Useful baby hacks for new moms

30 Clever Newborn Hacks for First-Time Moms to make life easier

You’ve just had a baby, and it seems everything is turned upside down.

Oh, you love the baby and have been joyful since the delivery

But the care that comes with the baby has been something else.

You tried to cope, but you’re always tired.

You know you have to take care of your baby, but it is exhausting.

The truth:

You need some baby hacks to help you out.

In this article, you have 30 useful clever newborn hacks for new moms that will make parenting very easy for you.

Let’s get started.

1.            Get a bassinet or Moses basket on wheels: This is a lifesaver, it makes it easy to roll the baby around the house so they will be close to you whenever you are cooking, doing laundry and relaxing in the living room.

2.            Learn to know the meaning of the different crying sounds of your baby. Babies make sounds when they are hungry, tired, have a wet diaper, need help to burp, wet clothes need a change or a cuddle, etc. When you read your baby crying sounds, it will take away your frustrations because you will know what they need per time.

3.            Wear your baby:  Babywearing keeps your baby closer to you and that is good for a baby’s development and attachment parenting. It also allows you to wear them to do house chores such as cooking, doing laundry, the dishes, etc. With a babywear, you can take them to places like the mall, the beach, the cinema, etc.

4.            Know what your baby likes. Babies differ from birth. Some babies like motion while others like stillness. Some like noise and actions, others love calm. Learn to please them by knowing what they really prefer.

5.            Use onesies for babies, they make diaper change very easy when the baby is still small.

6.            Use a nightlight for your room. A nightlight makes night feeding a breeze. It does not cause your eyes to adjust to light and it will help you and the baby to return to sleep easier and faster.

7.            Swaddle your baby. Babies love tight swaddle as they are used to in the womb. Get some good swaddle blankets to keep them warm.

8.            Get a white noise machine. It produces a similar sound to that of the womb and can help lull your baby to sleep without a fuss.

9.            When choosing baby clothes to buy, put convenience and comfort over design or patterns. Most moms love cute cloth without considering how it will feel on the baby’s skin. When buying baby’s clothes, ensure they are soft and comfortable. Buy more of onesies as they are comfortable for babies and easy to change. The truth is, all baby clothing will get baby poop on it at some point, so don’t overthink baby’s clothing.

10.          Use coconut oil on your baby’s tush to make it easy to clean up their first set of poops (meconium).

11.          When changing your baby’s diaper, put the new one under the dirty one to make it easy to change.

12.          Learn how to do a bicycle exercise to help gassy babies. One good way to relieve gas in babies is to lay them on their back and rotate their tiny legs in a bicycle pedaling motion.

13.          Use a Velcro sleeper: A velcro sleeper is much better than a swaddle. There is no need for folding and worrying about the baby coming out of the swaddle.

14.          Feed your baby when they wake up. It will give them strength for their wake time.

15.          Hang out with other parents. You need to go outside and stop being bored at home. Other parents understand how you feel and they can give you words of encouragement.

16.          Don’t worry too much about the housework. Sleep, eat and clean the baby. Any extra time you have can be used for housework.

17.          Put your baby on a feeding schedule. For example, you can feed them every 2-3 hours. When they are hungry before the time, give them sterile water to drink until feeding time.

18.          Burp your baby during feeding so that gas bubbles can go out and more food can come in. It will help them sleep better.

19.          Get a diaper caddy close to you at night. It should contain all you need for the baby such as the diaper, wipes, a bottle of water and formula, if you use one.

20.          Get scheduled vaccinations for your baby regardless of what people say. You can always save your baby from diseases that way.

21.          Make it a habit to always talk to your baby. They can hear your voice and also recognize it.

22.          Keep your baby warm.  Babies cannot regulate their body temperatures, so they get cold easily. Dress them according to the weather. Use soft and not tight clothing so they can be comfortable.

23.          Change the baby’s diaper regularly. If your baby is taking breast milk or formula, they will wet at least 6 to 8 diapers in a day, besides regular bowel movements. So, change it regularly once it is full.

24.          Trim your baby’s nails:  Use baby nail clippers and trim the nails when the baby is sleeping. Avoid cutting it deep as it might hurt them.

25.          Ensure the baby’s head and neck are supported whenever you hold them. They can’t hold their heads up when they are still young.

26.          Keep your hands clean.  Babies don’t have a strong immune system so they can easily be infected. Anyone who carries your baby should also have clean hands.

27.          Don’t shake or rock a newborn baby. It can hurt them.

28.          All newborns are fragile, so be careful while picking, dressing and handling them.

29.          Bath your baby regularly in a bathtub, with warm water, mild baby wash and shampoo, and a warm washcloth. Bath them 2-3 times a week and ensure they are always clean.

30.          Don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask for help whenever you need it.

There you have it – 30 clever baby hacks for new moms to make life easier.     

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