what does baby formula taste like

What does baby formula taste like?

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Baby formula is produced to feed a baby under 12 months old as an alternative to breast milk. Baby formula is produced to give your baby nutrients close to the ones found in breast milk and the essential ones needed for healthy development. It is usually prepared from a liquid or powdered form and given to the baby in a bottle or a cup. Baby formula is made by compounding similar nutrients found in breast milk to create something close to the nutritional properties of breast milk. However, as close as the formula is to breast milk, it does not taste like breast milk. The closest formula that tastes more like breast milk is the Gerber Goodstart.

A baby can be given formula at birth. Although, some formula brands are restricted to certain age groups. Knowing what your baby’s formula tastes like might be a recurring question on your mind as a mother. You might be bothered to know the taste of what you are feeding your little one if all baby formula tastes the same or which baby formula tastes close to breast milk.

Does formula taste the same as breast milk?

The taste of a baby’s formula may vary from that of breast milk because breast milk might have a slightly different taste each day based on the different flavors of the food a mother has eaten. Although some formula brands mimic the nutrients found in breast milk, baby formula has a more constant taste based on the brand you are using. Apart from the flavour of food that gives breast milk its taste, it also contains lactose, which is a sugar found in milk.

Does all formula taste the same?

The milk, minerals, vitamins, and sweeteners used in the production of different brands of baby formula can result in different tastes. A formula might be sweeter than the other or have a slightly sour taste than another brand because not all formula is sweetened equally. Sweeteners added to different brands of formula can make the taste of the formula different. Your baby’s taste bud develops over time and can either accept or reject a formula based on the taste. So depending on the taste of the formula, the baby may like it or reject it outrightly. This is how you know that babies can taste formula. Especially, when they know how sweet breast milk is, compared to formula milk.

Baby formula is gotten from different products that are used as a base. Below is the different baby formula. These products also determine the taste of formulas.

Types of baby formulas

1.       Cow Milk Baby Formula: This is the most common type of formula today. Lactose is present in cow milk formula and should be given to a baby sensitive to lactose. A switch to a lactose-free formula would be necessary. 

·2.     Organic Baby Formula: This is usually a milk-based formula produced without the addition of antibiotics or added growth hormones. Some organic baby formula has added sweeteners, while some don’t.

3.     Soy Baby Formula: This baby formula is produced from soybeans and has added vitamins and nutrients. Soy baby formula is recommended in situations where a baby is allergic to the proteins present in cow milk formula.

Each baby formula brand has a distinct taste based on the quantity and type of minerals, vitamins, and sweeteners used in its production. Below are a few brands of baby formula and their taste.

Different baby formula and how they taste

All baby formulas taste different because of their ingredients. No baby formula tastes the same. Below are different formula and their tastes.

       Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula: This baby formula closely mimics the nutrients found in breast milk and is produced to give your baby the essential nutrients needed. Enfamil Enspire infant formula uses lactose as the only sweetener just like that of breast milk to give it a taste like breast milk and has nutrients such as probiotics and probiotics to aid your baby’s digestion and is suitable for 0-12months old.

      Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula: This baby formula is an organic formula free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Earth’s Best Infant Formula uses only organic lactose as the only sweetener. Although the added iron essential for growth might give a slightly metallic smell or taste.

     Plum Organics Infant Formula: This baby formula has ingredients that mimic the ones found in breast milk. It does not contain solids, syrups, maltodextrin, or glucose which is found in commercial formulas. Plum Organics Infant Formula is made with organic plant-based oils. Although this formula has essential nutrients for your baby’s development, some babies may not like the taste of the formula.

4·     Gerber Good Start Infant Formula: This is one of the best tasting baby formulas that is close to the taste of breast milk. The baby formula is produced with proteins that can be easily digested by babies. It is like breast milk as it mimics some nutrients found in it. Gerber Good Start Infant Formula is suitable for babies that are lactose intolerant. It is no strong odor and has corn maltodextrin and lactose as its sweeteners.

     Parent’s Choice Infant Formula: This baby formula is a soy-based formula that is gluten-free, lactose-free, and suitable for a baby with lactose intolerance. Parent’s choice infant formula does not taste as sweet as other soy-based formulas and might not be accepted by all babies.

6·    Enfamil Prosobee Infant Formula: This baby formula is a soy-based formula that is dairy-free and has sweeteners added to improve the taste of the formula. Because it’s made from soy, it has a strong or unusual taste which needs a lot of sweeteners to make your baby take it without a fuss. Enfamil Prosobee Infant formula has a sweeter taste than most cow milk-based infant formula and is recommended if your baby is lactose sensitive. Enfamil Prosobee is also one of the best tasting baby formulas.

      Similac Isomil Infant Formula: This baby formula is a soy-based formula made from quality soy protein and has the essential nutrients for your baby’s development. Similac Isomil Infant formula is naturally free from cow milk protein lactose, which is a suitable alternative for babies that have lactose intolerance. Soy baby formula has more sugar content than cow milk-based formula to improve the taste of the soy used in its production. The Similac Isomil infant formula also belongs to the class of the best tasting baby formula.

Sweet tasting baby formula

Most babies prefer to take a formula that is very close to the sweetness they found in breastmilk. Sweet tasting baby formula includes Gerber Good Start Infant Formula, Enfamil Prosobee Infant Formula, and Similac Isomil Infant Formula. Enfamil Enspire is another baby formula milk that tastes sweet and most babies love it. These formulas taste like breast milk.


Do babies like the taste of formula?

Can babies taste formula? The truth is, babies don’t really care about the taste of formulas. Their taste buds are not developed and they don’t know the taste of anything else. On the other hand, there are babies who prefer breast milk to formula as they grow older.

Enfamil or Similac which tastes better

Similac tastes 100% better than Enfamil formula. This is because Enfamil tastes metallic and bitter, while Similac tastes more like sweet milk or breast milk.

Why does baby formula taste like metal?

Formulas taste like metal because of the quantity of iron and other amounts of minerals in them. Breast milk contains less quantity of iron.

Is breast milk sweeter than formula?

Yes, breast milk is much sweeter than formulas. The foremilk helps babies to quench their thirst, the hindmilk helps to satisfy their hunger and the more fat-containing milk for premies.

Can we add sugar to formula milk?

No, you cannot add sugar to formula milk. This is because sugar is refined from different chemical processes which are very dangerous for babies. The rule is no sugar and salt till they are 1 year old.


The taste of a baby’s formula is consistent, unlike breast milk which tastes different based on the flavour of food eaten or diet of the mother. The base for the formula, minerals, vitamins, and sweetener used in the production would determine the taste of formula. Each brand of baby formula might have a different taste based on the quantity of sweetener used by the manufacturer. However, you can enhance the taste of your baby formula by adding vanilla extract.

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