What Nipples fit Medela Bottles?

Your baby may make a fuss at feeding time, which can be upsetting for a parent. When your infant refuses to drink from a bottle, it could be due to the type of nipple on the bottle. The Medela bottle is an excellent addition to your breastfeeding experience. Moms enjoy the Medela bottle because it is designed for the safe, long-term preservation of breast milk. Although the medela bottle is an excellent addition to your nursing journey, you should know what nipples fit the medela bottle so that if your baby rejects a nipple, you will know other alternative nipples to get. Below are nipples that fit the medela bottles.

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5 nipples that fit medela bottles

1. Evenflo nipple

The Evenflo’s natural sloped nipple design is intended to engage your baby’s entire mouth while also providing a resting place for your baby’s lips to properly latch. This permits the baby’s lips to maintain a wide latch without tiring or slipping to the nipple tip, as they would at the breast. It has a more pleasant flow, allowing the baby to drink at a more relaxing pace without having to gulp to keep up. This is ideal for both babies’ first bottle and pumping moms. Evenflo nipples are the perfect length to stimulate your baby’s delicate palate, triggering their natural sucking response without causing them to gag or choke.

2. Dr. Brown nipple

The Dr. Brown nipple, which is shaped like a breast, enables your little one to have a good latch and a natural feeding experience. Because of its well-formed nipples and soft silicone, your baby’s feeding time is more joyful and less likely to result in nipple confusion.  It is unquestionably one of the best options for alternating between breast and bottle feeding if needed. It comes with 8 replacement silicone nipples designed specifically for Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard baby bottles. This nipple does not collapse easily and fits both Dr. Brown’s Options and Wide-Neck bottles, assuring a steady supply of milk. Additionally, it is dishwasher safe.

3. Enfamil Nipple

 The Enfamil nipples are one of the ideal baby items for a comfortable feeding experience. They are individually wrapped and ready to use anytime your baby is hungry. They are made of latex-free materials and are vented to facilitate air passage when your baby sucks. Although the Enfamil nipple is designed to be used with the ready-to-use Nursete bottles, it also fits most bottles with standard or classic size bottle openings. This makes it perfect for using the Enfamil nipple on the medela bottle. It is dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and can be sterilized in a standard sterilizer.

4. Gerber Nipple

The Gerber Nipple features a vented cover for increased air circulation and to minimize skin irritation, it also features a vented nipple design to keep them from collapsing.  It is a round silicone nipple that is soft, transparent, and long-lasting. The silicone design of the Gerber nipples makes them safe and easy to clean, and they are designed to be leak-proof even if the newborn rotates the feeding bottle.  For newborns of various ages, flow motions are provided in slow, medium, and fast speeds. You can ensure that your little one is getting enough milk for a safe and healthy development by getting the right flow motion.

5. Medela nipples

The Medela slow flow silicone teats and nipples for standard neck size bottles are suitable for your little one regardless of his or her age.  Because of their natural feel and shape, medium-flow nipples are great for babies, whilst slow-flow nipples are appropriate for newborns. Medela’s soft silicone nipples are so comfy that they offer babies the sense of natural breasts. You can also be confident that your little one is safe because they are free of BPAs. Further, the medela nipple is one of the first options of nipples that would fit medela bottles since they are made from the same brand.

How to use another nipple with the medela bottle?

When using a different brand of nipples and a different brand of bottle, ensure you use wide-neck nipples on wide-neck baby bottles, and standard or normal nipples with regular-neck baby bottles.   Additionally, it is advisable to use the nipple made for that particular type of bottle if a bottle is vented to assist prevent your little one from having indigestion. When a non-brand-specific nipple is used, vented bottles tend to leak and result in inconsistent feeding. If you already have vented bottles, you can try out different nipples to see if your little one doesn’t have indigestion from them. However, if you’ve wondered what nipples fit medela bottles, the nipples highlighted above have been recommended for the medela bottle.

When to discard old nipples

Nipples need to be regularly examined and changed at least every two to three months. The following are indicators that it’s time to discard and replace your nipples.

  • When the fluid quickly flows from the nipple hole
  • When there are visible signs of discoloration on the nipple
  • When pulled, the nipple does not return to its previous shape.
  • When the nipple starts to swell
  • When the nipple begins to break into tiny bits

How to clean your Medela bottle

Your baby’s immune system is still developing, making it incapable of fighting off any infection. One of the fastest ways for germs to grow is in milk, so it’s critical to thoroughly sterilize and clean all feeding equipment to keep your baby from coming in contact with bacteria. Here are some guidelines for cleaning your medela bottle.

  • In your baby’s item wash bowl, separate each component of the bottle.
  • Use dishwashing detergent and hot water.
  • Fill the bottle with hot, soapy water.
  • Use the Medela quick clean bottle brush to thoroughly clean the bottle, paying special attention to the thread where the cap attaches.
  • Make sure the bottle is thoroughly cleaned with warm water before setting it on a clean tray to air dry.


A lot of moms recommend the Medela bottle but what do you do when your baby makes a fuss when using a particular nipple? To prevent changing the bottle, the highlighted nipples above can fit the medela bottle. Additionally, it is important to know when to discard and replace nipples, highlighted above are the signs you need to check before replacing the nipples.

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