What bedding do you put in a pram?

What Bedding Do You Put In A Pram?

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Going out with your baby without using any equipment like prams or strollers might be difficult. Why? That’s because carrying your baby with your arms can be stressful, and it won’t be easy huddling your baby with different bags, hence the importance of prams.  Now, prams are portable equipment that you can keep your baby in while you’re going out. They’ll come more in handy if you’re the kind of person that loves to go out, but after purchasing it, what bedding do you put in a pram?

The kind of bedding you put in a pram is the ordinary dilemma parents using prams face, and that’s because there are several brands designing prams. You’ll see some pram with a sheet, some with a mattress and different stuff, but what if the pram you get is lacking one thing or the other? What bedding do you put in a pram? Well, you don’t have to fret because this article will answer your question about the bedding you should add to your baby’s pram.

7 beddings to put in a Pram

Moreover, you can use any of the below bedding for your baby’s pram.

1) Muslin square

SwaddleDesigns Cotton Muslin Squares, Set of 3, Black Hedgehog

Muslin is suitable bedding used by many parents as pram’s bedding. You can use muslin squares in your baby’s pram, though it’s preferable to use it underneath your baby’s head for maximum support. Although there are several ways in which you can use muslin squares in a pram, you can use them as a sick cloth for your baby

Muslin squares can work well as a blanket for your baby’s pram, making it good bedding to prevent your baby from overheating. More importantly, using a lightweight and breathable muslin square will help you create shade for your baby in the summer.

2) Pram liners

Stroller Liner Insert Car Seat Liner Cover, Infant Reversible Cotton Newborn Cushion pad Universal for Baby Carrier pram, Thick Padding, Non Slip, by DODO NICI Grey Star

Do you need a pram liner? Though pram liners are used to prevent dirt on your pram, they can work well as bedding too. Most times, some mothers use pram liners as a head positioner to keep the baby’s head in position and create a comfortable pram atmosphere. But you should know that pram liners are in various colors, textures, and shapes, so it’s essential to choose the right one for your baby’s pram.

3) Cellular blankets

Amazing Baby Cellular Blanket, Premium Cotton, Soft Blue

What bedding do you put in a pram? Why don’t you try cellular blankets? Cellular blankets are mostly made from cotton, and you can use them as bedding in your pram. The blanket will keep your baby safe, comfortable, and warm. It even has holes that allow the inflow of air when necessary, so you can rest assured that your baby isn’t at the risk of Sudden Infant Diseases Syndrome (SIDS). Cellular blankets are excellent to use as a baby pram bedding.

4) Poddle pod

CubbyCove Classic – The Truly Breathable Baby Lounger | Portable Nest w/Canopy | Super Soft for Newborn Resting & Playing | Baby Shower Gift Essentials (White)

Poddle pods are designed from hollow fibers, and they’ve got padded sides with a centered without pad. You can easily use this pod as bedding by placing it in your baby’s pram. This pod’s use will make your baby cozy and comfortable, but note, this pod is suitable for babies within 0-6 months. They serve as excellent bedding for pram.

5) Cosy Toes

KZ Dotnz Universal Stroller Footmuff Sack, Front Panel Removeable Multifunction Stroller Bunting Bag, Cosy Toes Fleece Lined Stroller Sleeping Bag Fit for Most Stroller, Pram, Jogger, Pushchair

Cosy toes or footmuffs can be the bedding in your baby’s pram. You can put it in the pram that attaches to the harness, and it’ll snuggle your baby and keep him warm. Using Cosy toes as bedding for your baby should solve your problem about the material you need to put in the pram.

6) Pram bedsheets

Clair de Lune Cotton Jersey Interlock Crib/Pram Fitted Sheets Stars & Stripes (Blue)

Have you ever been to a bedsheets store? If you have, you’ll notice that bedsheets are different. You’ll find the Crib’s bedsheets, bedsheets for cot beds, pram’s bedsheets, etc. Now, it’s the pram’s bed sheets that you can use as bedding in your baby’s pram. Pram’s bedsheets will be more suitable than other options because they’re designed mainly to suit prams. Although you might find Moses’ basket’s bedsheets and not find pram’s bedsheets, well, they’re the same. So, if you see either Moses basket’s bedsheets or pram’s bedsheets, purchase them.

7) Fleecy blankets

Blue Baby Comforter Blanket - Giraffe, Elephant and Chick Animals Security Blanket with Plain Blue Textured Underside

Fleecy blankets can work well as bedding in your baby’s pram. They’re blankets made from a soft and breathable material. Hence, they won’t pose a risk or hazard when using them as your pram’s beddings.

You know pram’s bedding doesn’t occur to some parents until they’ve gotten the pram and are about to put their baby in. Moreover, the kind of beddings you can use in your pram has been highlighted so that you can choose any of them. Though you should still note some tips in keeping the pram comfortable for your baby, you’ll see some of the tips below.

Tips for keeping your baby’s pram comfortable

1) If you want to keep your baby comfortable in their pram, invest in good blankets. Good blankets will comfort and soothe your baby, hence making the pram the perfect place for him.

2) You can make your baby’s pram comfortable by cushioning it with both head and body support. You can make a do-it-yourself cushion and use it to support your baby’s head and other parts of his body, and that’ll make the pram very comfortable for him.

3) Pram liners are perfect for making the pram a comfortable space for your baby. It’ll even make the pram clean, and your baby will be safe and protected in it.

4) You can make use of the shoulder strap of your baby’s pram to make the pram a comfortable space. You can even buy the padded straps if your pram doesn’t have them but make sure the straps don’t come in contact with your baby’s skin to prevent skin itchiness and irritation.


Do you need a mattress protector for pram?

You definitely need a mattress protector for a pram. This is because your baby will puke on the bedding and it will soak through the mattress. The protector helps to keep your mattress neat without stains.

Do you need a pram for a newborn?

Yes, you need a pram for a newborn. This is because they need a place to let down flat while you are out and about until they are able to sit or stand.

How long should a baby lie flat in a prams?

Babies should lie flat in a pram for about 6 months. If not there can be a curve to the spin as it develops.

When to move baby from pram bassinet to seat?

You can move your baby from pram bassinet to seat when they are 4 – 6 months of age.

When to move baby from pram bassinet to seat bugaboo?

The appropriate age to move your baby from Pram bassinet to seat Bugaboo is from 6 months old. This is to ensure that they have good neck control or they outgrew the bassinet.

Bottom line

Prams are baby equipment that lessens the burden of bringing up a child in parents. You can make the pram your baby’s personal space and take it to-and-fro while going out. Using a pram will reduce the stress of carrying your baby with your arms and give you another stylish option. But what bedding do you put in a pram is the question. The beddings in a pram are important because you can’t throw your baby in the equipment without any support or comfortable materials.

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