Hospital bag or Suitcase

Hospital Bag or Suitcase: Which Is The Best Bag?

Expecting a child is probably one of the best things that can ever happen to a woman. The excitement and joy of pregnancy are amazing and worth experiencing. But as the delivery days come closer, parents tend to feel unprepared and strive to keep everything to a new member of the household. The preparation of delivery includes getting the right bag to pack both mother’s and baby’s items while going to the hospital.

Despite the popular opinion that parents don’t need to pack a lot because of the supplies given out in the hospital, it’s still necessary to pack your things and feel comfortable while trying to pop out your baby. Sometimes, getting hospital supplies doesn’t sit well with some parents, thus, their need to prepare well for the upcoming event. However, some mothers tend to pack everything that they think might come in handy, well, that’s not bad but it can lead to overpacking.

Similarly, not knowing what to pack will affect the kind of bag you need to carry for delivery. Some mothers use hospital bags while some duffel bags and you’ll find some mothers that use a suitcase. Well, there are times when parents seem to be torn between carrying a hospital bag or a suitcase. Hence, this article will do justice to “Hospital Bag or Suitcase: which is the best”? so that you can know the bag that’s suitable for you during delivery.

Hospital Bag

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Hospital Bags also called Maternity bags are bags specially made for the delivery trip. They aim at making delivery comfortable and less stressful for parents. The bags are in different dimensions and they can accommodate almost all the necessary items needed during delivery.

Pros Of Using Hospital Bags

1)   Hospital Bags contain supplies

There are some hospital bags with the supplies that both mothers and babies will need after delivery. So, this is a plus for pregnant women and they’ll only need to add one or two things to get ready for the trip.

2) It’s perfect for busy pregnant women

For some pregnant women that work till their delivery date, they might not get the time to hand-pack their delivery bag. Thus, getting a hospital bag that comes with supplies like maternity pads, nappies, disposable towels, etc will be great for them.

3) Hospital Bags are stylish

What more can screams “I’m stylish even though I’m pregnant” if not a beautiful and well-designed hospital bag? Hospital bags are in several designs, sizes, dimensions and styles, thus, using one will make you look fashionable and stylish while going for delivery.

4) Buying multiple Hospital Bags give you a discount

In case you’re interested in buying more than one hospital bags, you might get a vendor that’ll give you discounts on multiple bags, which is one of the goodies you’ll get while using hospital bags.

5) Specifically Made for pregnant women

Hospital bags or maternity bags are designed for pregnant women, so it won’t look weird carrying it to the hospital. Even if you juggle two or more hospital bags, it’ll look normal as it’s designed for delivery trips.

6)  Using Hospital bags will give you the chance to use Ziploc bags, and plastic bags to separate the baby’s stuff from mother’s stuff. Like that, the bag will be organized and all the stuff will be easy to find.

Cons Of Using Hospital Bags

1)   Using multiple hospital bags might be tedious

Carrying and trying to juggle more than one hospital as might prove challenging during the delivery trip.

2)    Limited storage

Packing both mother’s and baby’s stuff into one hospital bag might not be feasible. As it is, the bag has limited compartments, thus, you might need another bag adding more to your load.


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Suitcase, most times, have wheels and are perfect for packing stuff like clothes and other things. Some mothers use suitcases during their delivery trips for comfortability during birth.

Pros of Using Suitcases

1)   Suitcases can contain both mother’s and baby’s stuff

Suitcases are in different sizes and you’ll find a size that’ll, no doubt, contain both mother’s and baby’s stuff without issues.

2)   Several Compartments

Suitcases tend to have more compartments than hospital bags, most times, so both mother’s and baby’s stuff will be well-organised and easy to find when needed.

3)   Presence of wheels.

Some pregnant women love the wheels on suitcase and tend to choose the bag over hospital bag. The wheels make Suitcases easy to roll without stress. Unlike hospital bags.

Cons of Using Suitcases

1)  Suitcases are sometimes too big for delivery trips and tend to stand out: Although suitcases are in several sizes, pregnant women might get sizes bigger than their stuff increasing their urge to add more supplies.

2) Using suitcases can lead to over-packing for pregnant women, and it’ll contain unnecessary items.

3) Carrying suitcases as hospital bags might look weird and unstylish while going to the hospital.

Furthermore, upon seeing the pros and cons of using either suitcase or hospital bag, it’s only fair you also see the similarities between both bags.

1) Both are suitable for use as hospital bags.

2) Both perform the function of keeping baby items effectively

3) Both are in several sizes, dimensions and designs.


The period of pregnancy is an interesting aspect of any woman’s life. Although it comes with several preparations, most especially when it’s near delivery date. The kind of bags suitable for the hospital is one of the things pregnant women need to prepare for. Thus, the question “Hospital Bag or Suitcase: Which Is The Best Bag?” that some pregnant women ask when their Expected Date of Delivery (EDD) is near.

Also, the above article contains all you need to know about using either suitcase or hospital bag for delivery trips. The article contains the pros, cons of using any of the bags, read the article and get your answer.

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