Baby Sleep Better with their moms

Why do babies sleep better with Mom?

Sleep is an essential need for all babies. Your baby will only develop properly if they get adequate sleep day and night. And sometimes, they get so fussy when you try to make them sleep on their own but become calm if you decide to hold them close or allow them to sleep with you. So why do babies sleep better with moms?

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It may seem like a mystery why that happens. If you are one of those that have been asking, “why do babies sleep better with mom?” then read on as this blog post enlightens you with 7 reasons why your baby sleeps better with mummy and also examines how safe it is to allow your baby sleep close to you.

7 Reasons why Babies sleep better with their moms

1. Bonding

The bond between babies and their mothers is so essential that it helps to keep them psychologically and emotionally stable. It also promotes sound and quality sleep. Babies who have developed strong bonds with their moms are not restless during sleep.

They are also able to sleep for extended periods. Babies bond better and faster when they sleep with their moms. Your baby gets emotionally attached to you, which makes them sleep better when they do so on your bed or in your arms.

2. Mom’s Natural Smell

Have you ever wondered why your baby calms down and becomes more cheerful when holding them? It is because they know you are the one holding them! Babies are used to the natural smell of their mom’s skin and clothing.

Your baby will always feel relaxed and sleep better and longer when they perceive your natural smell around them. They know “mummy’s around, so there is nothing to worry about.”

3. Night Feeding

Suckling babies will cry when it’s time to feed at night. If you have to walk to the other room to breastfeed your baby at night, chances are that it will take some time before your baby can fall soundly asleep again. Being able to snug up to you and latch on your breasts enables them to feed appropriately without so much disruption to their sleep. That makes falling back asleep almost seamless.

4. Warmth and comfort

Your baby loves to feel the warmth that your body generates. They were already used to that all the while they were in the womb. They feel comfortable in a warm and cozy environment.

Their body systems are also well regulated when they feel the warmth that emanates from them, especially during sleep. When surrounded by this warmth and comfort, your baby finds it easy to sleep off.

5. Familiar Environment

Babies feel more comfortable and sleep better in environments they are familiar with. They tend to be cranky when the environment seems unfamiliar.

Since your baby is used to being around you, they will not have problems falling asleep because they are used to your arms and bed. They quickly relax and doze off because they know they are with you.

6. Easy Soothing

Babies get more easily soothed by their mothers. No matter how upset and fuzzy your baby is, they know when you hold them, and they are much more willing to be pacified by you than by someone else.

That may be due to instincts. When they sleep, and something makes them uncomfortable, they quickly get over it and fall back asleep once they are held and soothed by their mothers.

7. Close Monitoring

Babies sleep patterns are better monitored when they sleep with their mothers. Your baby’s sleep might be interrupted at any time by hunger or soiled nappies.

When they sleep close to you, you can attend to their needs on time so that they can continue with their sleep. That ensures that the overall quality of your baby’s night sleep is not shortened. Your baby is still able to get adequate rest and wakes up happier.

I love co-sleeping with my baby. Is it safe?

For those wanting to know why babies sleep better with mom? co-sleeping with your baby has several benefits, like monitoring and attending to their needs at night, bonding, and enabling them to enjoy your warmth.

You should be very cautious of your baby’s safety when they sleep with you on the same bed to avoid the risk of you rolling over them at night. The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that co-sleeping with babies increases the risk of suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


Now you have answers to the question – “Why do babies sleep better with mom?” You now understand how it contributes to the healthy development of your baby. You also now know how important it is to strike a balance between allowing your baby to enjoy your company while asleep and ensuring their safety by reducing any risk associated with babies’ sleep time.

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