9 places to put the baby while showering

It’s not an uncommon situation to find yourself struggling about where to place your baby while taking a bath. Have you ever found yourself wondering how to keep a watchful eye over your baby while attending to other activities – including taking a bath? This is one of the several challenges encountered by many parents, especially first-time parents.

If you fall into the category of parents who would like good suggestions about places to keep a baby while taking a shower, you don’t have to worry, you’ll find relevant solutions in this article.

Put the baby in a walker

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The first place you can conveniently keep your baby while you shower is a walker such as the iPlay, iLearn 3 in 1 Baby walker sit to stand toys, kids activity center. It helps your baby’s first movements. It is also designed with toys to keep the baby excited with some inspiring jingles that will entice the baby’s interest to keep the baby quiet as you shower. The steering wheel works on hard grounds or carpeted floors. It has an easy clutch lever, speed alteration, and a three-sided structure that keep the baby’s steps harmless. All these features will help grab and sustain your baby’s attention while you’re in the shower.

Put the baby in a high chair with toys

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The second place you can keep your baby when you want to take a shower is on the high chair. A good example of a high chair with toys is the Graco Floor2Table 7 in 1 High chair. It provides 7 development phases right from toddlerhood to the child chair and table. The high chair can be easily converted to a chair that makes it possible for an older kid to have their own seat at the table. With the toys on the high chair, your baby will be busy while you conveniently take your shower.

  • Put the baby in a playpen
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Another available place to keep your baby as you take your shower option is the Baby Playpen. It is primarily designed with a folding and drive design. It does not have a difficult setup and you can take it down in few seconds. The Playpen has rubber ends beneath it so that none of the parts will slide in an opposite direction. It keeps the baby secure while you take a shower.

  • Shower while the baby is sleeping

For a toddler, schedule your showering to the exact time the baby falls asleep. This is one of the best times you can quickly do household chores including showering. Make sure the baby bouncer or bassinet is close to where you shower so that the calming sound of the bath can further help the baby to sleep better and longer. Once the baby is nourished, burped, and heavy-eyed, it is unlikely for the baby to wake up while you shower.

  • Let others watch the baby for you

In this case, it will be very convenient for you to have your shower when your spouse or a family member, friend, or neighbor is around to help. It might be difficult at times when the baby insists to be in the bathroom with you. Having someone around will provide the best assistance you must need.

  • Use a door hanging jumper
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Door hanging jumper such as the Jolly Jumper – Stand for Jumpers and Rockers – Baby Exerciser is a great place to keep your baby as you shower. You can easily keep the jumper by the entrance to the bathroom so that the baby can see you. It has a strap that clamps to the topmost part of the entrance. It does not consume much space.

  • Put the baby in a laundry basket with toys

Thinking of where to keep your baby as you shower? Put them in a laundry basket with varieties of toys. The first thing you need to do is to put a clean washing or laundry basket down close to where you want to shower, then place a cushion and blanket inside it to make it comfortable for the baby, and after that, you can put the baby and the toys.

The blanket will help to keep the baby from falling to one side and keep the toys from moving away too. With this, you can keep an eye on the baby as you shower. The baby will be able to play with the toys as you also shower.

  • Put the baby in a sit me up
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A sit-me-up such as the Fisher-Price Sit Me Up provides a helpful and comfortable place for kids to play and relax. The extensive, durable base helps the little baby to stand and play with the toys. The baby can view the surrounding while standing and also see you as you shower. It is easy to use, and in the same wise, it can be folded flat to save space.

  • Put the baby in an Exercauser
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The ninth place you can keep the baby as you shower is on an Exersaucer such as the ExerSaucer World Explorer Triple Fun Saucer. It is a good substitute for walkers. It enables babies to walk around and play with different dolls designed for their age, with sounds, light, and music. This helps to keep the attention of the baby as you shower.

Final Thoughts

Who says one can’t raise a baby and have fun while at it, you enjoy the two worlds of raising your baby without stress and worries and have fun at the same time. So, if you’re raising a baby, and wonder where to place your baby while having a shower, try another of the nine places to put baby while showering suggested in this article.

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