10 months tantrums

How to deal with 10 month old tantrums?

It is normal for your baby to develop an attitude towards certain things as he or she grows up. Throwing tantrums is one of the attitudes babies give to their parents. Most babies throw tantrums when they’re about 9-10 months old. 10 months old tantrums are caused by quite a lot of little things that might not even matter in the eyes of the parents, but they will still have to console their baby.

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Babies throwing tantrums depicts a lot of virtue that might become an asset when they’re grown. For a baby to throw a tantrum, that means he or she is sensitive to a thing, frustrated, creative, and persistent about getting something. The ability of them to use tantrums to display what they’re feeling is a sign of growth and development. However, not all parents understand this and they seem to get angry whenever 10 months old tantrums become too much.

However, it is essential for you to understand what exactly is causing the tantrums to control or prevent the tantrums altogether. Here are some factors that cause 10 months old tantrums.

Factors That Causes Tantrums in 10 month olds

  • 1)           Babies throw tantrums when they’re frustrated. This frustration might be due to the fact that they can’t seem to do things by themselves.
  • 2)          Babies also throw tantrums when they’re not in control of their self
  • 3)           Keeping babies on too many limits does result in tantrums.
  • 4)           Hunger, tiredness, and boredom can also cause your baby to throw a tantrum.
  • 5)           Also, babies throw tantrums when they don’t get their way

From the above factors, it is seen that babies can cause tantrums from quite a lot of things. As it is known that they can’t communicate what they feel, it is your duty as a parent to monitor all their needs and wants and to also give them whatever they want at the right time. I wrote a detailed article on how to teach baby to talk early. Read it up. It will help you to teach your baby how to talk so they can express themselves more instead of throwing tantrums. Doing this will save you from getting angry and frustrated every time they start their tantrums.

Since it has been established that tantrums are normal and babies can’t do without showing them; It is also important to watch out for the signs when your baby is about to throw a tantrum. When you understand the body language your baby shows when he is about to cry or give you a hard time, you can swipe in some things that will stop the tantrum before it even begins. So, what is the body language you should look for?

Body language that show your baby is about to throw tantrums.

  • 1)           Stiffening Arms and legs
  • 2)           Arched back
  • 3)           Squinting face
  • 4)           Mouth taking the shape of him or her bawling
  • 5)           Erratic hand movement.

If you get into a situation with your baby and notice any of the above body language, then you should know he or she is about to throw a large tantrum. What you should do is hug him or her and stroke lovingly so that the feeling he is about to burst out will be subdued. Then, you’ll escape from tantrums that won’t be stopped easily.

However, not all babies can be bribed with hugs and embraces, some will still throw tantrums, nonetheless. It is at this point that it is important for parents to understand the things that will both prevent and control unnecessary tantrums that are always frustrating.

How To Prevent and Control Tantrums

1)          Make use of the distraction technique

Whenever your baby is about to go into a full tantrum mood, distract him or her with fascinating things that will make him or her forget what they wanted to cry about. I found this great toy that can help solve your baby’s tantrums on Amazon. It is the Playskool Buys Ball popper Toy for toddlers and babies 9 months up. keep baby entertained, enhances their sensory experience and motor skills, and also keeps them occupied for as long as you want.

2)          Know your child’s personality

Babies can’t express themselves by talking, so you should know what your child wants and what he doesn’t. By knowing this, you will keep away from things he doesn’t want that might cause tantrums.

3)          Make sure your house is childproof

Childproof your house in the sense that you do away with things you don’t want your baby taking interest in. By doing that, you won’t get the need to say “No” whenever he plays with those items, and I’m sure you know tantrums will follow when he doesn’t get his way. Amazon has a good childproofing kit called the complete baby proofing kit and it is quite affordable too. It comes with all the essentials you need to keep babies out of things you don’t want them to touch.

4)          Speak softly

As much as a baby’s tantrums can be irritating, you need to keep your temper in check and speak with ease. Even when your baby is bawling and attacking aggressively, you need to keep your cool and the inability to keep it will result in more of the tantrum show.

5)          Food

Whenever you feel your baby is about to go into a full tantrum mood, Food is a perfect method to get him to stop even before he starts. This means that his attention would be diverted to the food and he will forget about throwing tantrums.

6)          Baths

Some babies throw tantrums when they’re stressed out or cannot sleep. Running a bath will a little of essential oil will help them stop tantrums and sleep peacefully.

Furthermore, it is compulsory you don’t give in to all the demands of your baby whenever he or she is acting up. Giving in to demand will not stop the tantrums, but will give them the notion that they can get whatever they want as long as they throw tantrums. This kind of notion will be bad for their growth and can lead them into thinking they can have whatever they want no matter the situation.

Final Thoughts

10 months old tantrums are something parents might not be able to avoid when bringing up a child. Babies are entitled to act on what they feel as they can’t express their selves like adults would do.

 However, it is important parents understand every one of their personalities to prevent them from throwing unnecessary tantrums. Preventing and controlling baby’s tantrums is easy to do, just read the above article which contains everything you need to know about tantrums and babies.

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