Who pays for Baby Shower?

Who pays for a baby shower?

Baby showers are happy events where friends and family come together to shower an expectant mother with gifts and much love. These events are always so exciting that most soon-to-be moms look forwards to having them. Baby showers involve some expenses, which leads to the question, “Who pays for a baby shower?” There was a general belief that close family and friends of the expectant mom should pay for the baby shower. That does not, however, always have to be so. Who pays for a baby shower? This blog post will examine that in detail, so keep reading.

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Does the mom-to-be pay for the baby shower? 

These days the practice for throwing baby showers is that the mom-to-be, the event’s hostess, pays for it. However, it is not a rule that is cast in stone. If she is buoyant enough, she can pay for the baby shower. But if she does not have all the money required and wants to have a baby shower, she can seek support from a few close friends and family members. They will likely assist her because they want the mom to relax and not get all worked up because of expenses associated with her baby shower.

Can a mom throw a baby shower for her daughter? 

Yes, a mom can throw a baby shower for her daughter if she is pregnant and expecting. Years ago, this would have been frowned upon as etiquette rules had it that no family member was allowed to host a baby shower for their pregnant wife or sister. While the reason for such rules is unknown, most people attribute them to good etiquette. Those rules have all been changed over time, and now, it is ideally in place if a mom, grand-mom, sister, or any other relative would like to host such an event on behalf of another. 

How much does a baby shower cost? 

A baby shower has no fixed cost because several factors are considered before arriving at a cost. Generally, this amount can range from $500 to $1,500. If you plan for a small gathering, you will spend less than when you make it extravagant with all the pomp and pageantry. 

Some factors that influence how costly a baby shower can be, include:

  • Venue: Event venues cost differently depending on their size and the number of people you will host for your baby shower. You will spend lesser if you decide to host the event in your home because you will save the money for renting an event center and instead channel it to other pressing needs for the event.
  • Food and Drinks: Another item determining the cost of a baby shower is your spending on food and drinks. You can spend less when you host the event at home and prepare the food yourself. However, you will likely pay more for a rented space event to hire a catering service. 
  • Decorations: You have a cheaper option hosting your baby shower in your home and doing the decorations by yourself with the help of your friends. If you are to use a rented place, you will have to pay professional decorators to do that job.

Baby shower at a restaurant, who pays? 

Having a baby shower at a restaurant is usually more expensive than at home. The hostess pays for the expenses incurred. That is not to say that they cannot get help from a few friends and close family members. You don’t have to be so bothered if you have your baby shower at a restaurant. You can make a budget and stick to it no matter what comes up. That will help you spend within your means, and you will relax more.


When next you hear someone ask, “Who pays for a baby shower?” you should be able to answer them correctly and enlighten them on other issues around this topic. You now know some cheaper options that can help you save some costs if you are on a tight budget but long for the excitement of a baby shower. Feel free to ask for help if you are low on cash, as you won’t be breaking any etiquette rules anymore.

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