What age can I take my baby to the movies

What Age Can I Take My Baby to The Movies?

Are you asking “What age can I take my baby to the movies?” Movies are a fantastic way to spend your time, and a movie theater is virtually the best place to see them. Going to the movies could be a regular thing for you before your baby was born. Now that they are around, your next trip to the movies has to take an intentional form.

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The contemplation then is at what age can I take my baby to the movie. Parents who love movies can take their little ones to movies at the age of 3-4 months. However, you must take certain things into mind. Read on as we provide some practical tips to make your next visit a great one.

Is A Cinema Too Loud For Baby?

Exposure to loud sounds particularly above 70 to 80db level puts your baby’s ears at risk. Because babies are vulnerable patients, any contact with sound above the aforementioned decibel level puts their hearing on the radar for permanent damage, and movie theaters sometimes even exceed the 85db threshold. This is dangerous for your baby.

5 Tips for Taking Babies To The Movies

1. Bring Lots Of Soothers

If you are taking your baby to the movies soon, you want to bring along lots of soothers such as a pacifier, baby bottles, blanket, etc. If you are still in the nursing phase, you can plan your movie in such a way that feeding and nap time come up 15 to 30 minutes into the movie. What this does is, it gives you ample time to settle in properly, relax, and enjoy the scenes while your baby eats and naps too.

2. Go to A Baby-friendly Movie Theater

Some theaters are more pro-baby than others, so you want to pick your movie center thoughtfully. You may want to look out for cinemas where kids within a certain age group get free entrance, as that may indicate there is accommodation provision for little children. You want to stay clear of theaters with stringent etiquette policies.

3. Ask About Stroller Screenings

Most cinemas, if you ask, have special “stroller’ or “mothers and babies” screenings to receive parents who come with babies. In these screenings, sound may either be intensified to submerge crying or declined to protect your baby’s ears. Some theaters sell tickets for these movies at discounted rates, particularly if they are part of a larger event or week-long movie series.

4. Call Ahead To Ask About Theater Daycare

Some movie theaters provide childcare services for parents who don’t have a sitter. You should call ahead to confirm if your movie theater offers this. If they do, you should confirm when the service is available, how much it costs, and if you have to make a reservation. However, note that while some theaters charge per hour, others want a flat rate for every movie.

5. Watch A Baby-friendly Movie

You may say they don’t understand, but babies can get overwhelmed by weird imagery and noises emanating from a movie. The safe thing to do is to look for family movies, animated films, romantic episodes, and all those scenes with great colors and beautiful sounds. Horror films and action movies may not be safe for a baby.

Bottom Line

You need to know that while a number of babies see their first movie around age 3 or 4, in the end, you are the one who actually decides when you can take your baby to the movies. In everything, put safety first. Follow the tips provided for a great movie experience with your baby.

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