When Do Babies Get Baptized

When Do Babies Get Baptized?

Most new parents want to know When babies get baptized. Infant baptism is the practice of baptizing a baby a few weeks after birth. Before a child is born a parent might feel the need to start the life of the baby by introducing the baby to the religion they practice. Infant baptism is common among the Catholics, orthodox, Methodist, and some other Christian denominations. Infant baptism has become a common religious practice, although some other Christian denominations might not agree with infant baptism and believe that baptism should be done at the age of accountability when a child is able to profess his faith.

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It is believed that infant baptism is supposed to bring your child closer to God right from birth and give them the grace to grow and know God more as they become older. Infants are baptised based on the faith of their parent so they would be brought up according to the practice of the church in which he or she has been baptised. A baby can be baptised between the 8th day and 40th day after birth. Therefore, parents who want their baby to be baptised would see the parish minister of their church so adequate preparations can be made.

The concept of infant baptism could be traced back as an historic practice in the Bible. One question that could be prevalent concerning infant baptism is if it is Biblical. Infant baptism is not written in the Bible but in the Book of Acts the jailer and his family were baptised (Acts 16:33), Lydia and her household were baptised (Acts 16:15) and Stephanas and his household were also baptised in (1 Cor 1:16). This does not imply that the early church baptised infants, but the mention of the word “household” can bring us into a conclusion that there were babies during the baptism and by implication all adult, children and infants were baptised together.

The answer to the question “when do babies get baptized?” is the Bible does not give a specific age to when a child ought to be baptized but some Christian denomination sees it as a necessity to bring a baby to join the body of Christ by the process of baptism. Some Christian denominations encourage the baptism of children a few weeks after they are born while others encourage baptism at the age of accountability. Babies get baptized for different reasons. Below are a few reasons for infant baptism.

Reasons for Infant Baptism

1)           To raise the baby according to the faith of the parent: Parents are given the responsibility to raise a child to love and know the Lord. It is believed that infant baptism helps the child imbibe the practice of the Christian faith. By baptising the child, parents can be sure that the child grows to know the Lord in an acceptable way and become a member of the church.

2)           It is an essential part of being saved: Baptism is an essential part of being saved and being a Christian. Some Christian denomination believes since baptism is for everyone, babies should not be excluded. Since biblically, the household of some Christians was baptised, which could have included babies.

3)           To remove the sin the baby brought from birth: It is believed a child is born with the sin inherited from Adam and as such cannot be a child of God. Therefore infant baptism gives a baby a new start and cleanses the baby from every sin brought to the world. Infant baptism, therefore, gets the baby’s life started as a Christian.

4)           To allow the baby to receive other sacraments: Sacraments are an essential part of the Catholics. Infant baptism comes with the benefit to receive other sacraments which are the channels of the grace of God.

5)           To enable your baby share in the gifts of baptism: Being baptised comes with grace of being a child of God, and a temple for the Holy Spirit. By being baptised, every fruit of baptism becomes part of the baby’s life and gives the baby a spiritual mark. Some Christian denomination believes when a child is baptised, it allows the Holy Spirit to dwell in the baby to nurture the virtues in the baby and guide the baby’s growth.

6)           To enable the child to be with God if the child dies: Catholic parents believe that infant baptism would enable a child to be with God if he or she dies early. This would comfort the parent afterwards.

What Happens At a Baptism Ceremony?

Infant baptism is done in the parish of the parent or any other chosen parish picked by the parent. Before the day of the child’s baptism, the parent has to purchase a set of christening shirt, a white towel, and a silver cross. The baptism which is usually on a Sunday takes place when the parish mass is going on or when all parish mass is over.

This depends on the parish pastor’s jurisdiction. The baby is brought in with the godparents present who are advised to be members of the parish also. This godparent takes a huge part in the spiritual life of the child while growing up. The parents and godparents of the baby proceed to profess their faith and the faith would bring up the baby to cleanse the baby from sin.

The baby is then baptised by the parish minister. The parish minister pours water over the baby’s head and the godparents are given a lighted candle which represents the light of Jesus in the baby’s life. The godparents must also vow to teach the baby the principles of the church, protection of prayers, communion taking and visit to confessions as the baby gets older. Infant baptism can take place in a catholic church even if just one of the parent is a member of the Catholic Church.

When do babies get baptized?

Therefore to answer the question “When Do Babies Get Baptized?”, first, infant baptism is done to welcome a baby into the church and cleanse the baby from the sin of Adam. Second, some Christian denominations believe baptism should be done for adults who are able to decide for themselves, other denominations which include Catholic, Methodist and Orthodox believe infant baptism should be done either on the 8th or 40th day after birth to raise the baby according to their practiced faith so the baby can grow to know the Lord and get the benefit of baptism.

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