The ultimate guide to baby clothes

The ultimate guide to Baby clothes to help first time moms

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Baby clothes!

That is the first thing that the baby will wear after delivery.

But there are different types of baby clothes.

What clothes do you need for a newborn?

How many baby clothes do you need in each size?

What size should it be?

Should you buy all the baby clothes at once?

So many questions about baby clothes.

You are not alone.

Most first time moms ask these questions.

Fortunately, this baby clothes guide has been researched in-depth to make sure you have the needed help with baby clothes.

Let’s get started.

Clothing is part of the essentials for babies. They need clothes to keep them warm and safe. So, you need to prepare as a first time mom to buy essential newborn clothes. Many new moms want to know when to buy baby clothes. You can start buying them little by little starting from gender-neutral baby clothes. Then, when you know the sex of the baby, you can buy baby clothes for the particular sex.

Since you are a first time mom, you may not know the names of different types of baby clothes, so let’s start from there. For second time moms or experienced moms, you can skip this section.

Let’s get started.

Baby clothes explained.

There are different types of baby clothes for different occasions or events, such as sleeping, eating, playing, pictures, summer, winter, etc. In this guide to baby clothes, we will be looking at all of them.

Names of different types of baby clothes

There are different types of baby clothes and names based on the need. Find them below:

1.            Bodysuits/onesies

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A bodysuit, also known as onesie is one of the baby clothes you need. It is a complete outfit for a baby. It is easy to wear for babies and it makes diaper changing a breeze. Newborn babies use many of them during the day and at night because of their lifestyle. They can poop many times a day and you don’t want to keep a smelling bodysuit on your baby. You will want to have different sizes for your babies because they grow quickly. For a start, you will need about four to five pieces in a day. So, you will want to get enough for the baby.

There are two types of bodysuits. The short sleeve and the long sleeve. You should mix them together. They will be useful in varying climates. Check out adorable baby bodysuits here.

2.            T-shirts (side snap shirts)

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T-shirts are useful for newborn babies especially in their first few weeks when the umbilical cord is yet to come off. You want to wear dresses that will be easy to remove without getting close to the umbilical cord. Getting the shirts you don’t have to pull over your baby’s face is great (hmmm! babies hate putting dresses over their heads, and when you do, they cryyyyy). It is one of the most essential baby clothes you need.

3.            Newborn sleeve side-snap shirts

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Long sleeve side-snap shirts are good for newborn babies with umbilical cord stump. The side snaps prevent rubbing on the baby’s umbilical cord stump. It is easy to put on and off compared to onesies. It is great for newborns who wouldn’t like their clothes to pull over their heads. It prevents the baby from scratching themselves and keeps their fingers warm.

You can also get beautiful baby cloth without snaps. Check out the one below.

4.            Snap up rompers

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Snap up rompers are the most convenient baby clothes types for newborns. They are easy to wear and remove. It is easy to change your baby diapers as well. You don’t have to pull it over the baby’s head if there is a diaper blowout. The snaps at the bottom make it easy to change diapers. The elastic on the legs are not too tight. They come in many colors.

5.            Beanie hats and mittens

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Most people think hats are not essential for newborn babies. But they surely are. Newborn babies get cold easily in their heads, hands, and feet. So you need to always cover up their heads to keep them warm. You can always use it when you are at home, outside the house, and in your car, to make sure they are warm. You will also want to use the mitten set to keep their hands warm.

6.            Newborn babies shirts and pants sets

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These Baby clothing types are great. If you get about 2 or 3 different sets, you can mismatch them to make different outfits. You can wear them for the baby on outings and even at home.

7.            Pairs of pajamas or sleeping gowns

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Pajamas are sleepwear for babies. They are easy to wear and sleep in for newborns. Ensure that your baby sleeps in one and not any other clothing. Aside from serving as sleepwear, you can wear it also for outings in cold seasons to keep the baby warm. They can also wear them to play at home.

You can also get sleeping gowns if you prefer it to pajamas. It makes diaper change a breeze, especially for half-asleep moms.

8.            Baby leggings

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Leggings are the soft, stretchy baby pants. You can wear them for your babies when you are using a baby carrier or even a stroller. It is also useful when the baby crawls around the house. You can pair them with a Kimono tees or shorts. Make sure you buy the ones made with cotton fabrics like the one shown above.

9.            Newborn baby sweaters

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Baby sweaters are not just for the winter, they are for all seasons. This is because babies can easily catch a cold. They are also cute and useful for baby christening and bringing home outfits from the hospital.

10.            Baby snowsuit in cold seasons

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The baby snowsuit is great for winter if you live where snows fall. It helps to keep your baby warm.

11.            Babies socks with grips

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Babies need socks to keep their feet warm. The socks must be on throughout the day whether it is summer or winter. Apart from keeping the baby warm, you can use matching colors to complete their outfit. It is a common thing to see newborn socks falling off. Babies love kicking them off their feet. To prevent this, buy socks with elastic bands on top. Also, buy lots of packs of the same color or pattern, so that if one is missing, you can use the same color to replace it. Make sure you buy your baby’s size too.

12.            Cotton bibs

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Cotton bibs are also essential for formula feeding.

13.            Burp cloths

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You need burp cloths for formula feeding just as in Breastfeeding.

Mom and Baby clothes

Planning to wear the same outfit with the baby for home coming? It is a perfect idea.

How many baby clothes do you need in each size?

When talking about baby clothes, most moms want to know how many of each size clothes for baby. You need to be mindful of the sizes because babies outgrow their clothes easily. The newborn baby’s size is in the range of 8 lbs. If your baby is big, they may not fit into those sizes. So, what do you do?  Pay attention to newborn items between 0 – 3 months old. This size will fit a baby with sizes 12 or 13 lbs.

How many newborn clothes should you buy?

In deciding what number of baby clothes you will buy, there are lots of things to consider. Below are some of them.

  •   How often do you plan to do laundry?
  •   The size and height of your baby
  •   Brands and how they fit your baby

Find the break down below:

Guide to Baby clothes: How many infant clothes do I need?

Name of Baby clothesEstimated Nos. needed
Bodysuits / Onesies 7 – 8
T-shirts (side snap shirts) 4 – 5
Snap up rompers 3 – 4
Beanie hats with Mitten 2 – 3
Newborn baby’s shirts and pants sets 2 – 3
Pairs of pajamas or sleeping gowns 4 – 5
Baby leggings 2 – 3
Socks 4 – 7
Cottons bibs 7
Burp Clothes 12

Laundry notes: If you plan to do laundry once a week, multiply the numbers by 2. If you plan to do laundry every other day, use the numbers above. If you plan to do laundry every day, divide the numbers by 2. Expect your newborn to wear these sets of clothing for about 6-7 weeks of their life. After that, you will need to buy the next set.

Guide to Baby clothes for 0-3 months old

Name of Baby clothesEstimated Nos. needed
Bodysuits / Onesies 7
T-shirts (side snap shirts) 5
Snap up rompers 7
Beanie hats with Mitten 2
Newborn baby’s shirts and pants sets 6 – 8
Dress outfits 8
Pairs of pajamas or sleeping gowns 4
Baby leggings / stretch pants 4
Socks 8
Cottons bibs 5
Burp Clothes 5

Guide to Baby clothes for 6-9 months old

Name of Baby clothesEstimated Nos. needed
Bodysuits- short sleeve 6 – 8
Bodysuits- Long sleeve 6 – 8
Sweater 2
T – shirts 5
Dress outfits 6
Cotton footed pajamas 6
Baby leggings / stretch pants 6
Socks 6
Cottons bibs 5

Guide to Baby clothes for 1-year-old

Name of Baby clothes Estimated Nos. needed
Shirts and Pants 10
Dress outfits 7

How many clothes to buy before the baby is born?

Use the list under “Baby clothes for 0-3 months old“ above to purchase clothes for your newborn baby.

Apart from the list above, you need a special homecoming outfit for your newborn.

Newborn girl coming home outfits

The pain is over; the baby is here. It is time to go home. You would want to wear a sweet cloth for your baby girl or boy as coming home outfits. Check out some beautiful outfit ideas here.

Newborn boy outfits for pictures

You may want to take the pictures of your newborn to announce him or her to the world.  Check out great ideas here.

It is time to buy clothes

Now you have a guide to baby clothes, it is time to buy them one after the other. You can buy them in batches. Get the clothes for the 0-3 months first, then 6-9 months, then 1 year and above. But if you have the money to buy all at once, why not?

Let’s go buy them.

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