Who to invite to baby shower?

Who to invite to a baby shower?

As part of planning your event as an expectant mom, you may ask, “Who to invite to a baby shower?” Traditionally, baby showers are strictly a women’s affair, but the choice is yours if you intend to open them to children and men. Writing down those to invite is essential in considering the number of guests you will have and how big your event will be. If this list is drawn up for you by someone else, you should have them show it to you so you can remove anyone you are uncomfortable inviting. 

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How many people to invite to a baby shower? 

While preparing your guest list for a baby shower event, an average of twenty to thirty-five persons will be okay. Making a list of fifty persons and above means providing a larger facility to sit them all. You should prepare your list before considering a venue rather than the other way around. Reducing the list to fit in your space is a better option. Although most people host baby showers in their homes, meeting other people’s expectations should not put you under pressure.   

Plan for the number of guests you can handle. There is no rule on making a guest list. The number of people you are expecting will determine the nature of the baby shower you should have. For relatives that cannot make it due to distance, consider including them in the celebration through Skype or Zoom, especially during the thank you speech.

Who not to invite to your baby shower? 

Various factors determine who not to invite for a baby shower. 

  • If it is going to be the traditional all-women affair, then it means no man should be in attendance. That will bar off any nephew, male cousin, uncle, male friend, and colleague. It would help if you also remembered to state clearly in the invitation that it is only for women, so no invited person comes with her husband or male child.
  • Another set of persons not to invite to your baby shower are resentful friends. Friends who show bitterness towards you for no just course, haters, and friends who are not ready to share in your bundle of joy should not be invited to such a joyous occasion. 
  • Co-workers that you may not have anything to do with outside official responsibilities should not also be invited to your baby shower. That also includes distant relatives you hardly see, long-lost childhood friends, easily irritated friends, and overly emotional friends.


Who to invite to a baby shower? You can decide to ask anybody to your baby shower party. No rule is cast in stone on who should be invited and who should not be invited. You should invite the number of guests you can cater to. You can draw your list of invitees from close friends and family members.

You can also include other well-wishers if you are comfortable having them around. Be sure not to invite anyone who will drain you emotionally and leave you feeling sorry at the end of the day. You ought to enjoy your day, so be careful about who to invite to a baby shower.

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