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8 Common Potty-Training Mistakes You’re Probably Making (and How to Avoid Them)

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Potty training is a huge milestone in your child’s life. It is that moment where they try out using underwear rather than a diaper and they feel a sense of responsibility to keep the underwear clean. It goes without saying that potty training is a hundred percent about you as it is about your child.

Done well, it gives the child a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of being all grown up. However, when it’s done wrong, it could leave your child feeling incapable of fulfilling something that seems mundane and easy for everyone else. Therefore, to ensure that you and your little champion don’t have a hard time during potty training, here are Eight common potty-training mistakes you should watch out for and try to avoid:

Potty-training mistakes and how to avoid them

1.    Not using the right potty training essentials

potty-training mistakes

The most common potty-training mistakes parents make is not getting the right fit of potty essentials for their children. The success of potty training your kid depends on the products you use. Using products that are not comfortable for the baby will make you fail miserably. Below are potty training products that can help you achieve success.

 a.         Potty with a seat that fits the toilet: There are different potties, but it is advisable to buy the potty that is a portable potty but can still fit on an actual toilet and has a ladder for kids to climb. You can use it for them when they are just starting out as a potty, but as they get used to it, you can put it on the bit toilet seat with a step stool by it.

b.         Training pull-ups. The baby needs a training pant. Huggies have great pull-up pants for toddlers. You can also get them from pampers or any store brand.

c.         Stretchy waistband pants: The waistband pant is especially great for boys. It will teach your kid how to pull their pants down on their own when they want to do it. It is much easier than wearing pants with buttons and zippers. They can just slip it down or up. Get colorful and interesting underwear with pictures of your child’s favorite game or cartoon, which would encourage wearing them and keeping them clean.

d.        Clorox wipes: In the beginning, your toddler will make mistakes, you will need to get some Clorox wipes to help clean the spills when the child misses the potty.

e.         Undies. This is the last item you will need. Undies are good when the child is getting a hand of the potty training process. It is easy to pull up and down.

2)   Lack of commitment

potty-training mistakes

Just like the rest of us, children can pick up on when we are being pretentious or only being half-hearted in activity and also like the rest of us, they’ll zone out when you’re not fully there. So before beginning the training process, be sure that you’re ready for this process, that you really want to fully invest the time and energy it would take to make the process a success. Establish a routine and stick to it. Also do not give up when it gets hard and it will. Try a different approach and switch things up a bit and even get help if you must, don’t throw in the towel too easily because you’re not just teaching potty habit, you’re teaching your child to tough it out.

3)   Not Praising your child’s effort

Potty-training mistakes

It has been proven that all living things whether it be pets and animals and especially humans are likely to do better with positive reinforcement rather than negative feedback. The road to becoming potty trained is a rough uncertain road, your child will have two or three days where he does great then he’ll have that day when he messes up. Therefore:

  • Don’t freak out and don’t lose your cool, stay calm and come to the situation positively. This is because when we make a mess, we already internally berate and thrash ourselves so there’s no need for you to further that.
  • Speak gently, try to acknowledge why the problem happened and encourage your child to know the cause of the problem too, which could wait it out and trying to hold it or forgetting that he now wears underwear and not diapers. Then you come together and discuss a solution that you both agree on, this will make the child feel included and valued, it also makes the child want to take charge of his situation and make the best of it which is a great lesson to learn.

4)   Inconsistency

This could be in the form of allowing your child to wear diapers sometimes or overnight or just switching it up a bit and caving in when your child throws a tantrum. Now although it is imperative to take all your child’s input during this time seriously and walk him through this uncharted territory, it is also laudable to keep your eyes on the goal. There’ll be days when your kid will want none of your potty business and will ask for diapers. This is normal, we all hate change, and that’s why you ensure that you don’t give a room or open the door for your kid to say things like, ‘well you let me wear diapers the other day!’. Stick to the process, don’t mix it up too often. It may confuse the child what it is you’re hoping to achieve.

5)   Not having a plan

potty-training mistakes

This is a new thing for you and your child and without an actual plan, it is easy to change course and lose sight of the goal. So just like sleeping on their own or crawling, have an actual routine for potty training too. Begin by teaching your child some words to use when they need to go, it will serve as your warning to realize that something’s coming. Then have a reward system that serves as your positive feedback. You should also try reminding your child over the day by asking whether he needs potty time. However, be careful not to do it too often so it doesn’t become tedious.

6)   Having unrealistic expectations

One of the biggest mistakes you could commit as you go through potty training is expecting your kid to have it all down in the first few days. Let go of control and let your child falter and learn at his own pace. Don’t make it a chore, something that has to be done otherwise your child will push back. Make it an adventure, this incredible new adventure you’re both on that can only be achieved via the potty portal!

7)   Overshooting your prospect

Your child may exhibit some great qualities and indications of potty readiness like saying when their diaper is wet and insisting that it’s taken off or having an interest in using the bathroom but that doesn’t always mean they’re ready. It’s one thing for you to be ready and it’s a whole other thing for your little champ to be ready. If your child doesn’t seem eager to let go of the diaper just yet then wait it out, chances are they’ll fall into it the next time you bring it up so choose your moments.

8)   Too many outings

potty training mistakes and how to avoid them

This potty-training mistake is common to moms who loves going out often. You’re more likely to revert to diapers when you go out and are worried that perhaps your child may not ask to go potty. To curb this, try to keep your outings to a bare minimum until your child gets the hang of it.

Now that you’re aware of the common potty-training mistakes, you’ll be more likely to succeed as you navigate this huge milestone in your kid’s life.

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