When can baby sit in high chair at restaurant

When can baby sit in High Chair at Restaurant?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your whole family at the table for a delicious meal? Babies are usually left out of family moments because they’re considered too little to be at the table. Not anymore. With a high chair, you can make your young one enjoy meals at home and during special family outings. When can a baby sit in a high chair at a restaurant? As soon as they can sit comfortably for at least 30 minutes without falling over. When can a baby sit in a high chair at a restaurant? Once they’re between 6 and 9 months old, they should conveniently sit in a high chair.

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Benefits of high chair for babies

  • When can baby sit in high chair at restaurant? As soon as they can enjoy the benefits of using the high chair listed below.
  • The high chair encourages your baby to eat unaided. That helps your child to learn how to do things independently. It also makes them eat more than they would if you had to feed them.
  • As your baby eats with the rest of the family, seated in the high chair, the bond between them and other family members strengthens. You may also be helping to build their social skills without knowing it!
  • With a high chair, you can better manage your baby while concentrating on other important tasks. Since the high chair restricts their movement, you won’t have to run around the place just to keep your little one safe.
  • It’s much easier to clean up after your baby eats when they do so on a high chair. There won’t be food and water spilled all over the floor.

How long can a baby sit in a highchair?

It’s different for every child, as long as they can sit properly unaided. While some may not sit beyond a few minutes, most babies will remain in their high chairs once their food occupies them. Others will stay seated as long as you come around to cheer them once in a while.

Should a 3-year-old be in a high chair?

Your 3-year-old should have gained better control of their limbs and muscles. Restricting them with a high chair may make them feel frustrated. They may want to transition from the high chair to something more like a booster seat. Your 3-year-old should, therefore, not be in a high chair.

7 tips for taking a newborn to a restaurant

  1. Go to a restaurant that has high chairs for babies. Besides helping to keep your baby in place, you will need them to make your baby feel like a guest, just like you.
  2. Ensure your baby is well belted to keep them secure on the high chair.
  3. Keep your baby’s high chair close to you in a restaurant.
  4. Go with your baby’s favorite toy or a pacifier. That’ll help to keep them relaxed.
  5. Kids love new things. Order something new. This way, your kids will not likely reject or play with their food.
  6. Make reservations ahead of your outing. That way, you’ll have a seat when you arrive there.
  7. Go along with an extra napkin or duster. Try to clean up the mess made by your baby, if any.


I hope you’re no more in doubt about the question, “when can baby sit in a high chair at a restaurant?” The high chair is just perfect for your 6-month-old baby. Double-check, however, that they can sit all by themselves without falling face down, backward, or sideways.

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