When do babies climb stairs?

When do babies climb stairs?

Your baby climbing the stairs is a sign that they are developing. Watching them attempt to climb the stairs can make you nervous, thinking they might fall if not guarded. It is, however, inevitable for them to climb the stairs. Once your child perfects the climbing skill, it can be exciting to see them do this with little guidance from you or the caretakers. When do babies climb stairs? More than 75% of children who climb stairs independently do so after learning to crawl. Babies begin to climb the stairs around one year old, but those encouraged in the act by their parents start to climb the stairs much earlier.       

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Is it ok for a baby to climb stairs? 

Yes, it is ok for a baby to climb stairs, though it might be risky, so your watchful eyes have to be on them. Climbing stairs involve coordinating their legs, hands, and the entire body while learning how to go through the height and depth of the stairs. This experience can be a challenging puzzle for babies to unravel, so your baby takes time learning how to negotiate their way through the stairs. Finding their way through the stairs can help them develop their motor neuron. As the saying goes, “We learn to do by doing,” your baby learns to climb stairs alone.    

Can a baby climb stairs before walking? 

Your baby will undoubtedly learn to crawl and climb the stairs before walking. Babies learn how to climb from between nine and fifteen months of age. By this time, they are interested in exploring their environment. They may start by climbing the sofa, bed, and chairs before climbing the stairs at home. These are activities that can help strengthen their bones and muscles. When do babies climb stairs? The early walkers first learn how to climb the stairs by crawling through them on their hands and knees. So they climb the stairs before walking.  

How to protect a baby when they start climbing stairs 

Parental guidance is necessary for protecting your baby when climbing the stairs. You must take some measures to ensure your baby’s safety during this process:

  • General precaution

You should not let your baby play near or on the staircase unsupervised. A lot of staircase accidents are a result of dangerous objects littered on the stairs. You should frequently inspect the staircase of rough edges, nails, and loose steps to ensure your safety and that of your baby. 

  • Installation of a hardware safety gate:

Installing a safety gate will safeguard your baby whenever they are climbing the stairs. The gate dimension should be at least 22 inches high and not more than 2 inches between the vertical bars. 

  • Start slow

Babies learning how to climb stairs should be a gradual process. You should teach your baby to hold the railing up and down the stairs for protection and guidance. If your baby falls while using the stairs, you should watch for signs of bruises and know when to get medical attention.

  • Use rail guards

Using rail guards can help to protect your baby and prevent them from falling off the stairs when climbing them. The spaces between the rails can be a significant hazard to your baby. Placing guards and railings will make the stairs safer for your baby. 

  • Light the stairs

Ensure that the staircase is well-lighted. That will help your baby see their way through and keep away from any object that can obstruct their navigation through the stairs. Light on the stairs also helps adults in the home not miss their steps while ascending or descending them.


When do babies climb stairs? Your baby can begin to climb the stairs as early as they have mastered crawling. Your baby does not need to learn how to walk before they can start to climb the stairs. They, however, have to learn to climb the stairs under close supervision and monitoring from you or their caregiver. It would help if you took strict measures to prevent domestic accidents on the stairs.

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