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The Ultimate Guide to Action Equipment for babies

Let me guess…

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You want your baby to have fun while developing their skills.

But you look around and found nothing that can stimulate them.

You have searched online for activities that can help them, but you don’t seem to get a hang of it.

You know you can play with your baby to stimulate them, but it’s just not enough. Coupled with the fact that you have a lot to do around the house.

You know you have to keep them busy, but how? How do you stimulate their various senses and help them to develop fully?

The truth:

You need action equipment for your baby.

You need to let them play on their own with these equipments to stimulate their senses.

This article will show you different action equipment for your baby to help entertain and stimulate their senses.

Let’s get started.

Baby Bouncer

Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Deluxe Bouncer

A baby bouncer is a device for babies to lie in while you work around the house. It entertains and keeps your baby happy, active and busy for hours.

Are baby bouncers safe for newborns?

Baby bouncers are relatively safe. However, avoid keeping them on table tops or high surfaces as the bouncing action can shift the seat and cause the bouncer to fall off a higher surface. Keep it away from windows, cords, heat vents, etc. Avoid keeping the baby in the bouncer for long and take them out when they are asleep. Don’t leave your baby unattended to when asleep.

What age are baby bouncers for?

You can start using it for your newborn baby until they are six months. It actually depends on the baby bouncer you buy for your baby. Each bouncer comes with specified number of weight it can carry.

What baby bouncers do?

Baby bouncers have a springy up and down motion that rocks your baby and helps to keep them entertained for long.

How long do babies use bouncers?

They can use bouncers from birth till they are six months old, or until they reach the weight requirement specified by the manufacturer.

Babies can use a bouncer when they are born. However, stop using a baby bouncer when your baby can sit, roll or crawl. Most manufacturers have weight restrictions for babies who can use the bouncer.

What to look for in a baby bouncer?

  • Buy a baby bouncer that is strong to prevent your baby from tipping
  • It should have a three-point harness to hold your baby in the seat
  • The cloth inside the bouncer should be easy to remove for cleaning
  • It should have padding and comfort features on the seat
  • It should be able to rock, vibrate or glide
  • It should have entertainment toys, music, and mobiles.

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Baby activity center

What is a baby activity center?

Skip Hop Baby Activity Center: Interactive Play Center with 3-Stage Grow-with-Me Functionality, 4m+, Silver Lining Cloud

An activity center is a play tool designed for babies to explore a bunch of things. It has different toys that produce sounds and keep your baby busy for a long while you do other things at home. It is good for babies that are six months old and more.

What age can the baby use the activity center?

Babies can use the activity center when they are six months old.

Are activity centres good for babies?

Activity centres are good for babies because it enables them to engage in the eye and hand coordination and the pincher grasp. It contains many items they can grasp, open and close flaps, work levers and spin wheels. They can also jump, bounce and even use it to learn how to walk.

When can babies use the activity centre?

Activity centers are good for babies from age 6 months when they can sit independently and use their arms and legs for balance.

Things to look for when buying a baby activity centre

  1. Buy an adjustable baby activity centre so it grows with your baby.
  2. Check the quality of the toys in the baby activity centre. They should be detachable and have options to install toys of your choice.
  3. It should be easy to clean because your baby will spend quite some time on it daily. The seat should be detachable and washable too.
  4. It should be portable so it will be easy to move around the house.

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Portable play yard

Regalo My Portable Play Yard Indoor and Outdoor, Bonus Kit, Includes Carry Case, Washable, Aqua, 6-Panel

A play yard is a place where your baby can play safely. It provides a place for your baby to spend a lot of time playing, taking a nap, etc. Most play yards are foldable, so you can move them around the house easily.

How to choose a portable play yard

  1.   It should be easy to fold
  2.   It should be strong but lightweight
  3.   It should be easy to remove or collapse the parts
  4.   It should have arches or loops to hang your baby’s toys
  5.   It should have lockable wheels to make it easy to move around the house

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Moses basket

What is a Moses basket?

Tadpoles Cable Knit Moses Basket and Bedding Set, Natural

Moses basket is lightweight, and it is cool sleeping space for your baby. It can be used in place of a crib or bassinet. It is long-lasting and portable. You can move it from one place to the other.

What was Moses basket made of?

Moses basket is made from Palm, Maize or Wicker. Some Moses baskets are also made from strong, synthetic and washable materials.

What age does a baby use Moses basket?

Moses basket is suitable for newborn up till about 3 to four months old.

What is a Moses basket used for?

Moses basket is a safe place for your infants to sleep for the first few months of life.

What to put in Moses basket?

A Moses basket should contain a mattress, bedding sheets, Moses blanket cover, basket liner, etc.

Where to put Moses basket?

Moses basket should be placed on a sturdy, smooth surface as on the floor or on a stand if it comes with one.

When to stop using Moses basket?

Use the Moses basket for the first three months of the baby’s life. Stop using it after they are three months old.

When to set up Moses basket?

It is best to set up your Moses basket a few weeks to your delivery. Although, it is easy to set up, doing it earlier will enable you to ensure that everything is working and no missing parts. If there are issues, you will have enough time to return or replace it.

Moses basket essentials

What to look for in a Moses basket?

  1.    A Moses basket must have a thin lining
  2.    It should have a fitting Mattress
  3.    The handles should meet in the middle to make it easy to carry
  4. Check to make sure that the handles will fold down outside the basket and not be on your baby.

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Baby’s action equipment

Entertaining babies and helping them develop their senses is hard work. There is no doubt about that.

But you can make it easier by buying the equipment mentioned in this guide to action equipment for babies to help entertain and stimulate their senses.

Choose the best one for them. Let them laugh, explore and have fun.

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