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20 Must-have Winter Baby Essentials 2019

Winter is here again! I love cold months you know. But it’s a different story for babies. They can easily catch a cold at any time. If you are expecting a baby this winter or you have a newborn, you need to know the winter baby essentials you need to protect them from the cold and dry wind of winter.

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Whether you want to protect your baby from cold in the house or you want to go out of the house during winter, you will need winter baby essentials to help you and the baby cope.

I have rounded up my favorite winter baby essentials, 20 of them!

Let’s get started.

Winter baby essentials: Baby boy or girl winter outfit ideas

1.            Baby fleeze booties

Wearing socks alone for your baby will not be enough in winter. You need something warmer. Fleeze booties are cozy and toasty on baby’s foot and it keeps it warm. They are light and easy to put on babies because it comes with a velcro. It is especially great for your baby if you live in a house with a wooden floor. It keeps the baby’s leg warm as they move around the house.

2.            Pants stockings

The pants stockings are great for cold weather. They are soft, warm and stretchy and comfortable for babies.

3.            Baby swaddle blanket

A baby needs a swaddle blanket plush inside and out. It keeps the baby snug and warm. It is free enough for babies to kick and stay warm at night.

4.            Baby sleep bag with winter feet

Get a baby sleep bag with winter feet that is soft, breathable and comfortable for them.

5.            Hat, mittens, and booties set

A set of hat, mittens, and boots are essential to keep your baby’s head, hands and feet warm during the winter months.

6.            Footed pajamas

Footed Pajamas is suitable to wear for babies in winter. It covers their hands and legs.

7.            Fleece jacket

The fleece jacket is soft and fluffy and it makes baby warm and comfortable in winter.

8.            Fleece bodysuit

The fleece bodysuit is comfortable and warm for babies. You can wear it for them at home and when you go out.

Check out different winter outfits for babies below:

Winter Baby Essentials: Outing gears essentials     

9.            Winter car seat cover

There are times you will need to go out during the winter months. You need a winter car seat cover for your baby. Ensure you get a good one with a soft fabric that is comfortable and warm for your baby.

10.          Newborn baby swaddle blanket rap for strollers and cribs

You may need to go out during the winter months for one thing or the other. You need to protect your baby from cold. The baby swaddle blanket rap for strollers will keep your baby warm, soft and comfortable during the winter months.

11.          Baby carrier

You need a baby carrier that is specially designed for winter. It should be big enough to cover the baby’s head, hands, and feet.

12.          Bunting bag

A bunting bag gives a baby the needed warmth during the winter months. You can keep the baby in it while going out. It has a removable top that allows you to control the temperature so your baby can be comfortable.

Check out the winter baby essential gears below:

Winter baby Essentials: Skin care essentials

13.          Winter soothing balm

A soothing balm helps to protect your baby’s skin from dryness caused by the cold wind. It creates a soothing and protective barrier for your baby’s skin.

14.          Baby’s moisturizing cream

A moisturizing cream will help to smoothen, restore and maintain the baby’s skin moisture level. It protects the skin against cracking or itching or irritation.

15.          Coconut oil

Organic coconut oil is perfect for baby’s skin. It helps to nourish dry skin, moisturizes the skin, soothes chapped lips during the winter.

16.          Healing salve

Winter is known to make skin chap. When this happens, you can use a healing salve and rub it on the baby’s skin.

17.          Baby nasal aspirator

It is easier for babies to get cold during the winter. This can cause their noses to block. A nasal aspirator will help you get the snot out easily and unblock their nostrils so they can breathe easily.

Check out winter baby skincare products below:

Winter Baby Essentials: Medication essentials

18.          Probiotics:

Consult with your pediatrician about it. You need it to protect your baby during winter.

19.          Vitamin D3:

Vitamin D3 is essential for a baby as they are not out in the sun to get it. It keeps them healthy. Consult your Pediatrician on it.

20.          Humidifier: 

Winter air is dry and this can cause coughs and sore throat. Use a humidifier where your baby sleeps.

There you have it – 20 winter baby essentials. Check out the products and protect your baby in winter months. It is worth it!

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