use Graco DreamGlider as a bassinet.

Can a Graco Dreamglider be used as Bassinet?

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Babies, as little as they are, usually need more time to sleep than the average adult. They generally sleep for approximately 17 hours in every 24 hours, about 9 hours during the day and 8 hours in the night, although they may not sleep above 2 hours at a stretch.

 Because of this, many mothers have made it a priority to have a baby sleeper such as a bassinet or a Graco Dreamglider, this prompts the question by many parents if dream glider can be used as a bassinet as nothing beats a good and sound sleep for your little one.

A bassinet is a bed specially made for babies and they are often used for sleeping periods involving long hours such as sleep during the night while a Graco DreamGlider is like a cradle which can provide a gliding or rocking movement for babies while they sleep in it and they are often used during the day. Unlike the Graco DreamGlider, a bassinet does not support any gliding or rocking action because they are usually made with fixed legs.

Maybe you have just put to bed and delivered that amazing little baby of yours, you may have probably bought a Graco DreamGlider and in order to save cost, you may be thinking if you can use that Graco DreamGlider as a bassinet. Here, we have put together goods reasons you will need to consider before you opt for using a Graco DreamGlider as a bassinet.

What to consider before using a Graco DreamGlider as a bassinet

1. They entirely serve different purposes

While it is logical to assume that a Graco DreamGlider performs the same function (of serving as a sleeper for babies) as a bassinet. It is also good to look at what each of these sleepers is designed for. You can especially rock your crying baby while probably doing that important assignment that needs to be done when you use a Graco DreamGlider.

The little man/lady may give you back that amazing smile because you rocked the DreamGlider. A bassinet does not possess moveable parts like the Graco DreamGlider. It may take you the extra effort of carrying your little one and perhaps patting his/her back.

But before you use that Graco DreamGlider as a bassinet, consider that your baby is having a sound sleep, you do not want to wake him/her up by an unintentional push or pull which may cause a gliding or rocking action of the Graco DreamGlider. A bassinet will do the perfect work in that case.

Moreover, bassinets have been recommended for use for extended sleeping periods while a Graco DreamGlider can only be used for short naps. So, it is better to get a bassinet if the main purpose is not for play but for your baby to have a better sleep. You can always carry your baby and play with him/her.

2. The ease of sleeping

One of the good features of a Graco DreamGlider is its seat which offers three sitting positions for your baby.  First, your baby can sit while not sleeping. Second, your baby can be lowered into a resting position, as though going to a flat or sleeping position but he/she can still be able to play. Third is the sleeping position, when your baby totally lies flat on the sleeper. The ease of use of the Graco DreamGlider is what makes most mothers opt for it.

 But who wants to keep a Graco DreamGlider by the side of the bed at night when the baby is fast asleep? The sleeper purpose of the Graco DreamGlider may seem defeated when used for longer hours.  A bassinet will perform that overall night function for you. Even if you may need to breastfeed your baby in the middle of the night, you can comfortably do that when he/she is sleeping on the bassinet.

Unlike the Graco DreamGlider where you may begin to worry that the sitting or reclined position of your baby is painful, a bassinet offers a flat-sleeping surface and can even be used during the day without any worry. If you will not want your baby to fall asleep on that DreamGlider in the sitting or reclined position, then it may be better to consider not using the Graco DreamGlider as a bassinet.

3. Your child’s safety

The safety of your child is not usually guaranteed when you use a Graco DreamGlider as a bassinet. Safety experts and professional bodies such as The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have usually warned that even when you use a Graco DreamGlider, it is of utmost importance for you to closely monitor your baby. If you will not be able to monitor your baby, then it is good if you transfer the baby to a bassinet. Babies need to sleep flat because products offering a reclined position of sleeping are not safe.

The AAP says that the swing or any sleeper offering gliding or rocking movement is a device for activity and should not be used in place of a bassinet. So, talking about safety, you may not want to consider using a Graco DreamGlider as a bassinet.


The Graco DreamGlider was formerly called “Graco DreamGlider Gliding Seat and Sleeper”. Graco, the company that manufactures the DreamGlider, recently removed the word “Sleeper” from their product.

This change was made because they do not want the end-users of their product to misinterpret how the product is supposed to be used. They see the need to tell mothers especially that the Graco DreamGlider is not meant to be used as a bassinet.

It is not a doubt that the Graco DreamGlider can as well perform the function of a sleeper but for the overall health and safety of your baby, it is better if you use a bassinet for a prolonged and unsupervised sleep.

 You may also get both the Graco DreamGlider and the bassinet to serve their different purposes. If you prefer gliding and rocking your baby back and forth, Graco DreamGlider can serve that perfect purpose and you can see your baby enjoying the play activity. When he/she sleeps, just transfer him/her into the bassinet where he/she will enjoy that perfect sleep.

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