Use frozen breast milk to make baby food

How To Use Frozen Breast Milk To Make Baby Food

Experts have shown that feeding your baby breastmilk exclusively for the first six months is good for your baby. As your baby grows, you will notice that breast milk may be insufficient for him. This is when some parents augment with baby formula or baby food.

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So that the baby still receives the nourishment provided by breast milk, parents now use breastmilk as a base to make baby food. Breastmilk is sometimes used to thin baby milk and boost nutrients while adding a familiar taste.

Thawing Before Use

The process followed in thawing or defrosting breast milk is essential to reduce spoilage and maintain nutrients and milk quality. To use frozen milk, the first step (depends on what meal you intend to prepare) is to defrost the milk. Defrosting can be done in the following ways:

Thawing Under Running Water

This is done in the following steps:

  1. Take the frozen milk out of the freezer and hold under cold running water,
  2. Gradually, turn to make the water warmer while holding the bottle under it,
  3. Turn the bottle around and around while it thaws.

Thawing in Warm Water

Follow the following steps if you intend to thaw your frozen milk using warm water:

  1. Fill a basin or bowl with warm water,
  2. Ensure that you place the milk container in the basin and keep the water below the cap level,
  3. If the water cools down before the milk thaws out completely, empty it and replace with fresh warm water,
  4. Continue this process until the milk is thawed out properly.

Thawing in the Refrigerator

Defrosting your frozen milk doesn’t have to be in warm water or running water, it can be done in the refrigerator in the following steps:

  1. Take the milk out of the freezer,
  2. Place it in the refrigerator for as long as it takes for the milk to liquefy,
  3. When it is thawed, use it within twenty-four hours and do not referee.


  1. Do not defrost in microwave, boiling water or at room temperature, always defrost by taking the milk from the freezer into a refrigerator or in warm water,
  2. Do not defrost newer milk before the older ones,
  3. Previously frozen milk should not be refrozen,
  4. Do not use previously frozen milk to prepare a meal you intend to freeze.

Placing in a microwave or boiling water makes the milk to be too hot, which allows the growth of bacteria and leads to spoilage. After defrosting, use immediately. The milk can be kept at room temperature for four hours or refrigerated for twenty-four hours.

Some Guidelines for Cooking With Breast Milk

These tips help to ensure that when you cook, the process is smooth and hitch-free.

  1. Depending on what you intend to cook, you can use the milk at room temperature, thaw it out or use it frozen,
  2. Make sure you have stored the milk properly, and it is not expired,
  3. When using the milk as a thinning agent in the baby food, make sure the food has been thawed out first. This is because breast milk is thin and will affect the texture of the food if it wasn’t defrosted
  4.  Take precautions when you heat the milk, it may affect the smell
  5. Baby formula is sometimes sweeter than breastmilk, so be careful about what sweeteners are used when preparing baby food
  6. When a baby formula is used as the base in making the baby food, do not keep for over 24 hours in the refrigerator or 2 hours at room temperature
  7. Sterilize all equipment before and after use.

How to Use Frozen Breast Milk To Make Baby Food

Some Baby Food You Can Prepare Using Breast Milk

Banana Pancakes

First, your baby should be eight months old to enjoy this meal. You need to:

  1. Thaw out the milk and add it to the pancake batter,
  2. Cut the banana diagonally or into rings,
  3. Coat the banana rings with the pancake batter,
  4. Fry in low heat until light brown. Consult your pediatrician on what type of oil to use for your baby.

Rice Cereal

  1. You need brown rice for this. Grind it to powder
  2. Boil some clean water in a pan and add your rice powder into it
  3. You can mix with milk and fruits if desired, to give your baby various flavors to enjoy
  4. Serve it warm.

Breast Milk And Fruit Smoothie

  1. Pick fresh fruits you’ll like to use in the smoothie and grind them in a food processor or blender. Make sure they aren’t overripe,
  2. Defrost the breast milk you want to use
  3. Add to the blended fruits,
  4. Transfer to a sippy cup and add water to make it slide through easily.

Barely Cereal

Note that these steps can also be used to make oatmeal cereal:

  1. Boil some clean water in a pan and add the barley to it,
  2. Let it simmer for eight to ten minutes and whisk constantly,
  3. Add the breast milk or baby formula to it, you could also add fruits to sweeten,
  4. Serve while warm.

Breast Milk Banana Ice Cream

  1. Freeze bananas for at least two hours then slice them up or you can slice them up before freezing
  2. Place the frozen banana slices into a blender or food processor, then slowly add breast milk to it until you get an even texture
  3. Serve immediately.

Breast Milk Popsicle

Since breastmilk freezes well, it is very easy to make a popsicle of it to help a baby while teething, what you need to do is:

  1. Make a blend of strawberries, watermelons, or any fruit you’ll like to use
  2. Pour that into a silicon mold along with fresh breast milk and allow to freeze
  3. That’s your fruit-milk popsicle! Serve and watch your little one enjoy.

Above is how to use frozen breast milk to make baby food. These tips would make the whole process of cooking baby meals with breast milk not just fun and joyful for your baby, but also as a learning experience for you to find new recipes. Your baby will still enjoy the nutritional values in breast milk while exploring new flavors and tastes.

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