When to stop cuddling your Child

When to Stop cuddling your child

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Do you want to know when to stop cuddling your child? Children love it when you cuddle them. It’s almost part of who they are – precious little creatures to hold close in your arms. Right from birth, you hold them close to you and rock them all you want. Growing up, they get so used to cuddles that they feel incomplete without those loving and cozy moments. 

When to stop cuddling your child? Never! It would help if you cuddled your child whenever you can because it helps them grow up to be emotionally and mentally stable people. Like the air they breathe, they can die if taken away from them. So it is with cuddles. If you stop cuddling, your child shows signs of emotional distress. Other tremendous health benefits of cuddling your child include improved sleep, reduced anxiety and stress, and improved circulation. 

When to stop cuddling your child? Not anytime soon, as doing so will weaken the bond that your child shares with you. Your child will feel unloved and seize to be fond of you. As a wonderful mom who deserves to enjoy a lovely friendship with her child, you wouldn’t want anything that will strain a beautiful mother-and-child relationship. To learn more about when to stop cuddling your child, read on.

Reasons why children love cuddling 

Kids love to cuddle and be cuddled for many reasons, some of which are:

  1. They find it soothing and relaxing: Your baby will naturally turn to you to help them ease discomfort. So when you cuddle them, they become relaxed and happy again.
  • Children love to be cuddled when they’re feeling sleepy: Your child must have been used to you rocking them to sleep from birth, so it’s typical to crawl into your arms to be cuddled when wanting to sleep. Cuddles also prevent your kids from having nightmares. 
  • Children love cuddling when they need the reassurance of safety: You are your kid’s biggest hero. So it’s natural for them to turn to you whenever they feel threatened by anything or anyone. They find a sense of security when you cuddle them.
  • Kids love to feel loved; one way they do this is to have you cuddle them. Your child knows you love them when you cuddle them. It’s one of their love languages. 
  • Cuddling is also a way your child shows you that you’re special to them and that they love you. 
  • Your kid will hug and remain in your arms for a while when they need something. It’s their way of pleading with you to let them have what they desire at that moment.

Can you cuddle your child too much? 

There’s a common belief among parents and caregivers that it’s not good to cuddle your child too much. They state reasons like the child getting spoilt as one of the reasons for that belief. Child experts, however, say that’s just a misconception as there’s no such thing as “too much cuddling” for a child.

Is it possible for you to cuddle your child too much? The answer is “No.” Your child needs you to cuddle them for as long as possible and as much as possible. Such a show of affection is vital for their general well-being.


Research shows that children who are not adequately cuddled can quickly develop bad behavior. You should show them love, by cuddling them often to avoid such problems with your child. It would help if you also obliged them when they initiate the move. If you are still thinking of when to stop cuddling your child, I’m sure you already know by now that it won’t be a good idea to do so.

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