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50 Amazing Pregnancy Gift Boxes (Trending on Amazon)

Being pregnant with baby/babies can be overwhelming. The days seem to be longer than they really are and pregnant women can’t wait to deliver their babies. This means they need all the things they can get to feel comfortable and relaxed as the days go by. One such thing is to get a pregnancy gift basket filled with different goodies that will make the journey easier and filled with fun. The gift baskets below will make any pregnant woman feel loved and happy to know someone is thinking about them. Also, the items in these pregnancy gift boxes are what a pregnant woman will never think of buying for herself, but will be very happy to receive as a gift. It is a sure way to put smiles on a pregnant woman’s face.

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1.           Best Planner for New Moms, Journal and a Baby Memory Book for New Moms

The combination of these three books (planner, Journal, and Baby memory book) makes the perfect pregnancy gift box and a great keepsake too.

a.  Best Planner for New Moms

From Day and Night feedings to never-ending diaper changing and taking care of herself, the new mom’s plate is always full. They deserve the best gift to help make the transition to motherhood manageable. What better gift to give than the best planner for new moms? The planner contains 100 pages of size 7 x 10″.

b.           Mom’s Daily Journal

The Mom’s daily journal is a perfect pregnancy gift for Mom’s birthday, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, and Christmas Gift. It provides moms an opportunity to capture everyday moments as they grow. The Journal notebook contains enough space to record your thoughts and ideas, and share memorable events and details both big and small.

c.           Baby memory book with Family Tree

The First-year memory book with a family tree, baby photo pages, and spaces to write – 100 pages containing baby milestones, birthdays, important holidays, medical records, hand, and footprint, etc. This is an excellent memory book designed for moms, dads, and grandparents to record beautiful moments of the baby’s life. It contains the family tree where you can specify the position of the baby.

The three gifts above in addition to any of the following pregnancy gift boxes make a perfect gift for any occasion such as pregnancy announcement, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and Holidays.

2.           Milky chic Pregnancy gift basket

The milky chic pregnancy gift basket is a package that contains a sleep mask, relaxing bath bomb, sugar scrub, oat mama postpartum healing tea, water bottle, and much more. It helps pregnant moms to feel pampered and rejuvenated. It is a gift that will make any pregnant woman feel loved on and tell them how much you are thinking about them.

3.           Bump Boxes 1st Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box for Expecting and First Time Moms

The Bump boxes 1st Trimester pregnancy gift box is a box that contains items that will help pregnant women relieve symptoms such as morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn, and nausea. The items in the box include BPA-free water bottle pearhead mommy belly stickers, sparkling mama fizzelixir, preggie pop drops, Organic bath bombs, and more.

4.           Bump Boxes 3rd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box for Expecting and First Time Moms

The bump boxes also have a pregnancy gift basket for the third trimester. The box contains organics balance foot soak,  inhale/exhale grip socks, sleeky hair wrap and headband, coconut eye treatment, and wood massager. All these items make a pregnant woman relaxed and at ease, eagerly waiting for the delivery day. It is a great pregnancy gift for first time moms.

5.           Ecocentric Mom 3rd Trimester Organic Pregnancy Gift Box

The pregnancy gift box, contains unique 3rd-trimester pregnancy essentials to pamper a pregnant woman. The items include organic and eco-friendly products such as relaxation aids, nipple and belly cream, multipurpose bags and so much more. It is well packaged in a way that shows a pregnant woman you really care.

6.           Great expectations – pregnancy gift basket

This pregnancy gift box is perfect for congratulating a pregnant woman. It shows you care and want to pamper her before she goes into motherhood where she will hardly have time for herself. The basket contains a pregnancy journal gift book, a citrus splash body wash and lotion, sweet butter cookies, Wildberry fruit bonbons, and much more.

7. Third-trimester pregnancy gift box

The third trimester pregnancy gift box contains the perfect Pregnancy gifts for first time moms such as stainless steel water bottles, unscented goat milk lotion, 4 earth mama trimester tea bags, and a home spa kit. It is beautifully packaged and ready to be delivered as a pregnancy gift box.

8.           Motherlove Bump to baby box for expecting moms

The Motherlove Bump pregnancy gift box is an already packaged gift box containing organic herbal products you can use from the bump to baby such as Non-GMO Pregnant Belly salve, organic sitz bath spray, birth, and baby oil, organic diaper balm, and much more. This Pregnancy gift basket is an amazing gift for soon-to-be moms.

9.           Ecocentric mom 1st-trimester organic pregnancy gift box

Ecocentric mom 1st-trimester organic pregnancy gift box is a great pregnancy gift for first time moms and experienced moms alike. It is suitable for combating morning sickness and general body exhaustion that comes with the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. The basket contains organic, non-toxic, natural, and eco-friendly products like tummy drops, box naturals, naturally vain, little luminary, and a pregnancy journal.

10.         Kiinde twist universal gift set

The Kiinde Twist Universal Direct-Pump Feeding System and Warmer Gift Set for breastmilk collection, freezing, heating, and feeding is essential for all pregnant moms. The gift set includes a germ-free pump bag system, pump & nipple adapters, Kozii bottle warmer, bottles with natural nipple design, etc. This pregnancy gift box contains all a pregnant woman needs to get started with pumping, breast milk storage, and feeding the unborn baby.

11.         Gift basket village special delivery gift basket

The Gift basket village pregnancy gift box contains different treats, keepsakes, and baby items such as an adorable plush blankie buddy, swaddle blanket, baby book, lullaby CD, and Baby bits gourmet snack, and much more.

12.         Pharmedoc organic pregnancy pillow

Although this is not a pregnancy gift in a box or basket, the Organic pregnancy pillow is very essential for the comfort of a pregnant woman. It is an organic cotton cover and recycled polyester filling pillow that helps to support and relieve pain in the back, hips, knees, neck, head, and any discomfort related to pregnancy. It is a must-gift for every pregnant woman.

13.         Belly Batch first trimester pregnancy gift box

The Belly Batch first trimester pregnancy gift box is filled with essential oils, earth mama morning wellness, body wash, morning wellness tea bath sponge, and much more. It is a suitable pregnancy gift box for moms to be and moms.

14.         Second Trimester pregnancy gift box

The second Trimester pregnancy gift box is the perfect gift for expectant moms. The content of this goodie box includes a sleep mask for adequate rest, a Sonogram frame for the baby’s first picture, a book, Earth mama peaceful tea bags, earth mama belly butter, and much more. It is a perfect gift for a pregnant woman.

15.         New baby gift set

This is a baby gift set suitable for a pregnant woman. It contains baby essentials such as a plush blanket, bodysuits, bunny blanket buddy, mitten and socks, cap, bibs, receiving blanket, rubber duck, washcloths, keepsake bassinets, and much more.

16.         Pregnancy gift box

The pregnancy gift Est is suitable for pregnancy announcement gifts, first time mom gift baskets for a baby shower, and similar events. The pregnancy gift box contains a set of dad and mom marble mugs, a baby ultrasound picture frame, a 0-3 month unisex onesie, socks, a cotton bib, and much more. This is a perfect Pregnancy gift for first time moms

17.         SHE FEELS LOVED New Mom Care Package

This is a WOW! gift for pregnant moms. It is a pregnancy basket containing lots of goodies to make the pregnancy journey an exciting and fun one. I am sure you can’t wait t see the content. The basket contains handmade lavender soap, lavender mineral salt bath, pregnancy tea, nettle, and various organic herbs. It also contains a journal and planner.

18. Self-care gift basket for mom

Self-care gift basket for moms is an amazing pregnancy gift for moms. It is all about self-care before the baby arrives. It comes with everything to pamper moms such as natural spa products like a rose bath bomb, rose bath salt, citrus steamer, lavender shower steam, body oil, and more. It is a perfect pregnancy gift for first time moms.

19.         Woolizies mom glow self-care luxury essentials gift box

The Woolzies Mom Glow Self Care Luxury Essentials Gift Box is a perfect pregnancy gift box for a baby shower present. The gift box has everything that can pamper, and rejuvenate calm women through the pregnancy journey. It contains items like calming sleep mist, vitamin c serum, cabin aromatherapy candle, luxurious hand cream, and much more.

20.         Natural Skin Care for New Mom and Baby

This pregnancy gift box is a Natural Skin Care for New moms and Babies. It contains skincare items for pregnancy and postpartum. The items include moisturizing body oil, healing body butter, vanilla lip balm, and much more. These ingredients are supportive and thoughtful gifts for the mom-to-be before and after giving birth.

21.         Pregnancy gifts for first time moms

The pregnancy gifts for first time moms is a curated gifts for expecting mothers. It contains items that will pamper and rejuvenate them during the pregnancy journey. The pregnancy gift box contains an adorable 16 oz stainless steel tumbler, warm socks, and a note card to help inspire pregnant moms. This makes a great gift for Christmas, stocking stuffer gift, baby shower gift, gender reveal gifts, etc.

22.         Spa Gift Set, Handmade Lavender Gift Box

This is a special package pregnancy gift box that moms to be will love and thank you for. It contains lavender spa gift sets such as a Lavender natural soap bar, body scrub, facial clay mask, natural lip balm, cosmetic bag, soap saver sponge, and much more. The products are high quality, hence it is a thoughtful and lovely gift for pregnant women.

23.         Kedrian pregnancy gift box

This is a perfect gift for expecting moms or moms to be. It is a great way to congratulate them. It is a gift that pampers and helps to relieve stress for pregnant moms. The products in the box are a spill-proof tumbler, refreshing bath bombs, moisturizing soap, lavender candle, succulent, and a congratulation card. This makes perfect baby shower gifts, pregnancy congratulations gifts, birthday gifts for pregnant women, and much more.

24.         Announcements pregnancy gift basket for first time moms

This is a special announcement gift basket for pregnant moms. It contains spa products that will make them feel relaxed. This includes mugs for morning coffee or drink, spa soaps to make her skin feels good, soy wax candles, and rose bath bombs. That’s not all. It also has items for the new baby. This includes a bib and socks, baby onesies, and much more.

25.         Mom to be gifts

With pregnancy comes excitement and tiredness. The Mom-to-be gift for pregnant women is a packaged self-care gift that contains body butter, bar soap, bath salts, soy wax candle, moisturizing lip balm, almond coconut bar soap, full-size card. etc. All these products are 100% natural products that make it easy for a pregnant mom to feel relaxed and pampered.

26.         Expecting pregnant women gift box

Searching for perfect pregnancy gifts for first time moms? The Expectant women gift box contains a tea mug, soft flannel baby blanket, Gold mama necklace, socks, crochet rabbit for baby, and much more. This makes a perfect gift for gender reveal, pregnancy gift box for baby shower, or after-labor gift sets.

27.         Spa gift set for pregnant women

What an excellent pregnancy gift basket for moms. It contains luxurious spa gifts such as bath bombs, bath salt, bubble bath, body lotion, gel eye mask, cosmetic pours, and much more. These products are great for relieving stress, soothing the mind, revitalizing the sport, and enhancing the complete well-being of a pregnant mom.

28.         Mom gift ideas

This is an essential pregnancy gift basket that helps moms to be to feel pampered, relaxed, and rejuvenated. The products boost moods, relieve stress, and fatigue, and relax muscle tensions. The packaged gift contains items like lavender and geranium essential oils, organic beeswax, avocado oil, and vitamin E.

29.         Gift baskets for women

The pregnancy gift basket for women contains natural ingredients and luxurious spa products such as shower gel, bubble bath, bath salt, body scrub, body lotion, body mist, and much more. It makes a perfect gift for a pregnant woman during birthdays, holidays, valentine’s day, anniversaries, Christmas, and much more.

30.         Pregnancy gifts for the first time mom

This is a specially created pregnancy gifts box for first time moms. The box contains products such as a funny candle, a classic bracelet, almond and coconut soap, a bath ball, pink socks, a card, and much more. It is a memorable pregnancy gift that will make a mom to be feel pampered, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

31.         Pregnancy gift sets – bath gift set

The pregnancy gift basket by Lizush is a natural bath set for women, especially pregnant women. The basket includes 6 luxurious and natural products like a Lavender soap bar, face mas, lip balm, shower steamer, and white sponge. It is a perfect pregnancy gift box for first time moms.

32.         Pregnancy gifts for first time moms to be gifts

The gift box is great for pregnant women. It is a great gift for baby showers, holidays, valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. It is a gift that will bring smiles to the pregnant woman’s face. The gift box contains a tumbler, soap, bath bomb, silk skin lotion, and a card that expresses care and love.

33.         Gifts for women

The pregnancy gift basket for first time moms is packed with great products for mom-to-be, such as shower gel, bubble bath, hand lotion, essential oil, bath scrub, bath salt, bath bomb, shampoo bar, and much more. It is beautifully packaged and ready for delivery as a birthday gift, anniversary, thank-you pregnancy announcement gift, valentine’s day, etc.

34.         Pregnancy gift basket for women –

The gift basket for women contains 10 different beauty and personal care sets, and home bath pampering products suitable for relaxing stress relief. It contains body soothing spa products suitable for pregnant women such as shower gel, bubble bath, body scrub, bath salt, bath oil, hand towel, and much more. This is one of the best pregnant gift boxes that helps to pamper and indulge any woman. It is suitable as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother’s day, etc.

35.         Pregnancy skin care products gift set

This is a special pregnancy gift box that helps to soothe the leg and foot, smoothen the belly before and after birth, and help to nourish dry lips. The three special products are soothing foot cream, pregnancy belly butter, and smooth lip balm. This gift makes a great holiday stocking stuffer, pregnancy announcement gift, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, etc.

36.         Bump boxes 3rd Trimester pregnancy gift box for expectant women

The bump boxes 3rd-trimester pregnancy gift box is a perfect gift for expecting mothers. It helps to relax the muscles and makes them feel at ease. The products such as the glow 9 organic balance foot soak help to soothe tired and swollen feet which is a known symptom of pregnancy. There are inhale and exhale socks for can prevent slipping on the hospital floors. The sleep hair wrap and headband help to maintain healthy hair.  The coconut eye treatment ad wood massager helps to refresh tired eyes. This is a perfect pregnancy gift box for birthdays, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, etc.

37.         Care package for women

The care package for women is a great pregnancy gift box that is suitable for birthdays, pregnancy announcements, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, etc. The box contains self-care gifts for moms to be such as lavender bath salts, oatmeal bath tea, Diary, spoon, saucer, travel blanket, and lots more goodies. These products will help to relieve stress and rejuvenate the body.

38.         Spa luxetique gift baskets for women

This is an adorable pregnancy gift basket that is specially made and designed with good products. This includes bath bombs, hand soap, hand cream, shower gel, body lotion, body butter, bubble bath, bath salt, etc. The handmade weaved gift bag can be used for running errands, shopping, beach visits, etc. This gift is perfect for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s day.

39.         Gift basket for pregnant women

The Gift basket for pregnant women contains about 31 pieces of bath gifts, such as bubble bath, body butter, bath salt, organic loofah soap, bath bombs, a big toiletry bag with hang and zippered pockets, and much more. It is a great gift that will help you to express your love and support for the pregnant woman in your life. She will feel pampered and relaxed all through the pregnancy journey.

40.         Spa package for women

The spa package for women is an excellent gift for a pregnant woman. It is a packaged self-care gift box that helps you to celebrate the pregnant woman in your life. The self-care gift box contains a set of 13 pieces of daily skincare routine products. This product helps to take care of stress and put a smile on her face.

41.         Pregnancy new mom care package

This pregnancy gift box is filled with beautiful and thoughtful gifts that will put smiles on the face of a pregnant woman. The self-care gifts are 100% natural and handcrafted. They include an insulated stainless steel tumbler, osmanthus, lavender bath bombs, a jar of rich cocoa butter, cozy socks, and lots more goodies.

42.         Gift basket for women

A great pregnancy gift basket for first time moms. It contains 10 luxury pieces of self-care gifts made of natural products. This includes body oil, clay mask, lavender candle, handmade soap, body scrub, and much more. These products will help the pregnant woman to relax and feel pampered. It is a suitable gift for a pregnancy announcement, a birthday gift for a pregnant friend, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.

43.         New Pregnancy gift ideas

This is a pregnant gift box that includes premium products for expecting moms to be.  It contains beautiful mom and dad mugs, a unisex bib, and socks with lovely quotes exclusively package to be delivered to soon-to-be parents. It is an adorable pregnancy gift box that will put a smile on any pregnant woman’s face.

44.         Bath set for women’s gift

The bath set for women gift box, is one of the most ideal pregnancy gift boxes for a mom, friend, wife, sister, etc. It is a set of 13 pcs of self-care natural and handpicked products that include natural soap, cotton Turkish towel, soy candle, salt scrub, clay facial masks, bath salt, safety matches, etc.

45.         Expecting Pregnant Women

This is a special care package pregnant gift basket for expecting moms. The content includes a coffee mug, a soft flannel baby blanket, a Gold color mama necklace, socks, and much more. It is a perfect baby shower gift or party after labour/c-section. It is a mixture of gifts for both the mom-to-be and the new baby.

46.         Unique pregnancy gift basket

As the name implies, it is a unique mom gift basket meant to pamper pregnant moms. It is a pregnant gift basket that will help to celebrate her. It includes exclusive spa products and self-care kits such as a mom mug, organic bath bombs, cute socks, face mask, rose petals bath, salt, and much more. It is beautifully packaged in a ready to be delivered pregnancy gift boxes for moms. It makes an excellent gift for Mother’s Day, baby shower, Valentine’s Day, and the Holidays.

47.         Handmade pregnancy gift basket

The Magnolia collective handmade pregnancy gifts basket for first time moms is filled with lovely and thoughtful gifts for moms to be. This beautiful gift basket contains seven (7) luxurious gifts that include a beautiful floral robe, a journal, a water bottle, a scented candle, a foot butter, and a vanilla lip balm. It is a suitable pregnancy gift basket for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

48.         Bath and Body Gift Basket For Women

The bath and body gift basket is one of the most suitable pregnancy gift boxes for adorable women as they journey to motherhood. It contains everything a pregnant mom needs to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and pampered. The product includes shower gel, bubble bath, body scrub, body oil, bath bombs, and much more. It is beautifully wrapped in a handmade basket and with a note card to express your heartfelt love for her.

49.         Coconut Vanilla Bath Gift Set for Women

The coconut vanilla bath gift set for women is one of the most specially packaged pregnancy gift boxes. It is filled with lots of goodies (actually about 17pcs of products) that include a bath sponge, reed diffuser stick, shower gloves, travel bag, waffle slipper, shower steamer, lip balm, and lots more. It makes a great Christmas spa gift set for moms, Valentine’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day Gifts, and for the holidays, such as Christmas.

50.         Spa Gift Basket

This is a lovely spa gift basket for pregnant moms. It contains spa products like bubble baths, body butter, bath salt, body oil, candle soap, a home diffuser, and much more. They are products that will make a pregnant mom feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It is beautifully packaged in a basket and ready to be delivered.


Above are different kinds of pregnant gift boxes for moms-to-be. The sweetest part is that you can combine two or three gifts together to make it sizeable. For instance, you can combine any of the pregnancy gift baskets with the Best Planner for New Moms, Mom’s Daily Journal, and Baby memory book with Family Tree. These three paperback gifts will help pregnant moms to write their experiences before and after birth. This makes for a great keepsake that you can refer to in years to come.

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