What to do if toddler is hitting others for no reason

What to do if toddler is hitting others for no reason

Is your toddler cultivating the habit of hitting others? Do they swing their fist at other babies for no reason? That may be a thing of impulse control. It can be awkward to be the parent of a toddler hitting others for no reason. This behavior is typical with children of 1 to 3 years of age. You may wonder what measure you will use to curb this unpleasant behavior. Understanding the reasons behind their misbehavior is critical to helping them find a lasting solution to this problem. Continue reading to learn more about how to solve this problem.

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Is it normal for toddlers to hit others?

Certainly not. Your toddlers hitting on their fellows may have an underlining factor characterizing this sudden act. During your baby’s development, their level of tolerance and the way they react to situations varies. It may not be apparent when your little one will begin to cultivate this abnormal behavior of hitting others. Some research shows that it is learned from what they see others do, while others say that it is inherent in the genetic makeup of some babies. Some babies also have trouble regulating their emotions; hence they react to situations by hitting others.

Why does my toddler hit others for no reason?

  • They may be trying to communicate.

Your toddler may hit you or others when they are trying to convey a message. When they are hungry, angry, tasty, or overwhelmed, they may hit anyone near them to draw their attention since their communication skills have not fully developed.

  • When they are defending their stuff

Some children pick up the option of hitting when they are trying to protect their space. They may feel their mates have invaded their space in a playing ground or that others have tempered with their toys. They may react by hitting intruders.

  • They have not developed self-control. 

Toddlers do not have adequately developed emotional and impulse control. When they are having a bad day, bored, or frustrated about things happening around them, some react by hitting. They don’t know how to process and put their feelings under control.

How do I get my toddler to stop hitting others?

You can control your baby hitting others using different methods, such as:

  • Understanding why they are behaving the way they do and being proactive

Knowing why your toddler is upset will help solve the issue of them hitting others. Did someone take their toy? What is irritating them? Are they hungry? Preempting them or trying to decipher what the problem is will go a long way in curbing this bad habit.

  • Empathize with your toddler.

Try to put yourself in their shoes. It will enable you to understand better why they do what they do. Let your baby know when you are displeased by their act by putting on a look that befits the message you are trying to convey. 

  • Help deal with the emotional problem of your child.

You can better manage your toddler’s emotions by offering a solution to what makes them hit others. Try to observe and understand what may trigger this behavior, and prevent it before it starts. Restraining your baby can also help to correct this problem. Giving a firm hug and speaking to them calmly may help to curtail this behavior. You can also try distracting their attention for a while. 

How do you punish a 2-year-old for hitting?

Your toddler hitting others for no reason is not that they are bad. They do so when they find it challenging to manage their emotions. Taking away their toys and some privileges is a good way of disciplining your toddler when they misbehave. Explain to them using verbal and non-verbal signs to drive your point home. Ensure the consequence comes immediately; that is only when they can tie it to their misconduct of hitting others.

Another way to discipline your toddler hitting others for no reason is to have a reward system. Commend them when they do right, and reward good behaviors. Teach them that doing what is good pays.


Your toddler hitting their siblings, other children, or even you, is a lack of emotional or impulse control. At this level of development, they may not readily know how to control their feelings. The onus is on parents, handlers, and caregivers to play their role by restraining, correcting, rewarding good behavior, and disciplining them when needed. Note, however, that one method of punishment may not work for all toddlers.

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