when can baby sit in shopping cart

When Can Baby Sit In Shopping Cart

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When you go out with your baby, you think about two things; their safety and their comfort. These are usually easy tasks when you are just taking a stroll because you can always utilize a stroller or baby carrier.

What happens when you are shopping for a variety of items and have to move your baby alongside? If you want to know when a baby can sit in a shopping cart, the answer is around six to seven months of age. By that time, your baby is able to sit up well on their own.

How To Put Infant in A Shopping Cart

Before putting your baby in a shopping cart, ensure to keep the following tips in mind.

1. Sterilize the shopping cart handle and other parts, so your baby is safe if they accidentally put their mouth on it.

2. Place your baby only in the shopping cart seat, with a leg in one spot. It is not advisable to put more than one baby in one cart.

3. Fasten the seat belt adequately, and ensure no space is left for them to slip out.

4. Endeavor to stay around, whenever your baby is in the cart.

5. Never watch your baby stand up in the cart

Things To Use to Help Your Baby Sit Properly in A Shopping Cart

1. Use A Shopping Cart Cover With A Support Pillow (Such as Summer 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover and Seat Positioner)

If you are asking the question; when can baby sit in a shopping cart, the Summer Cushy Cover and Seat positioner provides a perfect answer to your question. Made with your baby’s maximum safety in mind, the summer seat positioner comes with features that protect your baby from dirt on shopping carts or restaurant high chairs. Apart from this, there is also the removable bolster/positioner feature which provides extra support and comfort for your little one, while keeping them clean the whole time! With the cushioned position offering total body support on both sides for your little cutie, their back is properly positioned in the cart, and there is no tipping over.

The vinyl pocket is another user-friendly feature accompanying this product, and what it does is protect your smartphones, and provide double loops to which you can attach toys, for the entertainment of your little one. What’s more? It is ultra-soft, machine washable, and comes in a compact design.

2. Place A Baby Car Seat In The Shopping Cart

A baby car seat is another effective way to get your baby properly seated in a shopping cart. You can do this by setting the car seat in the main basket of the shopping cart, as this prevents your baby from falling or tipping over. But here’s one other thing you may want to think about; placing a car seat in the main basket of the cart may claim a lot of space from your groceries. Not to worry, though, we have provided some alternatives for you below.

3.  Cart Hammock

If you have a cart hammock, you can affix it to any standard-sized shopping cart to create an outstanding cradle for your little one. All you need to do is attach each end of the hammock to the sides of the cart, place your baby in there, and strap them in. Thankfully, the hammock stays afloat on the main basket, so you have all the space in the cart to keep your groceries.

4. Safe-Dock

A safe-dock is a popular car seat docking station in which you can safely set your car seat. If you are lucky to come by a docking station on any shopping cart at your local grocery store, all you need to do is click your car seat right into the docking station, and hold the strap around the car seat.

Can You Put A Car Seat In A Shopping Cart?

Placing a car seat in a shopping cart is one of the few ways to make shopping with your baby fun. Convenience doesn’t have to go for more items in the mall, and that exactly is what a car seat in a shopping cart does for you. However, it is not an absolutely safe option except when you set it in the main basket.

Bottom Line Conclusively, you can put your baby in the shopping cart around six to seven months of age. By that time, your baby is able to sit up well on their own. However, it is one thing to get your baby seated in a cart; it is another thing to get them seated properly. Follow the tips and use the gadgets suggested for hassle-free shopping with your baby.

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