When do babies reach for mommy

When do babies reach for mommy?

Babies are a wonderful delight anytime, any day. It gladdens the heart of any new mom to watch her baby grow to the point where they’ll start reaching out to you. It makes you feel that your little one is beginning to connect strongly with you. When do babies reach for mommy? By the third month after birth, your baby’s vision will be clearer than when they were born, and they will have started learning to depend on their senses. At this point, your baby will start reaching out for you to pick them up.

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When do babies reach for mommy? Your baby will reach out to you when they’re hungry and need to be fed, when they’re feeling discomfort, and when they need you to change their soiled diapers. Your baby will also reach out for you when sleepy and require you to rock them to sleep.

Baby doesn’t reach out to be picked up?

If your baby is not reaching out to be picked up, it may be because of any of the following reasons:

  • Your baby may be shy. As funny as it sounds, there are cases like that when perfectly normal babies are naturally hesitant. If that’s the case with your little angel, you can encourage them to learn how to reach out more by being more playful with them. Engage them in games and cheerful activities where you initiate warm hugs and touches.
  • Your baby may also not reach out to be picked up because they’ve not bonded well with you. That is possible if the baby has been in the care of others more than with you for reasons like career or illness on your part. It would help if you spent more time with them to improve their longing for you. Get more involved in feeding and caring for them.
  • If your baby is autistic, it will also make them not reach out to be picked up. You should work closely with your pediatrician to know how to help your baby besides showing them a lot of love and affection.

Reasons why Baby is not reaching for toys at 4 months

If your 4-month-old baby isn’t reaching for their toys, here’s why:

  • Your baby may not be reaching out for their toys because they’re out of reach. If your baby finds it hard to get to where the toys are, they’ll eventually lose interest in them.
  • They need to rest. If your baby has had enough playtime and has become exhausted, chances are that they’ll become uninterested in their toys. Putting away the toys and allowing your baby some time to rest is the best thing to do under such circumstances.
  • Your baby may be calm about their toys because they do not find them interesting. It would help if you got more toys to arouse their interest.

How to help a baby reach for toys

  • Try to place the toys closer to them, so they reach out without much stress. Also, help to give them the toys so they can play with them while lying down on their backs or tummies. When they get very familiar and fascinated with the toy, they’ll be motivated to reach out for it if it should fall away.
  • You can help guide your baby’s hands to reach for their toys.
  • Another technique to get your baby to reach out for their toy is to tease them with it. Try touching their hands or face with the toy and put it away from them. That way, they’ll go after it.
  • Say nice things to your baby whenever they touch their toys. Call them sweet names and even applaud them. Reward your baby with a kiss, also. They’ll want to reach out by themselves when they see your excitement.
  • Try getting them toys with sound and light effects, as those can arouse their curiosity and motivate them to reach out and pick them up.


When do babies reach for mommy? As soon as your baby starts to reach for objects close by, they will begin reaching out for you too. While they will be motivated to do so because of their need for attention, they will also reach out to you because they’re starting to recognize and feel attached to you. When do babies reach for mommy? Once your baby gets older than three months of age.

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