SwaddleMe vs. Halo swaddle: Which is the best?

The thought of wrapping up a baby with their arm immobilized may sound silly to most people if they have never had a child, but many parents will inform you that newborn babies are more comfortable wrapped up snuggly than otherwise. They are less fussy and sleep more when swaddled.

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Swaddling a baby involves wrapping around your baby a swaddle cloth or blanket, snuggly but comfortably, so they can’t wriggle out.

Swaddling a baby is great because it keeps the newborn baby from waking up due to startling reflex by keeping the baby’s hands to their side. Swaddling is soothing to your baby because they feel comfortable as if they are still in the womb while keeping your baby warm without the risk of suffocating from loose blankets.

Swaddles are of two types – Conventional swaddling blankets and Commercial swaddle sacks and pouches.

The commercial swaddles are easy to master and have fasteners to keep the swaddle on the baby, while the conventional swaddle gives room for more personalization of the swaddle.

Generally, you can swaddle babies from when they are born to when they start rolling over. As soon as your baby starts moving around, you should do away with the swaddle because they are likely to be bothered if they cannot use their hands to change their position.

SwaddleMe and Halo Swaddle are among the popular commercial type swaddles. They are simple to use and have adjustable fasteners. Choosing the perfect swaddle brand for your baby may not be easy considering there are several brands and features. This article will help you choose between the two brands, with each brand’s pros and cons listed below.

SwaddleMe Vs. Halo Swaddle


SwaddleMe Easy Change Swaddle – Size Small/Medium, 0-3 Months, 3-Pack (Love)

This swaddle brand is designed as a simple pouch with two velcro flaps to wrap up the baby’s swaddle. The velcro flaps are adjustable to fit the size of the baby keeping their arms secured nicely. The SwaddleMe comes in two versions— 100% cotton fabric and micro-fleece fabric. SwaddleMe has a convenient slot at the back to harness your baby to a bouncer or baby swing.


  • Secure Fastener

If your baby struggles loose in the conventional swaddle, it has a velcro fastener to ensure your baby is secure without the fear of breaking free in the middle of the night.

  • Made With Comfy Materials

The swaddle, fabricated with 100% cotton material, makes regulating your baby’s temperature comfortable and prevents overheating. It also has a microfleece variant for colder weather.

  • Caters to All Baby Size

The swaddle comes in Preemie, Small, and Large variants. The preemie size is an excellent fit for premature babies (up to 7 pounds); the small size is suitable for newborn babies from 0-3 months, while for babies about 14-18 pounds, the large size is suitable.

  • Great to prepare babies for transitioning out of swaddles

When your baby is growing and transitioning out of swaddles, you can help them by putting one arm or both out of the swaddle to get them used to sleep with their arms free.

  • Slits For 3 or 5 Points Harnessing.

SwaddleMe has included convenient slits on the back of the swaddle to harness your baby to a bouncer or swing conveniently.


  • Diaper change is not easy

When your baby needs a diaper change in the middle of the night, you need to undo the swaddle completely; because it has no zipper.

  • Uncertified as hip-healthy

Unfortunately, this swaddle is not among the commercial brands the International Hip Dysplasia Institute endorsed as hip-healthy.

Halo SleepSack Swaddle

HALO Sleepsack 100% Cotton Swaddle, Heather Grey, Small

Halo SleepSack Swaddle makes swaddling very easy and convenient with its zipper and Velcro wings. It has a zipper that zips from the bottom to make changing your baby’s diaper quick and more straightforward.

It is designed with a loose style around your baby’s legs to have more room for hip movements. It provides three-way swaddle options to suit your baby’s sleeping style. It also helps with the baby transitioning out of a swaddle.


  • Convenient For a Diaper Change

With a zipper right in the middle, which unzips from the bottom of the swaddle, it makes diaper change in the middle of the night easy.

  • Adjustable Fastener

It has fasteners you can easily adjust to keep your baby in place in the swaddle.

  • Versatility

Depending on the sleeping style your little one is most comfortable with, you may choose to swaddle your baby with both arms in, hands near the face, or one or both arms free.

  • Endorsed as ‘Hip Healthy’

The International Hip Dysplasia Institute endorsed it as one of the commercial swaddles that allow babies to have plenty of hip movement.

  • Made With Comfortable Material

There is a micro-fleece variant that is bulky and suitable for colder weather. The lightweight version made from 100% cotton is thin and breathable, making it ideal in warmer months.

  • Easily Mastered

This commercial swaddle type is straightforward to master compared to some other swaddle. It doesn’t require much skill to master.


  • Noisy

Many parents complained that the loud sound made by the velcro fastener could startle the baby awake.

  • No Slits at the back

It is not safe to harness a baby to a bouncer or swing because the swaddle has no slits at the back.

Highlighted above are the pros and cons of both swaddles. Still, it is necessary to rationalize “SwaddleMe vs. Halo swaddle” by listing both swaddles’ similarities.

Similarities between SwaddleMe and Halo Swaddle

  1. They both have cotton and microfleece variants.
  2. You can use both swaddle brands to prepare for your baby’s transition out of the swaddle.
  3. The swaddles from the two brands have adjustable velcro fasteners.
  4. The two brands come in a range of designs and colors, be it gender-specific or neutral tone.


Commercial swaddle brands provide efficient and easy swaddle options to parents. They are easy to master their use and offer snugly fitting and comfortable swaddles for your baby.

Nevertheless, there are various types available to you in the market, but the desire to select the best option for your little one is unquestionable. Hence, the rationale of the article “SwaddleMe vs. Halo Swaddle : Which is better?”

Both swaddle types have their advantages and flaws. Based on the pros and cons of the two swaddles – The First Time Mamma choice is Halo Swaddle.

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