When can baby sit in grocery cart

When can baby sit in grocery cart?

It’s common for moms to go shopping with their babies. For convenience’s sake, most moms sit their babies in the grocery cart while picking out their groceries. When can baby sit in a grocery cart? Firstly, if your baby is old enough to hold its head and upper body firm without falling, you can put them in the shopping cart. However, the American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) places the suitable age range for sitting babies in a grocery cart between six months and four years old.

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How to put a baby in a shopping cart?

Your baby risks being hurt if not correctly placed in the shopping cart. So their safety should be uppermost in your mind if you must put your baby in the cart when you’re out shopping. How to put baby in shopping cart? There are three safe ways to shop with your baby with a shopping cart.

The safest way to hold your baby in a shopping cart is to place them inside the main basket. Lift them and have them sit inside the basket. It may also help to have them put their arms on the edges of the shopping cart. That helps them stay secure as you roll the cart from row to row in the mall.

Using a car seat, you can also sit your baby in the grocery cart. Ensure the car seat is hooked to the cart to avoid falling off.

Consider using a safe dock for holding your baby in a shopping cart while shopping. A safe dock is a stable attachment found at the top baskets of shopping carts. It’s becoming more prevalent in big malls worldwide. All you need do is place your baby in it facing you and hold them in place with a secure clasp.

The safe dock is a preferred choice by most moms because it allows them to interact with their baby, who’s seated opposite them. Also, the baby’s weight doesn’t slow the cart’s movement. You also have ample space to contain your groceries since your baby isn’t sitting in the main basket.

Can you put a car seat in a shopping cart?

You can place your car seat on the shopping cart to hold your baby when shopping. When can baby sit in a grocery cart using a car seat? That is, however, appropriate only for babies who are not older than six months. You can place the car seat at the top of the shopping cart and ensure it’s securely fitted. You can also use a car seat carrier which makes it more comfortable and safe for your baby.

You should be careful when shopping with your baby’s car seat in your grocery cart and your baby in it. If not well balanced, the shopping cart can tip over, and your baby may get hurt. You should also ensure you supervise your baby while in the cart. It would help if you went everywhere with them until you’re done shopping.

Shopping cart child weight limit

As regards weight; when can a baby sit in a grocery cart? The American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) specifies that the suitable baby weight for shopping carts is between 15 and 35 lbs. it’s advisable you stick to that limit to avoid any accidents that can harm your baby.

Can a 4 month old sit in a shopping cart?

When can a baby sit in a grocery cart? Your four-month-old baby is too young to sit in a shopping cart. It would help if you held on until they’re six months old. By then, your baby should be sitting independently without falling on their face or sides. If you must go shopping with your 4 months old baby, you can strap them to your chest or back.


The ASTM regulations make it easy to answer the question, “when can baby sit in a grocery cart?” They have specified that your baby must be as old as six months but not older than four years. 15 to 35 pounds is also specified as the suitable weight. Remember, you must exercise a lot of caution and pay attention to your baby if you must shop with them sitting in the cart.

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