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10 Must-have Products you need to travel with a baby on a Plane

While everyone loves to travel the world, traveling with a baby can be rather challenging, especially if you have to travel by plane for long hours. Even the people who are frequent travelers can experience a racing heart and sweaty palms when they think about flying with a baby.

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It requires a lot of preparation beforehand so you can travel as hassle-free as possible and your baby as comfortable as possible. While it is good to be prepared, just don’t go overboard and pack the entire house with you, lol. Remember, the most important thing during this time is the accessibility, so choose an easy carry-on bag with lots of outside pockets to keep baby essentials so you can grab them easily when in need.

Even though the task may seem daunting, but it is possible to make it manageable and even make fond memories out of it that will last you a lifetime.

Here is a list of 10 products you need to have to travel with a baby on a plane conveniently.

1.    An Easy Carry on Diaper bag

The diaper bag should have large pockets and probably a changing mat like the ICEVY Diaper bag. only include the most important things that your baby might need. It should be stocked with:

  • 5-8 extra diapers
  • a small changing mat
  • some tissues
  • wet wipes
  • extra change of clothes for baby
  • Some disposable bags for soiled diapers
  • Baby bottles and formula
  • Sanitizer
  • A pair of socks
  • Hat
  • Pacifiers (if your baby uses one),
  • Noiseless toys (so as not to disturb the fellow passengers)
  • Some bibs and snacks (if your baby has started on solids)
  • Baby lotion and baby wash (in case your baby has a blowout or vomits and needs to be washed). Also, keep a wet-dry bag with you to keep soiled clothes and bibs and remember you can unexpectedly experience a delay so it is better to keep enough of all these supplies to last you through the plane plus a couple of extras.

2.   Nursing Cover

Nursing is not the only way to feed your baby, it also comforts them and soothes a fussy baby. So, you may need to use a nursing cover to keep things out of sight and keep the baby calm. Also, swallowing helps babies to cope with the ear pain due to increased cabin pressure in the plane, so feeding your baby during flight is a very good idea.

3.   Medicines

It is better to keep some basic medicines handy while traveling as you may end up needing them when you are least expecting it. Some medicines to keep with you include Baby Tylenol, Saline Drops and Nasal Aspirator (for a blocked nose), sunscreen, teething biscuits (if your baby is teething) and some diaper rash cream.

4.  Baby Carrier

A baby carrier/sling is very useful and convenient when traveling. It not only gives your baby the feeling of being close to you (which keeps them calm) but also keeps your hand mostly free.

5.   An Extra Change of Clothes for you

Sometimes your baby’s diaper may leak unexpectedly and staining your clothes, so, to avoid the inconvenience of having to sit with wet clothes for the rest of your flight, pack an extra change of clothes for yourself which is easily retrievable.

6.   Travel Stroller

Some airlines allow you to gate-check your baby stroller. This can make loading and unloading your baby from the plane a lot easier. It can also provide much-needed relief to your shoulders, in case you become tired from the baby carrier. However, the best travel stroller for airplanes is the Lightweight travel stroller, check it out.

7.   Baby Food

If your baby has started on solid food, you can buy some ready to eat baby food from the stores or make your own and put it in a non-spill container. Keep baby cereal with you in an airtight container and also take some teething biscuits (for teething babies) to soothe their aching gums.

8.   Books and Some Electronic Gadgets with earphones

If your baby is old enough to be entertained by phone/tablet, keep them fully charged with some of their favorite poems, movies or cartoons already downloaded, in close range in case of an unexpected tantrum. This can save you and your fellow passengers from losing your mind.

9.   Small Blanket

Sometimes, it may get cold on an airplane, so, it is better to have a small blanket handy that your baby loves to cuddle with.

10.  Sanitizing Wipes

People from all around the world have been in that aircraft and you might never know what could lurk behind these seemingly clean areas. As babies are more vulnerable to diseases than adults, it is better to have some sanitizing wipes with you to wipe the trays and any toy that may fall on the floor.

Traveling with your baby on a plane with the right products can be fun

Traveling and making new memories does not end when you become a parent. Although it may bring a lot of changes. This list can make your life a lot easier when you travel with your bundle of joy. Keep in mind that even after doing all the efforts like distracting with movies, toys and food, your baby may throw a tantrum and won’t stop crying. Don’t be too hard on yourself, your effort counts the most.

Moreover, pay no heed to the passengers giving you stinky eyes because you already have enough weight on your shoulders. Just take care of your kid, enjoy the ride as much as you can, you will safely arrive at your destination in no time and your family will be able to delve into new places together.

Flying has opened an array of destinations and has made them easily accessible and it most definitely should not be avoided just because it may have some ups and downs. So, stop thinking too much, book that ticket, make a list, start packing a few days before you leave and most importantly, get ready to see the world anew along with your new bundle of joy and make wonderful, extraordinary memories.

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