the living room is the Babyletto Origami Mini Crib. It is foldable and light weight. This makes it easy to move around. The mattress is adjustable to help accomodate baby’s growth.

Small cot for living room

Small cost for living room provides a great place to put baby down. This is especially true of the baby bed portable folding baby cot. The breathable and transparent net helps to see the baby in the cot and allows air to flow in and out. It is foldable and you can move it from one place to another. It is also easy to set up.

Use a baby bed for the living room

One good place you can put your baby in the living room is the baby bed for the living room. A good example of this is the Simmons Kids Room2Grow 2-in1 bedside bassinet and infant sleeper. It is suitable for a newborn and it grows with your baby till they are 12 months old. It has an adjustable portable crib with wheels and mesh. Do check it out.

When the Baby gets Older

Use a play gym on the floor

When the baby gets older, put them in a Play gym such as the Play Gym by lovery. It provides almost everything the baby needs in activities, starting from flapping of arms to the growth of teeth, to learning, to attention for break time and tummy time with purpose. It was premeditated by child improvement specialists and designed with good physical shape and hard-wearing materials for newborns.

Use a play mat

A playmat such as the Lupanttee play mat is another good place to keep your baby in the living room. The Playmat has five bright baby grand piano keys, a readjust-able dolly arch, and four harmonious settings that keep the little baby excited for quite more years. As the baby increases in weight and size right from lay and play to tummy time to hearing the piano sounds, it is possible for you to change up the learning and music too. The keyboard can be detached for melodic fun.

Use a travel cot

A travel cot such as the Lotus crib is also a great place to put your baby in the living room. The lotus travel crib is unique and one of the most rated play yards you can ever afford. It is mostly recommended for its great design and ease of use plus a safe design.

Once they can sit…

Place them on a blanket in the middle of the floor with toys

In their early stages or first year, infants try to lift their heads, make some rolls, and crawl, stand, and as they get older, they try to make some physical movement (walk). It becomes easier for you (parents) to keep the baby in the living room when they are already getting older. All you need is to place a blanket on the floor and put them on it with toys to play with.

Can you put a crib in front of a window?

Don’t make the mistake of putting a crib in front of a window in the living room (even in the bedroom). It is dangerous, especially when your baby becomes a toddler. They can climb out of the window and fall down. However, if you don’t have any other option, you can babyproof the window by using window guards such as the Fairy Baby Window Guards. It is difficult for toddlers to climb the guard. Even with that, you still need to put the crib far away from the window. It should be as far as a foot away from the window.

Can a child sleep in the living room?

Yes, a child can sleep in the living room if there is no other place to sleep. It is not also illegal, but it is not too good for the child.

As a first-time parent, you may want to rest in the living room but the safety of your child is what keeps restricting you.  Not to worry, above are the places to put a baby in the living room and be rest assured that they are safe and they will sleep comfortably and soundly.

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