When can I take my newborn to church

When can I take my Newborn to church?

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Life must go on after having your newborn. Despite the challenges of getting used to your new life as a mom, a time comes when you have to resume public life – going back to work, business, and church. While you can leave your newborn in a crèche or a nanny’s care so you can go back to work, you have to take them along when going to church.

You may have asked, “When can I take my newborn to church?” It depends on you. You can take your baby to church when it’s comfortable for you. Below, we’ll discuss some tips to help you manage your baby in church.

How to take baby to church

Many church settings don’t allow you to take your baby to church in their strollers. You can take your baby in a baby carrier. There are various comfortable brands you can get online. With a baby carrier, you can keep your baby close to you, making it easy to monitor them.

The baby carrier also helps to keep the baby calm and well-soothed. Your baby can nap easily in the baby carrier as well. Other options for taking your baby to church are carrying them in your arms or strapping them on your back or chest.

7 Tips to keep the baby quiet in church

  • Don’t ever leave for church with your baby hungry. Feed your baby well before leaving the house. Your baby will be calm and likely sleep through the service when they’re filled. They’ll often become cranky and cry when you bring them to church without feeding them.
  • Pacifiers are not meant for use only at night. Take your baby’s pacifier along to church. It can help calm your baby when they’re fussy.
  • Go with your baby bag. Ensure all baby essentials like wipes and extra diapers are in the bag. Your baby won’t cry because you can quickly meet their needs.
  • If you must go with a baby toy, make sure it’s not a noisy type. Avoid toys like rattles and those playing music, as they’ll distract people sitting close to you. Toys with lighting effects are a better option. You can check out the Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Soft Baby Toy on Amazon.
  • It’d be best if you sat at the back rather than your usual best spot before you had your baby. Sitting at the back gives you room to rock the baby with minimal distractions. You’ll also have privacy when breastfeeding.
  • Make your baby nap during the service. That will allow you to enjoy the service and not feel like you just came to nurse your baby. It’ll help if you make your baby get used to napping at that time, even before you resume church. So, when you eventually start, your baby will naturally doze off once it’s that nap time.
  • Use ear muffs for babies. When you wear the ear muffs, your baby won’t experience any disturbances due to loud sounds in the church. They’ll be happy throughout as you enjoy the service.

Is the church too loud for babies?

Though your baby’s ears are delicate and still developing, there are ways to cope with the sounds from church services. Some churches have quiet nurseries where you can keep your baby while you enjoy the service.

If you don’t like to leave your baby at the nursery, you can sit at the back of the church, away from the speakers, where the sound from the sound system will be mild enough for your baby to accommodate. Besides, babies are different. Some enjoy the sound of music around them during church services.


When can I take my newborn to church? There’s no specified age for you to take your baby to church. It all depends on how soon you can put modalities in place to ensure you can cope well with being in church services with your baby. When asked, “When can I take my newborn to church” most parents will prefer when the baby is about 6 to 9 weeks old.

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