Similac Vs Parent’s Choice: Which formula is right for your Baby?

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Many moms have settled and are comfortable feeding their baby with infant formulas due to factors such as medical necessity, low milk supply, or even difficulty suckling from the breast. However, many mothers, especially new mothers and mothers-to-be, want to know how safe infant formulas are and which of these are the best.

This article analyzes two different brands of baby formulas in their own uniqueness I.e. Similac vs Parent’s Choice to let you know which is more suitable for your baby’s consumption.

Similac Vs Parent’s Choice: Similac Baby Formula

Developed by Alfred Bosworth of Tufts University, Similac is a specially formulated baby formula designed to provide and cater to your baby’s health. Although not a total substitute for natural breast milk, Similac puts an end to the age-long misconception that breastfed babies are smarter or healthier than formula-fed babies.

The recipe of this unique product is from purified cow’s milk i.e. the cows’ have not been treated with chemicals that aid artificial growth hormones along with other ingredients which have been chosen in accordance with the baby’s health interest at heart and if you fear that your baby’s suck pattern may change it is completely okay to breastfeed the baby while you also feed the baby with Similac.

Similac not only feeds your baby, but it also protects them. With its specially designed 90-year-old formula, Similac has been proven to contain ingredients that help the immune performance of the baby. This is notable in Similac pro advance with added 2’-FL HMO prebiotic for the right amount of immune boost. Similac also has varying options of formulas for your baby such as:

Why your baby needs Similac Baby Formula?

There is no doubt that the Similac baby formula has the nutritional value to give your baby a strong start with its important baby formula ingredients. As a mother, you can always trust the nutrients it provides for your baby’s growth and mental development.

  • 2’-FL Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) to give your baby a strengthened immune system to be more like a breastfed infant
  • It has DHA to help your baby’s brain development
  • It also supports your baby’s eye with Lutein, which serves as an antioxidant
  • Its fortified Vitamin E  helps to support your baby’s developing cells.


Looking at the cost of the Similac baby formula as compared to the nutritional value it serves to provide for your baby’s growth is an easy comparison. Don’t be surprised at the price of the science-backed Similac products because it comes at an affordable and pocket-friendly price.

It has been proven by nutritional experts to help you save money as compared to the money you will spend on your baby’s immune deficiency repair. The cost of a Similac product is equivalent to the general wellness and comfort of your baby in just one day of feeding as the fussiness and gassiness of your baby reduces.

You can always trust Similac Baby Formula if your baby’s mental growth and body development are priceless.

It is also pertinent to reiterate the fact that as you move from one geographical location to the other, the price of the Similac Baby Formula varies.

Nutritional Benefits

It is no surprise that the Similac Baby Formula also has other unique nutritional benefits to help nourish your baby.

  • It has been certified as the only baby milk-based product that has palm olein oil-free to support the calcium contents in your baby for stronger bones
  • It contains Prebiotics to help promote the digestive health of your baby
  • It also contains Nucleotides to support your baby’s immune system.
  • It has Supplements of Linoleic acid for the synthesis of baby’s hormones such as Prostaglandins, Thromboxanes, and Leukotrienes for regulating your baby’s physiological processes.

Nutritional Information

Nutrients Amount in (g)
Protein 2.07
Carbohydrate 10.50
Linoleic acid 1000
Water 141
Fat 5.60

Depending on your choice as a mother, be steadfast in giving your baby nourishing food to help your baby’s growth and development. You can always cash on Similac products anytime and from anywhere at an affordable price.

Similac Vs Parent’s Choice: Parent’s Choice Baby Formula

Parent’s Choice baby formula by the popular shopping brand, Walmart is a 20+-year-old infant formula brand aimed at promoting good and healthy baby feeding. Just like Similac, Parent’s choice also has a couple of different options for the mother to choose from to determine what is best for the baby e.g. Parent’s choice of organic formula, parent’s choice soy, parent’s choice gentle formula, etc.

All these formulas have their unique ingredients that serve the baby’s varying needs. However, one notable ingredient in all Parent‘s choice infant formula products is Iron. This is because iron is very key in the growth of the infant as a lack of it could cause anemia which means the red blood cells could not carry oxygen to the body’s organs and muscles. Breast milk does not contain a lot of iron, which has caused many mothers to acquire this brand as a supplement for the baby’s iron needs.

Parent’s choice has been considered as quite similar to brands such as Similac and Enfamil but this does not apply to the price as Parent’s choice at a much cheaper price but this does not mean it is of reduced quality as explained earlier. In addition to this, Parent’s choice has met all the requirements by the FDA, which means it is safe for your baby.

Designed as a breast milk feeding formula

If you are a mother who is more concerned about your baby’s nutritional value, then it is worthwhile to note that the Parent’s Choice has blends of nutrients similar to that of the breast milk to help the development of your child’s brain.

  • It is fortified with DHA, an omega-3-fatty acid for your child’s visual and mental development
  • It is fortified with vitamin E which is a source of nutrient for your child’s cellular development
  • It also has Lutein, an antioxidant that helps to protect your baby’s from potentially damaging oxidizing agents from the eye.


While many modern patents are so conscious of getting the best quality milk-based products for their babies, they are equally conscious of the price. But, it is important to let you know that apart from the unique nutrients the Parent’s Choice gives to your baby, it also comes at a pocket-friendly price.

  • It has been proven to cost 50% less than other national products with similar nutrients
  • According to nutrition experts, the Parent’s Choice baby formula can save up to 600 dollars a year for formula-feeding families.

It is important to note that the price of the Parent’s Choice can vary from one geographical location to the other, but be rest assured of the value of the nutrients you will get from the product.

Unique Benefits

  • It can serve as complete baby food for your baby’s first year
  • It is not genetically engineered as it is a safe product for your baby
  • It supports your baby’s immune system with the 2’-FL HMO prebiotic formula
Nutrients Amount in (g)
Protein 2.07
Carbohydrate 10.70
Linoleic acid 860
Water 133
Fat 5.60

Depending on your baby’s nutritional needs, the Parent’s Choice baby formula has proven to be a source of complete nutrition for your baby’s immune system. You can always trust the value it will give your child’s growth and mental development.

Is Parents Choice formula the same as Similac?

The truth is, Parent’s choice and Similac are not the same formula, though they tend to have similar ingredients. Generic formulas are mandated to meet the nutritional requirements of the FDA. Even, at that, formulas are slightly different from each other.

Is Parent’s choice formula the same as Enfamil?

Of course, Parent’s Choice is not the same as Enfamil. They are similar in their roles as healthy infant formulas, but they are different when it comes to their functions. For instance, Parent’s Choice can cause constipation, while Enfamil contains proteins that can prevent constipation.

Who makes Parents Choice formula?

Parent’s Choice is made by Walmart.

Where is Parents Choice formula made?

Parent’s Choice formula is produced in Ohio and Vermont, U.S.A.

Does the Parents Choice formula cause constipation?

Yes, Parents Choice formula contains Palm Olein Oil. This causes fat and calcium to be excreted in the baby’s stools. It also causes constipation in babies.

Is Parents Choice formula good?

Parent Choice Formula is cheap, but not the best for babies because of the Palm Olein Oil found in it.

Is Parents choice formula as good as Similac?

No. It is not as good as Similac. Though Similac is costly, it is the best for babies as it does not contain Palm Olein Oil that can cause constipation and other discomforts in babies.

Is the Parent choice formula as good as Enfamil?

No. It is not as good as Enfamil. Enfamil is much better, though it costs more.

Is Similac formula supposed to be foamy?

Similac formula is foamy because it breaks down gas foams into pieces to make it easy for babies to digest. You can get rid of the bubbles by pre-making the formula in Dr. Brown’s Pitcher and keeping it in the fridge so that the bubbles settle down before you give it to your baby. This is great because you will not have to shake the bottle to mix it, thereby increasing the gas.

How long is Similac formula good for after opening?

Opened Similac formula bottles should be used within 24 hrs of opening it. Ready to feed Similac formulas should be used between 48 and 72 hours.

What Similac formula is good for constipation?

Similac Advance it is. It is made of Galactooligosaccharides (GOS). It helps babies to have softer poops just like that of babies taking breastmilk.

Similac Vs Parent’s Choice: And the winner is:

Similac and Parent’s Choice are both good and suitable for babies. But to be honest, after much research, Similac is much better. However, it is up to you to decide the best baby formula for your baby’s nourishment and mental wellness.

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