When do babies recognize their father?

When do babies recognize their father?

Several people, both males, and females, always surround babies. It is incredible how they can recognize their parents among so many people. People will find it easier to understand that babies can quickly identify their mothers because they carry them in the womb for nine months and spends time nursing them after birth. How about the fathers? When do babies recognize their father? Babies start to recognize their dads from three months of age. At this age, the recognition will mainly be by smell, voice, and touch. As they grow older, this recognition becomes better.

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Do babies know their father’s scent? 

Yes, babies usually know their father’s scent. That is one of the ways they can recognize and differentiate their fathers from other males. They can pick up their father’s scent as early as a few days after birth. It is typical for a child’s father and mother to be the closest to them when they are born. So while getting used to their mother, who nurses them a large part of the day, they also get used to their dads, who also spend time holding them in their arms. As fathers gaze into their newborns’ eyes, smile at them, talk to them, and play with them, their scent registers in the babies’ subconscious. 

Do babies miss their dads?

Yes, babies do miss their dads. Babies quickly form a strong bond with their fathers right from an early age. This bond develops as the dad spends time with their baby. Bonding makes babies happy when their parents are around them. A child will miss their dad if they are away from them for an extended period. The child will feel a sense of loss, as though a part of them is missing. That may make the child restless, and they may cry and feel discomfort. However, children who have no physical connection with their dads will not miss them as they will have formed no bond with them.

Do babies know their dad in the womb?

No, babies do not know their dada in the womb. So, when do babies recognize their father? Babies can only realize their parents by their voice while inside the womb, though they cannot know who they are. As the baby develops within the mother, they soon begin to hear when she talks and, over time, will be able to recognize her by her voice. The same goes for the father if he can frequently speak to the baby inside the womb. However, babies get to know their dads after they are born. They can know their dad through touch, gazes, and voice when the fathers spend quality time with them.

Benefits of a dad talking to a baby in the womb 

  • Improved Communication: When dads talk to their babies in the womb, it can help to enhance communication between them. Though the baby may not be able to respond, this act can create a solid basis for communication when the baby is born. The baby would have gotten used to the father’s voice even before seeing him for the first time.
  • Improved Bonding: A father talking to his baby in the womb can help to form a strong bond between them. While other dads would start forming that bond after their babies are born, one who talks while their baby is in the womb finds it easier to create a loving and secure relationship after their baby arrives. 
  • Improved Development: When fathers talk to their babies in the womb, it can help to encourage their development. Talking to unborn babies can stimulate their cognitive growth, including hearing and language.
  • Improved Stress Levels: By conversing with a baby in the womb, the baby and the father can reduce stress levels. The act creates a calm environment for the baby while helping the father unwind as the feelings of love and peace flow through him.


Fathers can make it easier for their babies to recognize them by bonding with them. By playing with them, singing, laughing, and reading stories to them, they create a loving impression of themselves in the hearts of their little ones. With time, the baby can quickly tell their father is around without seeing their face. When do babies recognize their father? As soon as they can form a strong bond with them.

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